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I always hated the world I live in. Horrible, violent and mean, it was the right opposite of everything I wanted to have.

There was no way for me to find a comfortable spot in here, no matter what I do, no matter where I go.

But after what I thought will be my final step I found myself in the place that shouldn't exist. What's more, my body wasn't nearly as waht I used to have before.

I guess that desire to have new beginning came true way more effectively than I like.

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1. You need serious help.
2. Humans are sapient.
3. Ponies are in the early industrial age
4. Humans are smarter than ponies
5. Morality is relative. Nothing is good or bad.
6. Nuclear Reactors cannot be that small
7. Ponies and humans have extremely similar psychology
8. Humans attack out of the following reasons:
-Desperation. Criminals usually rob to help their families or themselves
-Land. Humans tend to be territorial, so we attack to get more territory
-Religion. Obviously
9. You can feel happiness with transmitters because happiness is chemical.
10. Call the suicide hotline in the United States at 1-800-273-8255

>another grayonblue story

yes grey

we get it

da big bad humuns be bad

te need to die

pones good

at this point you've beaten the dead horse you care for so much it's corpse is as tender as your hate for humanity

Considering the author's previous fics, I'd say it's them on a good day, actually. At least ponies don't murder everyone on sight (yet?) and it's not treated like the best thing ever.

This being said, I guess the author does need help.

I don't feel comfortable trying this

Im actually enjoying this, so please keep writing. After seeing all the other negative comments, i wanted to offer aupport that yes, this does appeal to some people out there! I look forward to reading the rest

There are a few reasons. One, I love AI cenetered sci-fi, and this touched on that rather quickly, which piqued my interest. I enjoy seeing how people think AI can shape the future, because it is a field i am personally trying to get into.
Two, i know nothing about this author, so i got into this story without the bias associated with his stories. It must be quite the bias if my comment saying "i enjoyed this" got downvoted.
Three, while it is rather edgy, i can relate to how the protagonist feels- i felt the same way in high school. While i no longer feel anywhere near that way anymore, having long since found my peace, it reminded me of how i used to be, and gave me a soft spot for what this character/author is going through.
Like i said, i have not had previous experience with this author, and i saw potential in the premise. Im just interested to see how things play out, that's it. We good?

1. Cool
2. GreyOnBlue has a reputation for extremely misanthropic. One of his stories is about a concentration camp run by ponies with humans as the prisoners. He goes into great detail on how the ponies torture the humans. He also labels the ponies as the "good guys" for doing this. Another is where 3 ponies and Celestia destroy the planet earth because they're "superior".
3. This person has repeatedly said that humans are not sapient creatures and should be exterminated. He also said Adolf Hitler was a good human.


Tasty cactus, huh?

If it's true, then thanks for your feedback.

If didn't understand what I meant, you ain't russian.

I know what it means. It comes from the phrase: "Мыши кололись, плакали, но продолжали жрать кактус".

heh, wow, what happened to you thinking that THIS isn't real and your delusional ways about you 'perfect world?'

if these are your real views you are pessimistic as fuck.

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

W e w

Another misanthropic doozy.

It's not. Just he bias of hypocritical, genocidal slavery advocates, that's all.

Most of the readers are humans. The author's fetish seems to be murdering the whole humanity (coupled with every pony being an OOC edgelord). Go, figure.

And you all deserve even worse than that. Go figure yourself.

I bet you're fun at parties, mate :raritywink:

Not as fun as you are anyway.

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