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Once upon a time, far away there was a magical land named Equestria. In it, there lived five mares named the ‘Guardians of Equestria. They protect ponykind and are loyal defenders of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the rulers of Equestria .
Applejack, represents the Element of honesty. Fluttershy, is the Element of kindness. Rainbow Dash, Element of loyalty. Rarity, Element of generosity. And Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter.
Together with the princesses, they have kept Equestria at peace for years.

However one faithful day, the Guardians are stripped from their status for no apparent reason and have been removed of honoring the Elements.
Rumors spread. Ponies believe that the Guardians have done something atrocious to be removed of such importance. They now have almost the entire population chasing their tails for a crime they did not know they committed. They manage to escape and leave Equestria, as it is not safe for them anymore; They are on a journey to the Crystal Empire, a kingdom where a third princess lives, one of their closest and dearest friends. There, they are safe from the dangers in Equestria. On the way they encounter a pony who has never been permitted outside of her village but wishes to explore the world. the pony, Radiant Night decides to join the guardians on their travel to the Crystal Empire. However, Radiant Night soon finds out that perhaps meeting the guardians wasn't out of luck, and there's more to the story than she thinks...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

O boy this looks great! You have my interest.

Thank you for supporting my work! I’ll be trying to post the second chapter very soon :twilightsmile:

Considering Starlight is younger than Twilight, its akwardhaving Starlight raise Twilight.

Just remember Radiant, mother knows best.

Just a tip: Every time a new character talks it’s a new paragraph.

“I like the colour blue!” Bob said excitedly.

“You do?” Questioned Joe.

Instead of, “I like the colour blue!” Bob said excitedly. “You do?” Questioned Joe.

I know it’s a bad example, but I hope it got the point across.

This looks interesting. I’ll track, but it’d better be worth it.

Interesting premise so I'll be reading but the writing is a little clunky with the paragraphs not all being separated.

Hey! English isn’t my first language so I don’t know much about the formatting in English. I’m still improving but thank you for letting me know, I’ll try to work on that :scootangel:

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