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What if Rainbow Dash had been present when Discord gave the Mane Cast their first shot at him? How could things have gone different? How could this have changed things?How could this have changed Twilight?

Update Schedule Below the Break.
Now with the super editor FredMSloniker!
Now with a wonderful cover image by Conicer!
Also - Awesome Fanart - http://nyuuchandiannepie.deviantart.com/art/Discolight-273099814

Update Plans
December 11 - Edited versions of first four chapters
December 14 - Chapter 5
Future updates at least 1 time per week.
Total Planned Chapters - 12

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You have my attention. :trixieshiftright: Though I hope this doesn't mean 'Gilda Versus Knitting' is going on hiatus, as long as you're regularly updating this I won't mind too much if that's the case.

CELESTIA DAMN YOU why do you have to keep writing such good stories and please please could you write some chapters for wax fruit plleeaseee :scootangel:

And could we please get more of this:scootangel:

well that seams reasonable.

P.S. silly pinkie.

You've got my attention, keep it up :D

53750 Gilda vs. Knitting is my main focus, I just couldn't write anything for it today. Got a half done chapter, expect it Wed or Thur.

53752 Wax Fruit was a pretty hard one to write, but I'm chipping away at it. Next week at earliers, unfortunatly.

53758 Yes, that is her charecter.

This... is a fantastic concept! I can't wait for the next part :P How long are you intending/hoping this will be?

Dude don't stress just glad that you haven't forgotten it:twilightsmile: am eagerly awaiting your latest installment to any of your fantastic stories:moustache:

I like the concept. Hyper-organized, order-loving Twilight with Chaos magic?

Why do I have this sudden image of Pinkie Pie dressed up like Yoda and lecturing on the proper way to have fun with it? :pinkiehappy:

53792 I honestly have no clue. This idea stuck during writers block on a project and I had to type it out to get moving, but I really can't complain about results! It will have three chapters minium if I make it a short story, and I think I will, but if the ball gets rolling, maybe five or six.

53952 uuuuuuussssseeeeiiiiinnnngggg that scene.

Certainly interesting. I hope Discord's chaotic nature will mess with Twi, making her more like Pinkie Pie and less nerdy, orderly, organized unicorn we knew. Also, moar fear - Twilight looks like a monster, and if villagers feared Zecora, simple zebra, they'll be terrified


Happy to inspire.

:twilightangry2: "But I'm _trying_ to have fun!"

:pinkiehappy: "No Try!" Bonk to the head with rubber chicken. "Mope! or Party! There is no _TRY_"

This is a fun concept! Although the description of Twilight's new look sounds pretty creepy :twilightoops:. Hopefully she can at the very least get rid of the tooth and the horns, she might look more normal then.

Looking forward to some chaos-magic shenanigans.

This chapter, I like it


:rainbowlaugh: Lotsa laughing going on there. Cracked up at the 'we must not visit the same web sites', though should probably be something lower tech for the milieu. 'Read the same books' or 'You musta skipped Aloe's special massage' might work as a replacement?

The vision of clapping hooves while flying, in order to do magic, is very cool. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

54355 Thanks. Gonna do a picture of it soonish.

54367 Yeah, prolly shoulda, but the fourth wall is a great excuse for not doing so. May go back and change it.

So is Twilight the size of Discord or the size of a regular pony? And will Discord ever come back?

REALLY REALLY LIKE by the way. :rainbowkiss: Sooo AWEsome :D

See, there are these giant spiders that live just inside the Everfree Forest, okay? And for some reason, they love to make these crazy structures with their spider-silk; in a few places, it's woven so thick it's almost solid, and the strands connect with the trees and each other to form a vast number of nooks and crannies. There's a thrill of danger that comes from trespassing in the Forest, but the silk is dense enough that a pony can hide in it and be safe from any actual peril, plus it's a place that's private and secluded; all of these factors combine to make these 'web sites' the perfect place for teenage couples to visit when they want to make out.

“ Dang, I was hoping for a mature rating.”

Does it make me a bad person that I was slightly hoping this to?

54548 No. But i've found myself completely unable to write sexy scenes, so I don't even try.

I was wondering is Discord going to be a character in the story or will his appearance mark the end of the story?

Is this a Disqord fic? because I just have to think of Q when I think of magic via snapping fingers.


Have you seen the Rule 63 Discord Art? Trust me, Twi can still be adorkable.:twistnerd:


Those are usually the best scenes though it doesn't need to be sexy if you can make it extremely awkward you can usually create great comedic value
I read a few thing and watched a few things were it gets so awkward I am unable to keep going because of the sheer embarrassment. However when I look back those are the moments I can remember as the funniest.


Ofc, but not many ponies into whole different-body-parts-sharp-fangs-evil-red-eye-and-two-horns thing.

55072 “ Apparently you and I don’t visit the same websites.” muttered Potato Joe with a giggle and a blush.

Just had a thought about making Twilight appear normal. A trickster like Discord could obviously appear as any kind of creature or thing he liked. (As evidenced by his stain-glass-window dance routines) For storytelling though, that is just too easy a solution.

Likely she can be made to appear normal, with the sole exception of the eyes. Eyes are traditionally unaffected by shape-changing or illusion magic I notice. I suspect mirrors will still reveal the 'real' appearance that is being hidden. This provides lots of opportunities for failure on the disguise check.

55617 AAAWWW HELL NAW! See, I was going to do the mirror and eye thing once she started using Discords shapeshifting powers! Dangit, why did you have to guess?

.....still using them, thou. Thanks for reading!

:twilightsheepish: Oopsy! Well, maybe nobody will read the comments and get the spoilers? :facehoof:
Just tell me you weren't going to have her able to infect brain-washed minions with Chaos too after accidental bites!

OK, Dirty Pinkie is officially even funnier and more awesome than the common Fourth-Wall Breaking Pinkie:pinkiehappy:

55825 Holy balls, it's the Kaiser. How's that big unsinkable ship of yours doing?

55902 And yet, they are so close together you can switch between with ease.

you can give us the link to the pictures, thank you ?

5 stars, definitely.

Only thing I felt off about was her...getting, for a lack of a better word, Discords power.
I thought she would change from the conflict and utter disharmony within the streams from the elements, and then still have to face DIscord.

My mind is oddly good at coming up with stuff like that.

I'm not disappointed at all (At least, with the story. Discords Chaos popcorn habit was too similar to what he did with the chocolate milk to be really funny, and Fluttershy cursing just doesn't seem right. Remember: for chaos, use your imagination, taking advantage of what you know, but always, always being unpredictable. For example, the popcorn box being upside down, and that's all I got. I'm not writing this story, I just like it, and want to see it be awesome)

-I also don't review every chapter.

55998 Huh. Never seen a comment say "five stars" and then tell me I'd written everything wrong. Well, live a little every day!

you can give us the link to the pictures, thank you ?

Huh, I was half-expecting Twilight to make an actual off switch; I'm sure that would probably be within the scope of her powers as the new lord of chaos. Then again, I may only be thinking that because screwball did it in Equestria: Total War (although I wouldn't really want Twi' to go batshit insane and randomly killing people by turning them into flipflops either). Anyway, great story; can't wait to see what the crap the cook is about to start.

Yay! Great chapter! Poor Twi. :facehoof:

56032 Didn't know the off swtich thing had been done before - yeah, and there will be No Grimdark in this story.

56038 Yeah. Luck just ain't her thing.

Carry On, story looks good and interesting :D

Hoo boy, the proverbial horse manure is about to hit the fan.

Well, I want my reviews to be worth more then just "This is great, yo", so I give suggestions.

I mean, I like this story. I want to see it succeed, so I do what I can...which is offer suggestions that might spark an idea in your brain and suddenly you have an idea that is just perfect. Admittedly, I said that your plot felt off, but that was just me stumbling over my own thoughts and not going over it properly.

I like how the story is going as it is...I just expected a different direction then you wrote. However, I remain behind the little details that could, but don't have to change(forgive this one's use of the word disappointment before that whole section. I'm not disappointed with anything. My...critique's(?) that follow still stand)

So, as I said, Five stars.

Good job. Keep it up.

For some reason I have this nagging feeling of Deja Vù... I can't place it, and I love the story.

But I can't shake the feeling that... I dunno... that this has been done before? Then again it feels like the "memory" it's being drawn upon is a lot older than my bronydom...

It might just have been something I dreamt. Good job nonetheless, I do love the story.

Dust this bitch! :flutterrage::heart:

Tracking this because Twilight Sparkle with alicorn-tier powers is always relevant to my interests. :twilightsmile: (Contingent, of course, upon the story also being well-written. Which this is. So, hooray!)

“ Well, by all means, friend me.”

Best. Line. Ever.

You've been watching too much hentai anime, Pinkie.

Damnit, this is getting really close to a certain story that I'm working on at the moment. Oh well, I still have some surprises to reveal!

Pretty good start! Will check out the rest!

I guess Twilight is sort of an uncanny valley for everypony.

56154 I would kill to hear her VA say that.

56166 Awww, thanks! Hope I can keep it up!

56180 Yeah. It's weirder when you know them.

:rainbowlaugh: Me: NOOO PINKIE! THE FOURTH WALL! THE FOURTH WALL, DAMNIT!!!!!! :flutterrage:
Pinkie: Teehee! :pinkiecrazy:

:unsuresweetie: Also. . . sorry, I'm not really much of a critic, and I know this story wasn't your first priority, but the grammar and typos really killed it for me. . . :fluttershysad: Kinda like Mayor Mare's wig on Nightmare Night. . . :moustache:

But awesome idea anyway! This is fun! :twilightsmile:

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