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Well this is interesting. Sunset as a murderer?

I'll have to watch this one.

Maybe, could be anyone though.

They said red and yellow blur and female laughter. Who becides Sunset has that description?

Applebloom has the same coloring, skin and hair anyway. Could also be someone dressing up as Sunset. Point is it's too early to say.

When I saw the ripper I thought of dis

anyway! Good story, I'm looking forward to see how this turns out.

Well I hope you enjoy the story although I wont be giving anything away just yet. Although what I can say is that I hope you enjoy your time and like my own ideas on how this Anon-A-Miss story goes from here.

Thank you, I hope to be able to make and release a chapter over winter break if at all possible. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day

So I am gonna watch this, also kinda wish I made Daring Do a detective in my story now.

Awesome, I hope ya enjoy the next few chapters to come and that you have a wonderful christmas

Plus update again soon, this is getting good

I have a idea. What if Sunset got attacked but lived then Anon a Miss posted something after which caused the school to realize that it wasn't her and that they're targeted for the incidents

So far: 1

Don't mind me. I think we're going to see a lot of these in this story. So, I'm just doing a Kill Count.

Like I said I was inspired to post something soon

ooooo an Interesting idea, mind if I save that for later? *Curious* We could discuss in further detail in a PM

A smart thing *Says with a smile*

I hope ya'll enjoyed my story as much as I do making it

Also can Dumbbell be killed next please? He's a dick in general and hurting Shy is a no no to me.

How does say....... his head splattered on the bumper of my OCs Firebird?

Trust me there is a plan, although I wouldn't mind chatting with ya'll and what not over any possibilities and/or theories

Thank u 4 updating so much! not only is this a great story but your the first of the 120+ storys im reading to update in the last 5 days!



You do know you just revealed who Anon-a-miss was right?

Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle? Don't be a silly nilly!

*Shows her Dainns story*

Ah well......

“What, like Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are all secretly anon-a-miss and started the account out of the perceived need to get rid of Sunset Shimmer so we’d hang out with them more, and simply let it grow out of proportion without any care to what effects it might have on students, faculty, us, them, or Sunset should the truth ever be found out?… That’s just crazy talk Applejack, have you been getting into your family’s special zapple cider again? You remember what happened last time you drank some of that?” Pinkie says stunning everyone to silence before slowly nodding their heads at how ridiculous it all sounded said aloud.

It had to be Sunset Shimmer, no two ways about it… They weren’t terrible friends, they just opened up to the wrong person is all, yeah that has to be what happened. Fluttershy thought to herself almost desperately, because the other option was just too terrible to contemplate, that it was them who were the terrible friends, and Sunset opened up to the wrong people… That thought led to dangerous thinking for Fluttershy, along with any depressing thoughts she normally had, and it would do to have her friends worry about her too much. Although it would help get her more time with Pinkie Pie if she asked her to spend the night with her, she’d probably have to ask her by herself so as to avoid letting the others down.

Oh-ho-ho. I can't imagine the pain they'll feel once that bites them in their butts. :pinkiecrazy:

What, like Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are all secretly anon-a-miss and started the account out of the perceived need to get rid of Sunset Shimmer so we’d hang out with them more, and simply let it grow out of proportion without any care to what effects it might have on students, faculty, us, them, or Sunset should the truth ever be found out?…

Pinkie, you clever girl.

No problem, I'm just happy that I'm making some good content on my first try... To be honest I've been worried about doing this stuff for years now lols.

Fluttershy seems to be in deep denial, which I am very fine with. It's been going on for so long that the other option is far too depressing, as mentioned.

It's a depressing thought for anyone to go through, imagine you believed in something so much, believed it to be true no matter the evidence... Would you be able to live with the guilt if you found out that you hurt someone for this thing you believed in only for it to be completely false?

I like the opening of this thought it was rather well done. :twilightsmile:

Enjoyed this but if you want to make a change in the story such as a scene change try using this **** instead of 'Change to (insert person name) so that it won't be so confusing. Other than that this was a good chapter.

I am enjoying the character development and hope to see more development in the characters as the story continues it will be interesting to see how dark this story can get before the end of it. :twilightsmile:

Just another heap of fillers, get to the damn point already!

All in due time, one cannot rush these things, otherwise, it brings on lack of development and degrades the story and the message meant to be seen. I hope you have a wonderful day though.

Good chapter. Kill the mother. Send the girls to me. I'll protect them

is this equestria sunset or human sunset? just wondering cause if its equestria sunset it seems kinda weird that she would be living with her other selfs family i don't know maybe you have a big reveal/exposition heavy story for why that is was just curious

... Everytime i read anon-a-miss stories it takes me forever to forgive sweetie bell, cannon or not. Strangely its only sweetie bell, not AB or scoots.

Trust me there is a logical reason for this and a reason why this worlds Sunset is so radically different from her Equestrian self, when the rest of the cast seems to act like their pony counter parts.
really? Interesting, any particular reason why?


Sweetie Belle is always trying to hang out with her friends right? I mean they love spending time together so why was she so upset that the girls were having a sleepover? It was Rarity that told Sweetie Bell that she could not hang out with her, not Sunset. So sweetie didn't really have a reason for lashing out like she did. Just talking about one of Raritys secrets near diamond tiara would have been sufficient. And she stole from Sunset

that's about the best I got, other then that I have no clue why its just Sweeite belle. im sure that apple bloom did something to and honestly in most fics scoots never really does anything. Its rainbows fault that she just left her test sitting in her bag anyone else could have taken it.

Interesting, I like your reasoning, its very sound and logical

did you enjoy the newest chapter?

alright then, I'm just curious cause I enjoy feedback to know if I'm doing a good job or not making these scenes.

anything that particularly jumped at you? *curious*

I'm just going to do a review of the story so far if its cool with you.
Alright then let's start from the top, shall we?

your story seems to be well put together with very few to no grammar errors as far as I can tell. there is also your sentence structure, it seems to flow smoothly and leads on the sentance without any awkward transitions. You also seem to know where you're going with the story, a lot of people simply write as they go with no idea ahead. This one is a little more what it says about you, in a lot of stories the reader can tell where the author is from. An example is like saying bin or trash, another is football and soccer. However, your story lacks a lot of those clues which I can find a plus. One more thing is that you are very descriptive with your work and don't like to leave any detail or shy away from facts.

Unlike most Anon-a-miss stories you choose to go your own way including a killer that was never caught which, if not handled correctly can lead to disaster. As I mentioned before it seems you have at least a clue of where the story is going to go by how well they put together. As not doing this can lead to plot holes in one's story. So far at least this seems to be sound. All this yet, it does not completely break the mold. Sunset is framed and her friends leave her. That is a basic part of the story that some people get around. I'm quite glad you went the way you did or this story would not have had the effect it did, also you don't seem to take shortcuts. An example of this is in the investigation section of this chapter. You could have simply said "after examing all the current evidence Daring Doo went to speak with Ditsy" this would have had a very large impact on the development of the story.

Then, you are able to portray and express emotions (or lack of) which is something a lot of people struggle with. take this chapter, for example, it was clear that Ditzy was concerned about what was going on at the school and that she was afraid of what was happening in the city. You were able to portray the cold heart of Sunsets parental guardian and the sense of abandonment/distant feeling her little sister was having. Thanks to the aforementioned reasoning it brings a sense of relatability. The readers can connect with the fear, doubt, loss and hope that the characters can feel. The story is not predictable as most. Much like the walking dead (first tv series I can think of), You give no obvious clues as to who is safe and who will die, that can keep the viewers guessing.

Well, thats about all that I can say so far for the story. I'll make another one if I can (and if you want) when the story is completed!
I hope you enjoyed.

I'd love nothing more than to read your review when this is completed, I try my best in keeping my work up. Though I will admit that if it weren't for my editor and some friends I'd be in some trouble at the beginning, I find that I'm getting the hang of my first ever attempt at making and posting a story.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sar Meister

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a lesbian Derpy.


Great now you got me rooting for the killer.

“Shhhhhh, I don’t know deary, sometimes some people never change… Sunset is just one of those people, we gave her a chance and she threw it back in our faces. Now we’re stuck dealing with her lies and the hatred she’s spread across campus.” Rarity says holding onto her crying friend.

Hmm, I could say the same... to you, ya British whore.

Same here. I hope he makes Anon-A-Miss suffer slow painful deaths. Like throw them into an active volcano or something.

Hmmmm? *Confused* Mind explaining what you mean? *Curious*

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