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Twilight Sparkle is a curious mare, always studying, always learning. As she gets older it is only natural that she becomes interested in sex and sexuality. To help her study the subject of pet play she approaches the wisest mare she knows, and one she trusts as much as she trusts her own family.

Princess Celestia

A note: The story was tagged as it is, after consulting with story approvers. There is no actual sexual contact in this story. Re-tagged with the new Fetish tag.

Featured! O Frabjous day! Calloh, callay!
Thank you very much for bringing a smile to an old pone's heart.

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Loved it!! It showed that just because someone is into "pet play" does NOT mean it has to be sexual. Thank you for telling people about a possibility they may not have considered before. :yay:

If you write any more stories, would you at least consider using different animals?? For example, since Fluttershy is a Pegasus she could be a bird or parrot. Just a suggestion, as always the final decision is yours.

Keep up the amazing work!!:pinkiehappy:

I'll definitely give it some thought should I write more in this setting. I was really going with a lot of gut instinct here, but I did also tap a couple of pet players I know for advice, one of whom suggested Sparkles being put in a kennel as a punishment for her misbehavior.

No problem at all Pen, this one was quite fun to edit :pinkiesmile:

although you might want to change “no sequels are planned” to “no sequels are planned at this time

Whyno sex? Im curious. Being a "pet" myself, I know fully well that it can be sexual, non sexual, or even both. I'm just wondering what made you explore the non sexual aspect rather than the sexual.


The story was tagged as it is, after consulting with story approvers.

Wonder who that is.

Dunno, somepony must have beaten the idea into me with their bat :rainbowlaugh:

Well, to be honest, sex would be expected by most folks in this, and it would have been very easy from me to slide tons of clop into this, fun too. But I really wanted to explore the subject without it going into the sexual part, keeping it with the caring and training aspects, which often get glossed over.

Well I'm glad that someone actually showed that aspect of fetish/lifestyle

I really enjoyed that and there’s so many questions I have about how pervasive thim is, what was happening. Really well written, 10/10!

Court was, per usual, an exercise in sound and thunder, signifying nothing.

My copy of MacBeth says "sound and fury". Not sure if this is a misquote, or simply a different version, but I thought I'd point it out just in case.

misquote, I was going off pure memory and it has been a very long time since my school days after all.

You know, I really did love this story. It approaches the subject matter in a nice, wholesome, understanding way, and manages to capture my favourite aspects of petplay - the love and trust that something like this requires, and how it can be completely nonsexual.

The only thing I can fault this for is involving non-consenting strangers in a kink scene, but I can overlook that as a near-necessary conceit of the premise - otherwise they'd just spend the entire day by themselves in a room, which, while still fun, doesn't make for an engaging story.

Overall, a good read that was both well-written and interesting. Great work!

Really glad that Scarlet linked this to me. I absolutely adore this story.

I know what you mean, and I really back and forthed on the scene with Cadance. So, I tried to write it to show Celestia in charge and defending her pet against somepony who may have been a little overeager.

Cute, but also a little random (A secret Changeling Queen? Is this a reference to a different story?). Kinda fast, but that can't be helped since its a oneshot.

The reminders that this was all a consented act were deeply appreciated though. I've seen too many stories rely on a last minute, throwaway line to justify everything and those tend to come across as petty excuses.

I was more referring to everyone else, actually. All the guards, maids, servants, day court members, and trade delegates. The lattermost in particular came across as extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation. Any time you're doing something like petplay or master/sub or anything really in a public space, you're effectively dragging anyone and everyone around you into the scene, without any knowledge of their boundaries and also without having obtained their consent.

Ah, good point. And yah, it was either have them out and about or in Celestia's rooms all day.

This, I like this.

I like reading pet play stories that don't focus on the sex and instead focuses on the, I guess the word would be escapism, the experience provides.

I wouldn't mind reading a sequel.

I would love to see more of these. Especially one where Celestia diapers and takes care of Twilight.


Welcome to the club Spitfire :pinkiesmile:

broken link

Click it. It's a .gif.

Also, I'm just stopping by because I saw this, and I'm the Pet Play group admin and founder, so, yeah. :heart:

Feel free to add the story to your group if you like :)

Yes, this is THE Spitfire - awesome DJ, and more. They have been one of the editors of Penalt's stuff for a couple of months, and we're trying to convince them to do a reading of the Thruster Series.

she could only imagine that her mentor was unsealing some special vault of her beloved pastry.

Unless there's a special 'long shelf life' spell, wouldn't the cake spoil over enough time? Especially if only Celestia (and maybe Luna) can access the cake?
Putting a cake in a vault doesn't sound quite right, is all.

It's Celestia, and cake. Of course she has a pastry preservation spell.

I read this to get more of a sense of what it's like to be a pet, but now I have more questions. Might ask my partner to do something similar for me. Thank you, this was very well written.

What... the... Hell?!?!

i have never done pet play on either end and was curious what this story was about and i got to say I am envious of twilight aka Sparkles

Decided to give this one a read and it was an alright ride.

It certainly is different/unique with heavy pet play, submission/domination etc. but without the sex which is very refreshing take on things and colors a whole different mood. Though what prevents me (and possibly others) from truly enjoying it are some areas here and there...

“Or, having her prance in different gaits,” Cadance said...

“Cadance,” Celestia said, as Sparkles...

“I bet I could train her to do so manywonderfulthings,” Cadance said...

“Cadance,” Celestia repeated...

“Oh I know, you could have herbred,” Cadance continued, unheeding...

“CADANCE!” Celestia yelled, full in Cadance’s face...

“Oh! Um, oh dear,” Cadance said....

Name, NAME, NAME!!! Cliche...

“The Neighponese trade delegation hired me to read your emotional states during negotiations,” Shaushka said, and her smile became a little rueful. “But your ploy here with your little pet shut me down completely, because all I could sense was the love and affection you two have for each other, instead of anything related to the trade deal. Well done, Princess. I surrender the field to you, mastered by the Unconquered Sun.” Celestia laughed.

“It wasn’t anything I planned to be honest,” Celestia said, releasing the changeling, who immediately shifted back into her pony form. “I guess I’ll have to be a little more careful now about my emotional states.”

This is extremely jarring and I'm wondering why this wasn't just cut from the final edit. As in, what part does she exactly play? Is this to build a bigger universe? Is it to confirm that Celestia and Twilight love each other so much? Didn't we already understand that from the moments prior? Who would reveal themselves, say that they were trying to take advantage of another pony's emotions, then offer her services as if nothing major just happened and simply transform back into a pony and walk away scot-free?

It honestly should have been cut...

Then there's the problem that I find in almost every romance and/or clopfic these days and it's the fact that ponies act so casually in what is happening around them that'd usually be very private. It really fails to feel like a real world when I cannot relate to what is happening.

“Fluttershy mentioned that she likes being the pet sometimes,” Twilight said. “I’ll ask her if she is willing to let me be her owner sometime in the future.”

And it's moments like these that make me think to this video


Except everyone acts seriously about all this.

"The cake is a lie," Twilight said, in a quiet voice that was pitched to carry up onto Celestia's bed.

Nice reference

“Yes, I’d love a piece,” Twilight said, as Sparkles laid her head back down in the basket.

Great way to end it

In summary, a great idea but with some minor/major problems here and there that could've made it better...


Then there's the problem that I find in almost every romance and/or clopfic these days and it's the fact that ponies act so casually in what is happening around them that'd usually be very private. It really fails to feel like a real world when I cannot relate to what is happening.

The issue there is that ponies are naked. Nude. In the buff. Nekkie. In their birthday suit. Exposed. Ultra-commando. Swingin' in the breeze.

Ponies, in a realistic and adult Equestria, would be seeing reproductive organs all day long. They would know what their best friend's anus and vulva look like. They would know what turns their male friend on because his erection would be obvious. There is no hiding excitement or arousal in a world where everyone has a sharp sense of smell and hearing, and there is no common clothing.

So yes, I foresee a lot of things that would be private to prudish humans (and the more prudish American society) being a lot more open in an adult Equestria.

Comment posted by SomeoneReliable deleted Jun 13th, 2018

8980873 I wasn't commenting on this story at all, but rather your complaint that naked ponies aren't prudes.

Comment posted by SomeoneReliable deleted Jun 13th, 2018

8980896 You may want to be a little more wary when reading stories marked as Fetish, then. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by SomeoneReliable deleted Jun 13th, 2018

8980899 Wow, shots fired.

Comment posted by SomeoneReliable deleted Jun 13th, 2018

8980925 You're not holding back at all, are you? I know if someone jumped on one of my stories, and continued to call it shit and trash, I'd usually just block them.

Penalt might be more tolerant of swearing on non-M rated fics. *shrug*

Comment posted by SomeoneReliable deleted Jun 13th, 2018

Maybe it's because your expectations are far too high for any writer here to reach them. Perhaps, instead of having such a critical eye for something done that seems to please and entertain others, you should sit back and simply read the stories as presented and enjoy them.

It takes no skill to trash somebody's work of heart. It does, however, take a leap of faith to fall into the stories written by an author.

I've blocked and deleted the comments from SomeoneReliable, except for his initial comments. I'm fine with taking shots from criticism, even harsh criticism, but I see no reason to let my readers be their punching bag.

First question: What... did I just read?
... wait, actually: First first question: Why did I read it? :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not into pet play. Like, at all. I don't get the appeal, just not my cup of tea. But. Yeah, always with the but(t)s... :moustache:
It was an interesting premise. That alone probably wouldn't have kept me reading, but it was well-written, too. I still think it's weird how everypony just kind of accepts that "oh, yeah, Princess Twilight on a leash, nothing to worry about here", how they smile about it as if being brainwashed. It became even more jarring once Luna showed up as the only pony questioning anything and making sure Twilight's actually well. (Luna for best pony. :moustache:)

I don't want to reduce anyone's fun reading this tale, though. I just... wanted to express that, even if this story didn't do for me what it was probably intended to do, I still got something out of it for reading it. A completely and utterly fascinating perspective on the depicted events. It's equal parts hilarious as it is frightening, to be honest, and sure as heck was an entertaining ride. So, yeah, even if that probably wasn't intended: Good job.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

It was a case of me trying to write a fetish story without any actual sex or sexual contact in it. Pet play really isn't my thing either, so I wound up talking to a lot of people for whom it is a thing for research and I recruited a few as pre-readers for the story. I think I succeeded in my overall goal, but I definitely agree that the story was far from perfect.

Also, Luna is best Princess. :twilightsmile:

Hey - perfection isn't something that is meant to be obtained, it's something to strive towards, right? :twilightsmile: You totally succeeded with our goal.
'Only' best princess, eh? Whose best pony, then? :trollestia:

Lets also not forget best being.
(that's spike btw)

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