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This is a story about the hollowness of depression. About fearing the past and dreading the future. About feeling obliged to lie for the sake of others. About Celestia’s darkest hours.

Inspired by her unprecedented absence in the season 5 opening, this story was originally conceived in April 2015. At least that’s the date in my notebook, in which I recently stumbled upon the outline and a failed attempt at this story. Upon reading the few pages that were there, I realised I still want to write it.

The story is based heavily on my personal experience, with some research supporting it. If you too busy yourself with pondering the more practical aspects of human mortality, feel free to contact me, I’m happy to help. But if you are anything like me, that is not an attractive perspective at all. So heed this one piece of advice I give you instead:

Don’t do it today. It’s not going anywhere.

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Comments ( 3 )

Okay I almost didn’t read this from the description but I gave it a go and I am glad I did. This is beautifully written and such a great glimpse at her life. Thank you for sharing!


I struggled with the description for a long time. I always overthink them.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Publishing this one gave me more anxiety than usual and some positive feedback really helps.

This is brilliantly done. Could use a little editing here and there for the misplaced sentence at the top and to correct some grammar, but other than that you did a great job. You gave just the right amount of detail needed to explain Celestia's day, and it was interesting to see Luna's relationship during the 5th season. So well done!

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