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My real name is Jordan, I've been a Brony for 2 years now and I've experienced with every aspect of the fandom. I've sung, and done artwork but now, last but not least, WRITING STORIES!!!!


What describes a human? Several words come to mind, right? Bipedal, hands, fingers, intellect.
Now that we got you thinking about how boring you are, describe a pony. No, not the ones we have here on Earth, duh. The ponies that are the lifeblood of this site, Pegasi, Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Alicorns... They've got magic, flight, manes of hair, and hundreds of color schemes. Compared to them, humans are basically hairless, skinny, earth ponies... that stand on two legs...and- aren't earth ponies...

There is a big difference between them and us, everybody (and everypony) can see it. Now imagine being shoved into the same world as the ponies. Pretty confusing if I do say so myself, well at least for the first few weeks... then I just sorta fell into a routine. I made friends, had a job, even got around to buying a house. But a human living in Equestria can cause a bit of trouble after a while, and I'm going to share with you that story. Yes, you heard me, the ENTIRE story. Now sit back, relax, and grab a bowl of popcorn. Because you my friend, are in for a ride.

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>You, my friend, are in for a ride
Truly. Nobody's ever written themselves into a story so they could fuck their waifu, bestiality included. My almonds have been toasted by your unique and creative vision.

Just warning you now, this exact scenario has been done so much that it might be you who's in for the ride.

Think about trying again with a scenario that's not as common.

Looks interesting hoping for more to come :twilightsmile:

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