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That cover is on the border of NSFW XD

Definitely an interesting variant on the events of what started the series. What better way to get revenge than to silently subdue her sister to the point where there was no pony capable of resisting her? This scenario may not even be discovered until the Summer Sun Celebration when it would be too late.

This could also be seen as Nightmare Moon's way of imprisoning Celestia. Keeping her a foal would certainly be right up there with being banished to the moon.

What I thought was interesting is how you brought up the possibility of 'Leap Years' in the Equestrian Calendar. If they do exist they truly could have played a part in making Nightmare Moon's return a lot sooner than prophesized. An intriguing thought. :)

Yeah, leap days.... Sometimes I think complicated. But in the end I didn't put enough plot in the story. It were just my thoughts formed into a little story

Yeah, I went too far, it's deleted.... So humm... what could I take as cover...

8585430 hmm maybe someone else has done a drawing like that?

No I meant what should I draw as cover

8585480 maybe twilight in a daiper with nmm peering over her?

Awww. This is so messed up but cute at the same time lol. I still very much enjoyed it. Thanks for the story

Please continue this or write a sequel!

It was a bit too short, but I enjoyed the weird situation this was. Could have done without the messing, but otherwise imagining how this could continue is amusing. Princess Nightmare Mom and her two foals, ruling over Equestria. Princess Cadance tasked to foalsit or else.

Loved the premise. It's so good! Please more.

We need more of this ^-^


love the phrasing in that last paragraph where depending on how you look at things you can wonder if she hoping she won't be a foal forever or that she will is hoping she will lose her adult mind, perhaps thinking being trapped with her mind in the body of a foal being the worst kind of prison for her.

definitely have to agree with other commentators that it does leave one wanting more. Either for more to be regressed, the story itself to continue or perhaps for the two to get younger to the point of un-birth perhaps?

I myself would tend to Unbirth, thanks for all the deep thoughts about my little story. And it's hard to say if an adult mind in a foal body would be the worst, that way she could still think about an escape plan


think about escape yes, but the individual would lack the physical ability to fulfill any plans, after all a newborn can't even crawl, and you've gone the route where it is unclear if she even has the muscle control to speak or has been reduced to baby babble. All the while they would suffer the indignity of being completely at mercy of not only their captors every whim but also the needs of their body and its now uncontrollable functions, all while perhaps being completely unable to communicate with anyone to ask for help or warn them.

That all can be quite the mental blow to an individual who had been not only independent before but quite intelligent, whose mind can simply now spin in circles as no matter what she may be able to think up she is unable to physically or magically enact any of them. all the while in the stressed up environment of wondering what her captor will do to her next or if Celestia has lost her mind, how much time does she have left or will any act of defiance of their part result in the same fate.

great story, just beautiful

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