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  • EFalling Moon
    Twilight feels that it might be time to take the next step in her relationship with Princess Luna. But even if the proposal goes according to plan, forces Twilight knows nothing of may disrupt their happy future profoundly.
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This story is a sequel to Spring Tide

On an evening warm and fair, Princess Luna comes walking to Twilight's castle, singing as she goes. Twilight, however, is not there to meet her and so Luna believes she's been stood up. Then she discovers that something far more sinsister has happened, for Twilight, picking flowers for a bouquet at the edge of the Everfree, has stepped into a fairy ring on Midsummer's Eve.

(Continuing my habit of basing stories on songs.)

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I absolutely adored this one. The fae are always a lot of fun, and I'm delighted to see people tapping into old material for them like you have here--and on top of that, it's even TwiLuna, and your TwiLuna in specific, its principles sketched so artfully. Just an absolute delight.

I had way too much fun writing it. (And took way too long, I had the idea right after Spring Tide came out, but, uh...)

An absolute delight to read. Love me some fae shenanigans.


What little there is, I mean.

I loved this fanfic. I can just imagine a Changeling Otherworld populated by lings using any metal but iron.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

I'd like to do some future story with Fae changelings.

Please do! I'd love to see more of them!

how dost this not have more upvotes, I truely do wonder?

Okay, absolutely beautiful... Nothing more to say really.

I suspect the sequel-ness is slowing things down. I've noticed a lot of folks adding the previous story to their read later lists and such.

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Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

Well this was a merry read. I sadly am not as familiar with the fae as a person with my ancestry should be but I do delight when they appear in a story. Thank you for the entertaining tale.

Very well done with only a few nit picks, but that's all they are. I'm thinking of starting a you tube chanel that reviews/critiques fan fiction... I may just start withe this one and it's prequel if that's acceptable to you.

Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.:twilightsmile:

Thank you!

Feel free to review it if you like.

Reads... like its complete? Like chunks of the story were cut out without being patched over (that and I haven't read any of your other works). Its obviously a sequel to something else though, since theres a LunaXTwilight relationship.

That said, I have nothing against the story itself but I'm not a fan of fae stories in general. They feel like godpowered-OC characters but are treated as generic monsters that can be beaten if you have X, Y and Z, never mind the fact that X, Y and Z are impossible to obtain on the spot if it wasn't for plot armor.

It says it's a sequel right there, with the link to the other story and everything.:facehoof:


I see a story about shipping not that it matters to this story. This story could be about rescuing a random foal it'd be the same.

What I don't see a story about Changelings being fae or celestia and Luna being exwitchers .



This story is not a video game reference. It is a literary reference. I don't think I have enough facehoof emoticons for this.


And the literature you're referencing is...?

:facehoof: If you can't figure it out, are you sure you actually read the story?

8593858 So, you come into the sequel of a story, assuming that the original is unimportant because shipping even though it's possible that some of this worldbuilding might be explained in that story, double down and add in an assumption that this is a video game reference even though literally none of this hints at such, and then can't do a quick look up of the literary reference on your own despite the hint being in the freaking description?

Time to break out the crayons, I guess.

8593874 You come here, onto this, a writing site, and expect me to ... what? Read or something?!



Humor me, where in Spring Tide is there a reference to the fae?


If you can condense about a thousand years of greater European mythology using crayons, I will be genuinely impressed.

8594082 No, the crayons are to draw you a map to the reference within this story alone.

8594084 I think you need a few more.

Are there length limits to comments? 'Cause I don't think I'd be able to fit the true number needed into one.

8594172 Let's find out.

Comment posted by Carapace deleted Dec 6th, 2017

Nice story. Warm and optimistic.

The fantasy elements remind me some of the graphic novel Bone.

"Mythic" fits the best with ponies! Lovely story! :twilightsmile:

"I never said that," said Celestia mildly. "But what would you have me do? Go in, horn blazing?"

A pity she couldn't. I would have liked to see Luna stroll into their fortress without difficulty...

"And why come you into my realm without command from me?!"
"I'll come and go," the Princess said, "and ask no leave of thee."*

...but not doing so made sense. Plus, that would have denied us this wonderful little ponification of a classic. So, I suppose it all worked out for the best.

*Adapted from the Fairport Convention recording's lyrics, as they're the ones I'm most familiar with.

I admit: I'm curious about Tias plan(s). And about those horrors Chrysalis' threatened with. And about... no, this ain't a sequel beg. Not at all.
It was a great story. Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

PS.: Do you, per chance, have a link to the song? I don't know it. Yet.

It's an old song, so there are hundreds (thousands?) of versions and recordings of it. Here's one I particularly like, though.

That's exactly what I as after. I'm sure I would've found something. But I ain't interested in 'something' - I wanted to see your inspiration. :twilightsmile: Thank you for providing, it sounds lovely.

Huh, but Luna's not mortal, and she can also shape-shift... and she had a black evil form with fangs and... OMG, LUNA'S ACTUALLY A CHERNGLERNG!!

Loverly tale there.
I'm surprised I've missed several of your TwiLuna stories.
I shall have to keep looking through your rather large collection of works :pinkiehappy:

This is still one of my favourite changeling fanfics.

The Fae I know come from around the United Kingdom. Can't remember where exactly. Not sure Hasbro had that in mind when they created Changelings.

A lovely adaptation of the Tam Lin story to ponies, Quite interesting to see such a thing pop up here. Lucky for Twilight she didn't have to wait as long as Tam Lin to be rescued.

This is one of my favorite Twilight/Chrysalis stories on this entire site.

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