• Published 23rd Jul 2012
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Love is in the Air, Literally - Nexas

Spike makes a love potion, let us see how this can go wrong.

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You can't run from love

"You're never to attempt a stunt like that ever again."

"It would have worked if you hadn't stopped me, Rarity was so impressed and did you see the look on her face?"

"That look of abject horror? Yeah, I've seen it a few times."

Twilight Sparkle; a purple unicorn of considerable talent, dragged her scaly assistant, Spike back through the doors of their tree house. Spike was clawing at the ground, digging his dragon talons into the wooden floors trying to escape from his sister figure's magic grip. She was dragging him home after she caught him trying his newest plan to win Rarity's affection.

They finally came to a stop in the middle of the room, Twilight dropping Spike on the floor and magically shutting the door behind her.

"C'mon Twi." Spike stood up, shaking the dirt off his scales. "Do you even know how long it took to put all of that together?"

"Nope." She replied plainly. "Although I'm a bit concerned about how exactly you got those sharks."

"Doesn't matter. We only need to get them back to Fluttershy before she notices."

"I have to take care of it." She pointed a hoof at the Dragon. "You have to stay here."


"If I let you out again, you'll try some other dangerous thing like, like..." She paused in thought. "I don't know, you'll do something like wrestle a manticore again!"

"That would have also worked if you hadn't stopped me."

"Now I would stay and lecture you about how doing these stunts won't help you win her over, but I smell smoke so I have to go."

In a flash of magic, Twilight was gone.

"Well now that that's out of the way..."

Twilight suddenly teleported back in front of Spike.

"Don't think this is over." She poked his stomach with a hoof to get the point across, she teleported away again, Leaving Spike alone, this time for good.

"Well, on to plan..." He paused in thought. "Plan Y."

He scratched his chin in thought but came up with a blank; he had tried so many things that he was out of ideas. Where could he possibly find new ideas to help him?

Taking a moment to look around him, he remembered that he lived in the town library and promptly slammed the palm of his hand into this face.

After a moment of self-deprecation, he started searching through the many shelves that lined the room, listing the titles of the books as he glossed over them.

"Dimensions and the Multiverse, Three Thousand Flavours of Pie, How to make Friends..."

He stopped and looked at the hardcover book; it looked brand new and wasn't touched.

"I should probably tell Twilight about this book." He muttered, making a mental note and moving on.

"Hearts and Hooves?" He noticed another book; its cover decorated in a multitude of pink and red hearts. He reached for the large book and pulled it of its place, setting it on the ground. It looked pretty old and had seen use recently.

He opened the cover of the book and flipped through the pages; most of them chronicled the holiday that the book was named for. He was just about to put the book away when he noticed a page that caught his eye.

"How to make a love potion?..."


"A tuft of cloud, a bright rainbows glow, stir with a pegasus feather..."

He lowered the feather he had taken from a sleeping Rainbow Dash into the pot and stirred the ingredients carefully.

"Fast not slow."

Spike stood in front of the tiny stove in Twilight's kitchen; jars of the ingredients he needed surrounded him as he mixed them together into the pot in front of him.

The liquid began to glow in the pot; changing colors from a rainbow to a bright pink. Leaning over, Spike smelled some of the fumes coming up from the mixture; it was sweet and made him want to confess his feelings to sompony.

It was perfect.

He chuckled mischieviously; all he would need is a small amount and Rarity would finally return his feelings. He reached down with a small bottle in hand and scooped some of the mixture into the bottle, capping it off with a cork.

He held the bottle up to the window; the light shining though the bottle creating a pink glow and laughed maniacally.

"Soon, Rarity will be mine!" He laughed.


"Ah!" He shrieked, the bottle nearly falling from his claws. After a moment of fumbling he finally caught the bottle again, holding it tightly as he walked back into the main room. Twilight stood in the doorway; her fur was singed from the fires and there was some small bite marks from the sharks but all in all she looked okay.

"Well, we finally got the fires out and I apologized to Fluttershy about the sharks." She reached up and extinguished a small fire in her mane. "It's a good thing you're like my brother Spike, or I would really..."

She noticed her Dragon assistant standing in the doorway to the kitchen, holding something behind his back.


He could not hide the smile on his face. "Yes Twilight?"

"What are you holding?"

"Oh, this?" He showed her the bottle. "This is plan Y."

She pointed to outside. "I thought that the flaming-shark-jump-thing was plan Y."

"Well this is plan Z then." He said . "I used a recipe to make this love potion so Rarity will finally fall for me, pretty cool huh?"

Twilight gasped. "A love potion?! Spike those are dangerous! Didn't you read the story that came with the recipe?"

"I uh, may have skimmed it." He said. "Maybe."

"Spike, that love potion has driven entire kingdoms into chaos!" She waved her arms in the air frantically for emphasis.

"Um..." Spike tried to speak.

"Chaos!" Twilight repeated.

"But it's just a little bit." He pleaded. "It's not that bad."

Twilight facehoofed. "Ugh, Spike you cannot just..." She gasped again, noticing a strange mist flowing out of the kitchen behind him. She quickly pushed past him to get a good look; the pot Spike had been making the love potion in had started to evaporate and was quickly starting to engulf the room in pink smoke.

Twilight looked back at her assistant and briefly wondered if it was too late to trade him in for another assistant.

"Spike..." She growled, glaring at her not-brother angrily.

"Don't worry!" He tried to sound convincing. "I can fix this!"

"Then get over her and-Ah!"

Twilight was suddenly assaulted by a powerful blast of love mist, the pot was beginning to bubble and froth, it looked as if it was about to blow.

Twilight staggered; disoriented by the blast of mist.

"S-spike...?" She struggled to speak.


She opened her eyes and looked at him; her eyes weren't the usual violet coloring and were instead replaced by a flashing stream of pink, purple and red over and over again.

She smiled in a lopsided, enamoured fashion.

"I...love you."

Spike groaned. "Oh no..."

And then the house exploded.

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