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This was a good read, I love ABDL hypno stories, and this was just perfect. I loved how you didn't rush in setting up the story slowly and go at it in progressive stages. I hope to see more of those kinds of stories here from you. It's great to meat another fellow artist around here, especially one that I like, I hope we will have the chance to talk with each other in the future. By the way is Quartz ever going to come back? I am just curious about it.


Quartz is, but Quartzy might not. Shortly after the RP this story was based on happened, I redid everything related to Quartz's backstory and Jimp, who owned Steel, created a new main character instead, and then I created other characters as well.

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I don't think "semi-consensual" is the right tag for this. Steel didnt ask permission at all before spiking Quartz's drink and any "consent" Quartz gives after that is through the influence of a substance introduced to his body. This is a form of rape fic.

At the very least the tag should say "non-consensual hypnosis".

I'd say the appropriate term for this sort of thing is "dubcon"

Maybe. But I'm more under the impression that once he's been given a mind altering substance without any previous disclosure whatsoever then all that follows after can't be considered consensual at all. Had he agreed to taking the drink with a bit of uncertainty of how strong it's effects were then I would've considered calling it dubious, but from the outset his "coltfriend" was working behind his back.

But either way, let's just all agree that Steel is a real scumbag. :trollestia:

Tag has been removed.

I have to disagree with your conclusion, I think Steel is a wonderful pony~

No way to get a sequel, is there? Cause I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants a sequel to this beautiful story~

I would still love a sequel and even offer my OC as a volunteer

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