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Now I’ve awoken, and I’m taking back control.


Cadence was the Princess of love, and it was her duty to help those in need to find the one they were destined for.

And, sure, sometimes ponies have unforeseen baggage, or a unexpected facet of their personality that she couldn’t foresee. But, even with all that, Cadence is the Princess of love, and it was her duty to help mend the broken hearts of those she found.

Too bad that she misinterpreted the situation completely, and kinda/sorta pushed Rainbow Dash into committing an assault.

She's not gonna need love-Magic. She's gonna need some band-aids.

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Ri2 #1 · Last Tuesday · · ·

Goddammit, Rainbow.

YES FINALLY! I've been looking for an yandere twidash style story for so long. It isn't one where Twilight is the one to go off the rails, but IT'LL DO. Haven't read it yet, but just by the title I know I will like it!

Why can SoarinDash and TwiDash exist, but Soarinlight can't? This ship will always be unlucky...


'Cause SoarinLight is smelly.

Nah. I've never actually considered it, to be honest. I've always shipped Soarin with Spitfire.

You're still teasing it here, though.

Still didn't put thought into it. XD

I honestly just used the first male character that came to mind that Rainbow Dash knows, and then made her misunderstand his intent.

I’m reminded of the game Bully. The principle character in that takes a request to kill a rare plant wrong and originally gleefully takes the job of killing its owner.

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