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Polaris Solarmoon

An author who's stories may not be good but at least he tries...


Fluttershy is usually know as a shy and kind animal caretaker,however in the Mirrorverse she's a cruel bully who enjoys messing with other ponies for her own amusement. So what would happen if those personalities swapped?

Nothing good that's for sure...

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Shouldn't this be tagged as "MLP: Comic"?


I forgot to do that, I'll go to fix it immediately. Thanks for letting me know

You’re welcome!

As for the story itself, you need a proofreader. There’s a lot of tense shifts, and other errors such as this:

It's was

*It was

I do have one. But I don't wish to bother them if they're busy.

I could proofread your future stories.


That would be rather helpful. I thank ye kind sir or madam.

Will you be doing a story like this for the rest of the Mirrorverse Six?

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