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I love cheese and all kinds of Skittles! Skittles is ma OC btw... that's some GREAT info if ya ask me


Astral Glimmer, a normal earth pony leading a normal life, is struck by an enormous duty when a new evil emerges. Approximately 100 ponies are selected to leave their planet in a last hope for ponykind as a new beast wreaks havoc wherever it goes, along with its evil minions.

He's not only terrified, but also stressed, distraught and excited at the same time. As he leaves his planet behind, who knows what dangers they'll face, losses they'll have, and romances they'll make?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

Wow it was wonderfully written!!!! With so much suspense!!!

Thank you! This is actually the first story on here that I've told myself I'll finish

Hey, hey, hey! I like it. It gets a little confusing sometimes because it seems to emulate the style of someone writing in a journal at some points and then it becomes a narrative at other times. But other than that, I really like the setting you have created for this story. Very Fallout-esque.

Ah, well done. I believe your writing is improving quite well. I like how awkward the chemistry is between the two characters right now; it'll provide for a great character arc as the story continues.

The fight scene was neat, and overall, I greatly enjoyed this story. I can't wait to see more!

Astral is the OC if I getting it. So far it's been a good read so far.

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