• Published 23rd Jul 2012
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Love is in the Air, Literally - Nexas

Spike makes a love potion, let us see how this can go wrong.

  • ...

The End

The skies above Sweet apple acres were clear as Rainbow Dash soared through them. She barreled through the air and dived for the many apple trees that lined the ground, rushing right through the tops of the trees and shaking the branches as she flew by, knocking the many apples off their branches and into the buckets below.

"Nothing but net." She said as she landed and walked to the buckets. "Well, nothing but bucket."

"Pretty good." Dash looked behind her and saw Applejack walking slowly towards her, cringing with each step. "But not as good as Ah am."

"Applejack, you shouldn't be out here." Dash warned. "your leg is broken and you can't work."

Applejack glanced down at the white cast on her left front leg, back in the castle, Twilight had flung her into a very hard wall and had hurt her leg pretty bad. Twilight had not stopped apologizing since then even though Applejack had accepted her apology the first time. Unfortunately, they still needed to replace the current stock of apples and with her indisposed and Big Macintosh...somewhere, Rainbow Dash had volunteered to do the work herself, it was the least she could do.

Applejack shifted off her leg. "Ah know and Ahm happy that you were knocked out in the blast or ya'll would have ripped Twilight to shreds. But Ah can't just sit in the house and do nothing while you don't know the proper skills of apple bucking."

"Proper skills?" Dash scoffed. "You're kidding."

"Maybe Ah am." She shrugged. "But Ah know poor bucking skills when Ah see one."

"Of course."

The two looked at each other in silence before Dash broke it.

"I'm sorry, sorry about the whole 'falling in love with you and kissing you thing'."

Applejack smiled warmly. "It's alright; everypony was getting all crazy from that love stuff. And besides..." Applejack walked over and put her bad leg over Dash. "You were a very good first kiss."

Dash blushed slightly at the earth pony's words. Applejack laughed at this.

"Now c'mon." She started walking away. "We need to find mah brother so ya'll can finish on time."

Dash quickly wiped the blush off her face. "If we find him first, where is he anyways?"

"Don't know." Applejack shrugged a second time. "Last Ah saw him he was taking the antidote, took ten guards to restrain him. When it finally took effect, he gave us one look, started screaming and sped off. Ah think he's just embarrassed."

The two walked under the trees, unaware of the unusually large red apple hiding in the tree above them.


"Oh my, thank you for helping me."

"No problem Fluttershy, it's the least I can do."

The scene in Fluttershy's yard was chaotic, awash with animal cries and the angry cries of ponies. Fluttershy had been tasked with giving her animals the antidote and Bon Bon had chosen to help her.

"Angel, please listen." Fluttershy pleaded with her pet bunny who had returned to humping her ankle furiously. She had suffered minor injuries from the explosion and had a few bandages over her body. "You have to take your medicine."

"Here, let me." Bon Bon reached over and pulled the bunny off of Fluttershy's leg with her teeth, stuffing the glass vial in his mouth before he could react. After a moment, the bunny looked up at the both of them and down at the vial sticking out of his mouth and he simply hopped away but not before throwing the empty vial at them.

"Just have to show him some tough love." Bon Bon laughed.

Fluttershy giggled softly. "I guess." She stopped, looking down at the ground. "Um, I kinda wanted to apologize again for-"

"Stop." Bon Bon silenced her with a hoof. "If I hear one more apology from anypony, I may just go mad. It wasn't your fault that you were brainwashed and crazy, no offense." She stated.

"None taken." Fluttershy nodded. "I'm just really happy that it's over."

"Not quite though." Bon Bon looked back to the various unusual animal couples that were scattered through the yard. "I have the horrible feeling that you'll soon have more babies on your hooves then even you will be able to deal with."

Fluttershy nodded again, a big smile on her face. "I don't suppose that you would like to be a proud owner of a few dozen adorable babies?"

"Only if you teach me how to rip doors off their hinges like you do." Bon Bon smirked back.


"Ow...ow...ow!" Spike groaned in pain.

"Will you hold still?" Twilight Sparkle said to her said to her sort-of-brother. "You're not even hurt, scales are impervious to explosions."

"Well it still stings." Spike whined before yelping when Twilight slammed down a bandage on his arm. The two sat on the ruins and rubble of Canterlot castle, the castle had quite nearly self-destructed because of Spike, the tops of the mighty building and what few towers were left had been blown clean off leaving the entire city blanketed in a green fog that had fallen to the ground, mixing with the pink mist to create a light blue mist that had quickly acted on the love-crazed hordes, turning them back to normal.

Twilight sat on the ground as she tended to her assistant's nonexistent wounds, the blue mist swirling along the ground around her and clinging to her fur.

"How are you feeling?" She looked up at her assistant.

He shrugged. "As good as somepony who was caught in an explosion could feel, you?"

"Pretty good, I guess I had a defense spell active." Twilight wiped her bandaged nose. "But my nose is killing me." She looked down to the mist. "And this stuff doesn't help at all. Smells like rotten eggs and disappointment."

"Well isn't that a clever description."

Princess Celestia stepped gingerly through the rubble of her home towards her prized student and Spike. She bent down and took in a deep breath of the mist, sighing happily. "Finally, my headache was starting to kill me." She looked over her student. "How do you feel, Twilight?"

"I feel fine Princess." Twilight responded. "But it's going to take forever to grow my tail back."

She chuckled quietly. "Well, It's good to see that both of you are alright. The antidote was recovered successfully and is being administered to the public as well as mind wipes for the ponies that really want to forget this happened." She looked to Twilight. "Twilight, would you please go and help the guards and Luna give out the antidote. I will look after Spike."

"Of course Princess Celestia." Twilight replied, bowing awkwardly and quickly moved through the rubble and out of the castle, mumbling something about finding a spell to regrow her eyebrows. Soon enough, the two were alone.

Spike looked up to the Princess. "Uh..."

She motioned for him to follow. "Come with me."

He followed after the princess hesitantly. They walked down a ruined hallway that had surprisingly survived the blast mostly intact, Celestia came to a stop at the end of the hall, her back to Spike and looking up silently at a stain glass window that had holes blown through it, light shined through the holes as well as what was left of the glass, creating a rainbow of color.

"P-princess?" Spike called hesitantly. "I...I want to apologize for...blowing up your castle."

"That's quite alright Spike." She replied, not turning to him. "It was necessary in finishing the antidote; I wouldn't have sent you in here if I didn't know this would be the outcome." Her horn glowed softly and a piece of glass levitated up to her face, she inspected it calmly. "And I guess I had to renovate this dusty old place sooner or later."

"Are..." He struggled to find the words. "Are you going to tell everypony? About what I did?"

"That's nothing to worry about." She shook her head. "There was way too much confusion earlier and I doubt that even if those high-class ponies even saw you, they wouldn't know who you are." She looked back at him and smiled warmly. "I'll make sure they believe that I was at fault for it."

Spike gasped. "You?! You can't do that, I have to be responsible!"

Celestia was astounded at the dragon's determination to make up for his mistakes but held firm. "Really, it's alright. This certainly isn't the first time that myself and Luna have taken credit of a problem and soon enough this entire problem will be nothing more than an weird memory and a bout of awkward laughter."

"Excuse me?" A voice called. The two turned and found Rarity standing in the opening of the hall, a cast around her waist.

"Am I interrupting or may I speak with Spike?"

"Of course you can." Celestia said, motioning for Spike to go. He quickly ran down the hallway to meet with Rarity, coming to a stop in front of her.

"So..." He began.

Rarity stared down at him. "I heard that you were the one that started this."

Spike hung his head sadly. "Oh..."

"I also heard..." She continued, pulling him into a hug. "...That you were the one that stopped it."

"Um...well...yeah." He stuttered, turning a deep shade of purple.

She smiled down at him. "That was extremely brave, what you did and I for one am very grateful."

He stared at her in shock. "R-really?"

She nodded. "Now, I don't appreciate that you deliberately made a love potion, especially since you wanted to use it on me..."

Spike briefly wondered how she knew all of this.

"...And I find it more than a bit creepy that you wanted to use it to gain my affection..." She continued. "But I'm still your friend and I still like you." She held him in a tight but caring hug. "And I am deeply impressed at the lengths you would go to get me to like you."

She set Spike back on the ground, leaned down and kissed him on the scaled forehead, much to the dragon's surprise.

She smiled at him. "Give it a few years, grow up a bit, and get a little wiser, we'll have dinner."

With that, she turned on her hooves and walked out of the palace, leaving a very stunned Dragon on the floor, a look of confusion and bliss on his face. Celestia, having watched the whole thing from afar, walked briskly up beside the Dragon, a massive smile hidden badly on her face.

"Well," She stated, looking back and forth from Spike to the disappearing mare. "Looks like you got your wish after all."

"Yeah..." He sighed happily.

"Of course, there's the problem of your punishment."

"Yeah...Wait!" He shot up, realizing what she said. "Punishment? But I saved Equestria!"

She gave him a dry look. "You also destroyed half of it."

He suddenly felt scared in the Alicorn's presence. "What are you going to do?"

"Oh, I don't know." She shrugged. "Maybe a week or two encased in stone, or even a day on the moon." She mused.

Spike tried to keep his knees from shaking.

"Actually..." Celestia looked down at him. "I think I have the perfect punishment for you."

Celestia stood before the dragon, her horn glowing brightly and Spike closed his eyes, bracing for the weightlessness of the moon while simultaneously striking a good pose if he was turned to stone.

Celestia's horn was glowing so brightly that Spike could see it through his closed eyes. After what seemed like forever despite being only about half a minute, Celestia finally released her magic in a flash of light that made Spike cry out. He fell back, his eyes closed tight. Another moment past with Spike on the ground cringing, he felt around him, his eyes still closed and found to his surprise that he wasn't made of stone. He took in a breath and figured out that he wasn't on the moon either. Slowly and nervously he opened his eyes to see what exactly had happened.

Before him, floating in the air between the princess and Spike was a simple wooden broom. Celestia looked over the broom at Spike, smiling in a mishievous way.

"Gotcha." She laughed.

He looked back and forth, from the broom to the princess's laughing face, trying to think of a proper reaction to this.

"What." He finally managed.

"This is your punishment." She explained, levitating the broom into Spike's hands. She motioned to the room they were in. "You have to clean it."

"This...room?" He paused, confused.

"The entire castle." Celestia told him.

A piece of the ceiling suddenly broke off and smashed into the ground in front of Celestia.

"What's left of it."

She turned and stepped out of the room, stopping only to glance back at Spike.

"Oh don't look so downtrodden." She told the Dragon. "You're no the only one who has to do this you know."

Without an explanation she was gone, leaving Spike to his work. He looked down at the floor, coated in dust and dirt and sighed. Taking the broom in his hands he started to sweep the floor.

"Well, I guess it could be worse." He muttered.

"Oh!" Celestia stepped back into the room. "I almost forgot!"

Her horn lit up once more and into the room floated the mint colored unicorn that Spike instantly recognized as Lyra. Celestia plopped the unicorn down on the ground and materialized another broom out of thin air, levitating it over to Lyra who groaned.

"Why do I have to do this?" She whined. "I wasn't the one who made the love potion."

"No but you were the one who hypnotized me and tried to take over Equestria." Celestia retorted calmly, handing her the broom which she took with another loud groan. Celestia smiled regardless and took her leave once more.

Spike continued sweeping the floors, sighing contentedly.

"What's with you?" Lyra noted as she levitated the broom around her, sweeping in circles. "Aren't you mad? You're a hero and you're stuck on janitor duty."

"I know." He explained. "This is simply the way I have to make up for my mistakes, besides..." He brought a hand up to his forehead where Rarity had kissed him, rubbing it happily. "I finally got Rarity to like me."

Lyra stared in mild surprise at the dragon as he continued to rub his scalp in bliss. "If you want to get a room, I'm sure there's at least one not destroyed."

"You don't understand my love!" He shouted at her, pointing for emphasis.

"And I never will." She calmly took her broom and walked away.

Spike watched her go and diligently returned to his cleaning. He rubbed his forehead again but cringed when he bent his sore arm. He looked down at the various bandages on him and sighed.

"Love hurts."

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Comments ( 76 )

It's on hiatus until I can change it.

...I don't even know what to say.
Well, here it is, my new ending to the story.
I took your comments to heart and tried to make a less 'controversial' ending like you said and I hope it works.
Sorry about deleting all of them though, I got a little overwhelmed.
If you all accept this ending I'll move on to other stories but if you don't I'll stay here and strive to improve.
Sorry again.

Wait, I thought it was over, why is there a hiatus? and why does the ending keep changing?:rainbowhuh:

Ok I must be missing something. Wasn't this listed as complete? or did you decide you wanted to go on a bit from it?

Everyone started complaining about the ending so I put the story on hiatus and rewrote the ending to make it better.

You changed the ending again, huh? I actually prefer this one; encased in stone is far too harsh, and this also closes up the whole "what did Rarity think" problem.

I really tried to make it better for everyone.

1133341 okay I don't see why you changed the ending.

I can see maybe they convince getting him out of the stone thing after a month. But a full on ending change I don't see why you felt the need when it is your story until you post a chapter. then it is ours, ours to like or hate. Ours to write a new ending if we wish. IE look at My Little Dashie.

I didn't particularly mind the other ending (Though it did leave a bad taste on my mouth...err, eyes...err, brain?), but I have to say I like this one much better.

Maybe you should do what some other authors do: just post all the endings as separate chapters and let the readers decide for themselves which one is the "official" ending in their minds.

To be honest, I didn't like what I did in the original ending myself.


Ahhhh... I'm glad to see you didn't give up on this. And I must say, this ending was much better handled :pinkiehappy: Fridge horror seems to be completely eradicated. A few spelling errors here and there, but other than that, pretty much a perfect way to cap off the story! Job well done sir! :yay:

Ah, well, As long as it was your decision...

But I wonder, If maybe the Spike and Discord thing isn't strong enough to hold a story on it's own? I know I've seen bits and pieces of stories centered on those two, But just the idea of Spike getting in enough trouble to have Discord look at him and go " I can use him to escape"... Since in cannon Discord really didn't pay all that much attention to Spike ( shame about that, if he had maybe he would have won.)

Anyway. I wish you well on any and all future projects. Good luck!

I like this ending. Fits better in the MLP universe too.

1133394 Always remember that you can never please everyone, something everypony is just going to have to learn you know and as for the last chapter....Lyra............AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! For a second I thought she was going to attack Spike, she's really awesome for a villian by the way, and very nice touch with the AppleDash...maybe a Pinkie Dash or Apple Pie next though? Mixed with some Flutterlight or even Rarity/Fluttershy....or even Fluttershy/Spike. Or how about a PeeWee and Angel fight or Gummy fighting Angel...I'm sorry...what was the question again?

And as for the Spike/Rarity.......NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO....NEVER IN A UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF TIME THROUGH OUT ALL OF BUCKING LIFE WILL I EVER LIKE OR EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS PAIRING.....but that's my own view on the matter, everyone else can hate or love it, I'm still a loyal bastard to them :rainbowlaugh:

You did very, very well, Im not even sure what the orginal ending even was.

*sees Love is in the Air in updated stories*
Alright, what did you do this time? :trixieshiftleft:

Nah, just kidding. The new story ending is pretty good, but I kinda liked the Spike/Discord thing. And the brutal friendship report at the end. Ah, well. Besides, canon Celestia wouldn't lock him in stone, and only the Elements of Harmony can do that anyway.

...it was funny, though...

I like this ending better then that last one, if for no other reason then spike gets the girl.

It could just be that I am lazy but I would take a month in stone over a few months or so of cleaning up a castle. At least i could catch up on my naps

Well this ending is good to, I didnt have a problem with the old one...what exactly was the problem?

Anyway this was a fun story and I enjoyed reading it from start to finish...then to finish again

Hmm... The other ending didn't bother me at all, and I didn't realize there was any controversy going on or a revision in the works. I suppose this ending is a little better though. Not because the other was too dark, but mostly because I didn't really like the Cadence portion of the first ending. I'm not sure about the idea of Celestia saying the love potion was her fault, though. Seems a little odd and unnecessary, but also not that important, so eh. Celestia should just blame it on Discord or the changelings or something.

Seriously, you'd think the changelings would constantly be chucking love potions everywhere. Force a pony to fall in love with you, and you've got all the food you need.

I'm just gonna come out and say I liked the original version WAY better. Sure Spikes punishment was a bit harsh but you could of just added a chapter that showed his release . This just isn't that good. Spike did save the day but he also nearly caused its destruction. Punishment followed by reward would have been better. This seems more like big reward with negligent punishment. Still, it is YOUR story (a story that I deeply enjoyed) so as long you don't start going all George Lucas on the rest of the fic I am happy to call this one of my fav fics and even though the ending doesn;t agree with me. It is still a rather good ending.

You cant make Spike just a LITTLE badass?

Looks promising.
I'll read it when I finish-up this chapter I'm working on.

Encasing him in stone would have been plain cruel. Also I would then see Twilight + EoH turning the Princesses into stone if they don't release him seeing that Twilight is practically his mother/sister and family would do anything to save family.

Plus in this ending Spike gets the girl in the end.


In the original ending everything that happened before the Spike and Twilight scene was the same (except that Lyra got a hundred hours of community service and was helping Fluttershy along with Bonbon and Rarity was talking to this group as well about what she thought of all of this) where in this one Spike is turned to a scared dragon statue and Twilight was telling him that she was working with Celestia to get rid of all the love potion recipes while at the same time she'll try to convince Celestia to shorten the sentence of unspecified time, which Nexas forgot to mention in there was actually a couple of weeks. That mistake kind of freaked 4 or 3 of us out and I admitted that I shed tears in this. Then in an collective consciousness of emptiness Spike and Discord just finished a game of cards after he finished telling Discord of what he did to get in here and finally before they started playing Fighting is magic Spike thought up a final letter in his head of what he learned from all of this.

I hope that explains what the original ending was about


Everyone? I doubt that, I say only 5 of us (me included) were the ones complaing about it. ^^;
But I'll admit it, I like this ending much better than the original even though I was okay with that one. You didn't make a missing word or key phrase that make me worry about what was going to happen next and I feel alright with leaving these versions of the characters right there, it's a nicer way to wrap things up and it kind of kept things closer to their canon personalities. Also the way Celestia takes the blame for the wrongdoings of another character reminded me of the Pony POV series that my friend was writing, I think you're the second person I've seen to do that with Celestia. Anyway I'm sorry of being part of the problem but like someone said, "you can't please everyone" just don't try too hard to do just that. When you finish a story you should try to make sure you end it in a way that you like it and not what everyone else want it to be, just like what you did in that Rainbow Dash Trial story that you did and which that one was funny too. Well I also wish you luck in your next stories.

1133341 The first ending wasn't all that bad, but this one is a lot more in-league with the show, and it shows the characters learning a lesson. I approve of it more than I did the first.

What a long strange trip it's been :raritywink:

I liked it, dunno what the origional ending was, but as long as your pleased with the ending I'm easy to please. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the story .


now this ending is better than the first one.
now please don't change it. :)

I'm much happier with this ending (it's less horrifying, that's for sure). Spike is not completely isolated from the rest of the world and from those he loves, the duration of his punishment is not left unspecified, his face is no longer contorted in horror and betrayal, and he is not placed in a situation that risks the safety of his body and soul. I can't help but think that the readers who genuinely didn't see anything wrong with the original end are either not very perceptive or don't have a very strong sense of empathy. You can't please everyone, but you can fix mistakes.

I can't say that I disliked the first ending, but this is definitely better.

I like this ending so much more, it wraps everything up in a nice bow unlike the first ending with some unanswered questions. Good fix.

Much better ending! Still like I said before great story!:pinkiehappy:

I like this one better, but the other was more humorous.


And yay for :trollestia:!

I think this ending is superior and fits the characters better. I just couldn't see the Princess encasing Spike in stone.

1133373 And I think you've succeeded :twilightsmile:

I never got to actually see the original ending; It was removed by the time I got around to reading it.

Thanks for you kind words everyone!
I suppose that some people liked the oither ending but I kinda deleted it so sorry abou that.:twilightsheepish:

The NEWEST new ending! By me! :trollestia:

>>> And so, Spike totally failed to create the antidote. Twilight, having brutally torn Lyra to pieces, and then killed off all her followers in her insane, love drug-induced rage, tried to rape Spike. But Spike, knowing that things had finally reached a grimdark climax, took the only possible course of action, which was to thrust his harder-than-stone claws into Twi's chest and tear her heart out. Then Twilight died. And Rarity, seeing Spike kill her lover, went insane and used all sorts of magical torture devices she found in the secret castle dungeon to torture Spike until he died.

Applejack got fed up with Rainbow Dash and bucked her in the face, which shattered Dash's sinus bone and shoved it up into her brain. And Dash died.

Bon-bon saw the pieces of Lyra and was so heartbroken she stabbed herself. And she died. Then Fluttershy stabbed herself when she saw Bon-Bon. And she died.

At last, Discord broke free with all the mayhem going on. He looked around at all the flames and death and destruction and frowned, "There's so much chaos already! What am I supposed to do now? Oh well, guess I'll head to Earth. I hear the Mayan calendar is almost up...."

Best. Ending. EVER!! :pinkiecrazy:

Cool. But darn.
It is a good ending but I was really looking forward to the possible sequel. Darn.
I agree it does fit them better. So good for you! Conragts! And all that jazz. Darn.

MUCH BETTER! Spike gets the girl in the end, he doesn't get that harsh of a punishment, and Lyra actually does do a proper payment for her crimes. AA much better ending all around. I hope to see a sequel where years later, Spike and Rarity do get together and face the trials of being a couple.

damn i really wanted to read the first ending, it sounded really interesting, oh well, time to read the only good HiE fic ive ever known where the human's body count is actually his count of mooning death in the face level accidents

Have you been changing the ending? I only ask because what I read doesn't match up to some of the comments!

Yes I changed the ending. Some people weren't to happy about the original so I decided to change it/make it better.:twilightblush:


If they didn't like the ending, you should have done what I would do. Tell them to fuck off or write their own story!

*shrug* To be honest, I didn't like the original ending myself but to all their own.

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