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Lapdog of Luna's interests. Dull as he is unremarkable, lackluster as he is soporific. Giving hope to those unfavored by the exceptional. Not the worst, not the best, just what we're stuck with.


Time Turner tries to get to Canterlot to warn Princess Celestia of the changeling invasion. It doesn't go so well. But Time Turner is determined to try again, as many times as is necessary. Obviously he won't succeed, but there are adventures where the journey matters more than the destination. This will be one of them, probably.

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Woah, that was awesome! I love it! Though from the chapter title and description, I thought this would be a story where he was stuck in a timeloop, similar to hard reset. And honestly? I'm glad I was wrong, this is so much more interesting.
I look forward to seeing more of this!

I'm terrible for doing a story this way, but I'm winging it! I will say a couple of things... there will be time looping, though I've decided to go with an atypical mechanic for it. Also, I wanted to stick to a Time Turner as depicted in the series. So his "blue box" is NOT a TARDIS, he's not an alien Time Lord, etc. What he is is a very special earth pony who uses science. Also, he's a mad-pony with a blue box. Some things never change.

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