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Are you the sheep, following orders blindly, or the wolf, taking charge and leading others, your choice


Alex cooper was an ex-marine corps that has saved hundreds. A O-10 general retiring early because of a Purple Heart. He went to silent hill to visit his sister that recently moved there. He met Michael Yuri an o-9 in the navy seals, a vice admiral. After his car broke down. An unlikely ally was found that gave him an unlikely weapon. Friends by situation they become good friends and operate well together. When they went to Equestria, something followed and it’s not there to make friends.

A silent hill/the evil within story


If you have complaints against the ranks I want you to know. I’m doing this for the ‘fuck you shining armor.’

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I'm just saying this because people don't understand rank structure. Not trying to be an asshole. But if an o-10 is getting shot there is something going HORRIBLY WRONG. An 010 would be a POST COMMANDER. They don't deploy. And they have a security detail so large that it takes 2 black hawks to transport them all. Hell they don't even carry a rifle. After all the guy would have had to be in for almost 30 years at that point. After 0-3, you don't carry a rifle anymore. And for enlisted it's the same for anything after E-7. After that you are in some for of administration or supervisory job. Company 1sgt, battalion motor Sgt. Etc. Etc. So an 0-10 getting a purple heart, which you can only get from combat, is literally, UNHEARD OF.

I manly did this to do a fuck you shining armor. As well to help with the story on fighting the monsters. But mainly the fuck you to shining.

That makes a lot more sense then. I saw 0-10 and purple heart and usually you see guys who's military knowledge comes from CODs multiplayer saying this kind of stuff.

I’m not good at cod. I’m better at bloodborne and dark souls. Plus ROTC helps.

You'd be surprised. As an E-2 private (army) I had to teach an LT how to work an acog.I had another LT hide in a hmmwv because I attacked them (insider threat) during training even though he was in a perfect spot to take me out. Took out half his platoon with a single magazine because of it. Then again they were both MPs and MPs are retarded when it comes to anything other than playing cop on base

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