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Find a picture based on the story drawn by Shinodage here!

Find a reading done by ScarlettBlade here!

Sometimes it takes a literal thunderbolt to make you realize just how wrong things have been going in your life, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

After a long night at a bar, and with an unexpected visitor awaiting her at home, Delta Vee is about to experience just that.

This story is entirely based on Shinodage's ask blog telling the story of Delta Vee and her family.
Needless to say, all credit for the characters and places used in this story (as well as the cover image) goes to Shino himself. This story is merely an attempt to delve deeper into the events and relationships hinted at in the blog's storyline.

In case anyone is wondering about the title...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 37 )

That was a delightful adaptation of Delta's story. Quite dark, but not without a glimmer of hope for redemption at the end...

Black Honey by Thrice comes to mind...

Ha! I was hoping for someone to get that reference! I do love that song, and while I believe it's intended to be about American warmongering, the lyrics and general mood of it just seemed quite fitting.
But yeah, I didn't want to take the silver lining-part at the end too far, as I'd hate for the story to end up interfering with whatever canon development Shino has in mind. I for one am hoping for a peaceful reconciliation, but I get that that'd be hard to pull off realistically.
In any case, I'm glad you liked the story! It was great fun to write, and depending on where the blog's storyline is headed, I might write another one at some point.


the lyrics and general mood of it just seemed quite fitting.

I'll rip and smash through the hornet's nest!
Don't you understand I deserve the best?
This time, I'll get it right
This time, I'll get it right
It's gonna be this time, I'll get it right
God, let it be this time I get it right

Yup. Fits quite well.

depending on where the blog's storyline is headed, I might write another one at some point.

I would definitely read that!

This was so heartwarmingly sweet.

I am so glad that someone else sees the good in Delta Vee. I have seeing comments slagging her for not being perfect... She's a flawed pony, for sure, but that just makes her all the more interesting!

And, most importantly, as you've captured here... She's a good pone at heart. I feel for her when she inadvertently hurts those around her, especially Apogee... I think she wants to be a better mom, and will continue to grow in little ways to do so.

To use the aerospace analogy, this mission (family) probably got rushed off the landing pad (Apogee)... But long term the program has solid fundamentals and they'll achieve their objectives.


To use the aerospace analogy, this mission (family) probably got rushed off the landing pad (Apogee)...

Well Delta's marriage suffered a RUD and her career lithobraked pretty hard...

Great adaption.

8588035 That song is really fitting dude

I don't think they were married... Definitely RUD'd and then hit the earth, though! Someone enjoys kerbal!

Aww man, that means a lot coming from you! As (I think?) I mentioned on Derpibooru, there's a lot of potential in Delta Vee's character, and while I may have merely scratched the surface of it here, it was great fun nonetheless.
I agree, it's easy putting her off as that 'failed' character who's a total asshole toward her ex and daughter for apparently no reason whatsoever (really, there are plenty of examples for that kind of person/pone in the real world), and call it wishful thinking on my side, but I for one am positive that deep down she has a kind heart, no matter how much crap life keeps throwing at her.
But yeah, we shall see where Shino decides to go with it all, I suppose.
On a side note, I was sure I've read Shino mention somewhere that they had a 'short, unsuccessful' marriage going on, but I can't seem to find it anymore. It seemed reasonable to me that they had a shotgun wedding after Delta found out she was pregnant, but seeing how it's not written anywhere, I don't really have anything to prove that assumption.

Thanks! ^_^
I kept second-guessing the title, as I think the song doesn't fit Delta's situation 100%, but it just wouldn't get out of my head while writing, so in the end I just decided to stick with it. Looks like that was the right decision.

I sure am glad to hear that! The idea of novelizing the day when Delta finds out she's pregnant has been on my mind for a while now, but at least at this point, I don't think that itself would be enough to fill an entire story. I'll have to see.

My pleasure! I love seeing more backstory on this family... The fact that you write quite well is a welcome bonus! Your kiss scene was so well constructed it had me saying d'awww out loud!

I've really wondered about the marriage situation - I've just tiptoed around it by saying 'her ex' or 'his ex'... But I guess they very will could have gotten married.

Heck, now that I think about it, who knows when the break up happened! It could even have happened later on after Apogee was born, maybe Jet buried himself in his work and Delta stayed home to wean her which led to domestic disputes and separation... Maybe it was before the birth... Or maybe once Apogee was a toddler... Lot of different storylines.

Like you, I eagerly wait to see where Shino goes with it!


By the way, I've had a couple people ask me if our stories conflict because of my latest chapter (which details Apogee and Jet Stream's first time). I think it's just the opposite! Your fic is about when they first became romantically involved and shows how suave and slick jet stream was (in addition to the romance)... I detailed a few months later into their party-college high speed relationship when Delta takes jet into her bed... No conflict!

More music? More music!

Losing by HURT also works quite well IMHO

I'm a huge fan of Hurt. A lot of their music really fits some of the sadder stories on this site.

No doubt about it, this immediately goes into my favourites. That was just wonderful! :twilightsmile:

Id love to see the continuation of this, where was her ex right now? Will she be able to pull herself up from this depression and get her start at getting back on the track she wanted, maybe reconcile with her ex? Id not expect her to get back together or anything that soup opera like, but it would be nice to see what, if any changes the morning brings.

Well, the best advice I can give you is to check out Shino's blog (https://deltaveesjunkyard.tumblr.com/) as I'm sure most of your (and my) questions will be cleared up once the story progresses. Until then, my guess is as good as yours.
I'll have a couple more stories involving Delta (including maybe a small addition to this story) ready in due time, but I tend to keep my hands off what might happen in the future, as I think it's up for Shino to decide where he wants to go with it.
Personally, I'm rooting for a reconciliation between the two as well, but nothing is really certain at this point.

Maaaan... that was pretty sad, but it was also sweet :heart: Aaaaa I loved the interaction here between these two, nicely done, nicely done.

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Glad you wrote it, hehehe

Not Thrice, bit Kinks' Alcohol comes to mind...

Oh demon alcohol,
Sad memories I cannot recall,
Who thought I would say,
Damn it all and blow it all,

♫ Oh demon alcohol,
Sad memories I cannot recall,
Who thought I would fall,
A slave to demon alcohol.

It's always good to see both sides of the story, and I'd say that you have done quite well in this regard. Convenient memory was convenient, but it was a sweet one, so I won't complain.

A worthy update to this fic. I said it before (maybe in different words), and I'll say it again - wonderful work :heart:

Another well done chapter to this, :yay: A nice viewpoint from Apogee's view, and that was cute. I'm liking the familial ApoVee side of things, not in a shipping sense mind you but in the family sense, I'd rather see some of that floating around.

Good work on this, and I was very happy to help you figure out a title :heart:
Keep it up!

Lovely chapter that continues to explore the backstory of gee and her mom! Well done peebs!

Lovely chapter once again. I like this mature Apogee, able to see through appearances and to find good in everypony, even behind hard shells.

Shame on me for not noticing this update earlier 😭

odd-smelling- wool blanket.

She could feel the cyan mare give a soft twitch as the cotton touched her wings, and gave a gentle snicker in return.

ehr... did it switch material midway?

That was nice. I liked that you did a view from both of them. Especially liked both their flash backs. It was really sweet.

That's the first story I've read from you, and I like it already. I know and love Delta Vee, and the amount of details you managed to pull from your imagination and a few Shinodage's pictures is unbelievable.

There is a couple of notes on my mind.
- You've never mentioned where did the stallion Delta picked at Las Pegasus disappear.
- Delta's ruminations from the middle towards the end seem a bit... lengthy.
- The story of Delta and Jet's breakup is foggy. As far as I know, Shino didn't write it in details (yet), so you must have had hard times writing around it. I doubt there is a really good way to avoid this lacunae, but what you did is admirable.

Anyway, it is a drama done right. Thank you for this.
(written after reading Black Honey only, I've just discovered a second part)

So many great songs to have stories based on *_*
Bummer I'm such a slow writer.
Again, thanks! And thanks again for the proofreading. Much appreciated!
You have no idea how tempted I am to write more bonding between the two. Might happen in the future, what with how many ideas the Discord has already given me.
Thanks Clops! :D
I'll give you a heads-up next time ;)
Well, either Apogee has found a magical shape-shifting blanket in her mother's caravan, or the great P-Berry has made a mistake. Maybe it's the latter, maybe it's the former. Maybe it's maybelline.
Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
I'm glad to hear you liked it! After establishing that Delta's "partner" is passed out on the floor, I was assuming that he'd simply wake up and be on his merry way the next morning.
As for their breakup, I attempted to shed some light on that story with Anywhere But Here, for which I also relied on some direct talks with Shino where he explained me some aspects of their breakup. All things considered, I guess that's all we'll have to cover the story of their breakup, at least for the time being.

Sounds good dude, hehe, :heart:

Because she loved her daughter.

Yes you do:twilightsmile:.

And nothing would ever change that.


But she still wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Good insight into the mother/daughter relationship they have/trying to have. Thanks for creating and sharing.

But wasn’t this a perfect case example of how their entire life normally went? Jet Stream went out there to make it big, earn heaps of money, and have fun with only the finest champaign and prostitutes, and left her behind to clean up his mess and take care of his responsibilities.

I'd say that was fair if she hadn't walked out on Apogee too.

Damn. Delta's regret at snapping at Apogee is just painful and Apogee's act of love and forgiveness towards her mother was heartwarming. That that love really is returned warmed my soul. Also enjoyed the flashback.

If you really think about it, what Jet did to Delta is incredibly rage inducing. He got her pregnant knowing it would make her stall her career, knowing that her biology or her culture or simple personality would prevent her from simply ignoring her offspring and pursuing her career, then took her desire to care for her offspring and turned it into a weapon to use to control her. Then when she called him on his horse (buy some apples), he attempted to justify it.

Why did her mother have to drag this pony here!? Why did he have to puke right there !? For crying out loud, at least those prostitutes Jet Stream ordered didn’t make such a huge mess!


Alright, that flashback was sweet. I guess Delta's not so bad.

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