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"Some people just need a high five....in the face....with a chair"


David was driving home late on a rainy night, thanks to the rain he ends up in a car crash and his life is over. Or so he believed, as he then wakes up in a strange world and in a strange body not meant to exist.

In a unnatural body, he faces a new world full of problems.

I now have an idea for this, and I'm going to attempt to write it

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"but I imagine ponies from horn woods don't look like me"


You know...sometimes when I make a mistake...I want to destroy something...:facehoof:

"Oh your God can't hear your from this dimension"

Wrong, mad scientist. Dead wrong.

You're right, he can't hear you in any dimension. :ajsmug:


....ok not sure what that's supposed to mean :unsuresweetie:

It's a joke about God's existence.

Yeah I saw some mistakes


Probably, I suck at editing but I still try...:fluttershysad:

Hey it's all right I'm not good at it either

Consider me intrigued, here's hoping for an update :pinkiehappy:

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