• Published 29th Nov 2017
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A Twist in Evolution - Dark Nightshade

Sunset Shimmer and her friends meet a mermaid who opens their eyes to a new realm of possibilities.

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From an evolutionary standpoint

The rest of the day pasted quickly with Rarity, Flash and Sunset Shimmer telling Submersive Exploration of the 'topside', as she called it. By the end of the day, when they all started heading to their homes to sleep, Flash asked Submersive Exploration where she wanted to sleep. Her answer surprised him a little.

"I'm good with you're bathroom," she said. "I'm feeling a little dried out, and if I sleep in your bathtub, I can fill that up and re-moisten." Flash nodded.

"Okay," he said. "If you're sure, than I don't see why not." So she did. She slept through the night, not being woken by anything. Then morning arrived, and Rarity and Sunset Shimmer arrived a little after Submersive Exploration and Flash had eaten some pancakes. Then Twilight was called. Submersive Exploration had wanted to wait on calling her, but Flash had insisted, saying that Twilight was one of the most trustworthy people he knew, not mention one of the smartest. Submersive Exploration was still a little skeptical, but ended up agreeing anyway. As Twilight knocked on the door, Flash opened it up and showed her to Submersive Exploration. Twilight's eyes widened as she saw the differences of Submersive Exploration's legs and the rest of her body.

"So you really are a mermaid," Twilight said slowly, stunned with the shock. "I thought Flash was pulling some kind of joke." Submersive Exploration shook her head.

"Nope, he was serious," she said. "I really am a mermaid." Twilight rubbed her temple.

"How?" she asked. "How are you a mermaid? Where's your tail?" Submersive Exploration stood up.

"Follow me to the bathroom, and you'll see the tail," she said. Twilight followed Submersive Exploration. After almost a minute, Twilight gasped loudly. And almost another minute later, both came back to the living room. Twilight's jaw was still hanging low.

"How can you do that?" Twilight asked. "I have so many questions!" Submersive Exploration smiled.

"Well, ask away," she said.

"Are those really fish scales? If so, does that make you part fish? If you are, do you live birth your kids, or do you lay eggs? If you do lay eggs, why do you have breasts?" Twilight asked, rapid firing her questions, giving Submersive Exploration no time to answer. "Do you wear clam's as bra's? If so, how do you measure clam sizes, and how do they support your breasts?" Finally, twilight inhaled, and Submersive Exploration was finally able to get her answers in.

"No, they are not fish scales, but they are incredible similar. It does not make us part fish, although we do have some of the same abilities that fish do. As for laying eggs or live birthing our kids, that depends on the mermaid's subspecies," Submersive Exploration said before Twilight started interrupting.

"Subspecies?" Twilight asked. "What do you mean by subspecies?" Submersive Exploration sighed, and Rarity, Flash and Sunset Shimmer leaned in closer, very interested in the subspecies thing as well.

"Well, there are different types of mermaids, like there are different types of fish," she started. "There are siren's, oyster arctic's, bering straits, alga arctics, subluceo's, concha's, stellatus's, angeler's, really, the list goes on and on."

"So what subspecies are you?" Twilight asked. Submersive Exploration sighed again.

"I'm what you would call an omnis," she said. "Or as the richer and higher class racists call us, full blooded."

"Is that a bad thing?" Twilight asked. Submersive Exploration shook her head.

"It means that I was born from parents that had all the other subspecies genetics in them already," she said. "Giving me the genetics of all of the subspecies. It's kinda rare to find one, but there are still villages and cities full of omnis's."

"So do you breastfeed? Do you give live birth?" Twilight asked. Submersive Exploration rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I give live birth, and yes, I breastfeed. And no, in case you're wondering, I have not had sex," Submersive Exploration said. "I am still a virgin. Now, to answer your other questions. Those subspecies who do lay eggs do not breastfeed, they just have lumps on their chests that look a little like breasts. I do wear clams to cover up my girls, but as for clam size, their is no real measurement system. And they don't support my girls. The bra's that Rarity gave me, though, are supposed to, apparently. They're also uncomfortable."

"I'm sorry, I'll try and see if I can make them more comfortable," Rarity said. Submersive Exploration turned to Rarity, smiled and nodded.

"What other questions do you have, Twilight?" Submersive Exploration asked.

"What kind of diet do you have? What kind of technologies do you have?" Twilight asked. "Are you vegetarian? Do you have milk? What kind of currency do you have? What kind of myths and legends do you have?"

"I eat meat and vegetables, and we do have milk. We have some pretty cool technology. We have uncovered ways to make non-luminescent stuff glow, ways to make our paints actually stick, transportation, we've even taken some of the stuff from the topside and modified it!" Submersive Exploration said. "As for currency, we use crokners, agoms, gongics, and precious gems. A cronker is a rectangular shaped pearl. We do use normal pearls, but usually we carve them into a rectangular shape. An agom is a polished, refined piece of ambergris, which is apparently used by humans as a perfume. And a gongic is made from the teeth of a mantis shrimp, and is worth the most."

"You make money from the teeth of a mantis shrimp?" Twilight asked. "Aren't mantis shrimp really dangerous?" Submersive Exploration smiled.

"For humans, yes, but for an omnis, no," Submersive Exploration said. "And as for myths..... Let me tell you a little story about our great goddess Tanggong." For the next few minutes, Submersive Exploration told Twilight (and Rarity) about the legend that she had already told to Flash and Sunset Shimmer. Twilight was fascinated by it, and Rarity was almost ecstatic. Once she was done, it was silent for a few seconds, before Rarity asked something.

"What kind of beasts do you control?" she asked.

"Well, humans already know of a couple," Submersive Exploration said. "There's what you call Godzilla, who is actually called Mortifer. And, of course, the kraken." Flash snickered.

"So you can release the kraken?" Flash asked.

"Yes. We can release the kraken," Submersive Exploration said. "Twilight, any more questions?"

"Yes, one last pressing one," Twilight said. "Do you have a heat week?" Submersive Exploration immediately started blushing furiously.

"Yes, we have a heat week," she said. "The males go through a similar process as well. Is there anything else you want to know?" Twilight grinned.

"Yes, several more," she said.

Meanwhile, the pale brown man was pacing his room, waiting for news from any of the scientists. He had been waiting for a while, his patience wearing thin. He had ordered the scientists to work thorough the whole night, and he had been hoping that it would be completed by the time he had gotten back to the lab. He turned around as he heard the door open and a scientist came scurrying in.

"It's complete!" he said. "We've finally completed it!!" He handed a vial of glowing white liquid to the pale brown man.

"How many people has this been tested on?" the pale brown man asked, his voice low, and almost at a growl, as he picked up the vial and eyed it.

"Uh, one," the scientist said. "Just one person."

"Then how can you be sure that it is complete?" the pale brown man growled. The scientist nervously gulped.

"Well, uh, we can't be certain yet of it, sir," he said. "I thought I should come and tell you about it."

"Well, you should add one more person to the tested area," the pale man said. The scientist opened his mouth to ask what he meant, but that was a mistake. In a motion that was almost too quick to see, the pale man used his thumb to remove the cork and lunged at the scientist. The pale brown man forced his hand into the scientists mouth, and forced it open even more. With his other hand, he tipped the vial of liquid down his throat. As the scientist swallowed the liquid, he groaned, and fell to his knees. His legs started to melt together, and started to develop scales. As the scientist's pants ripped the door swung open to reveal other scientists. They watched as the scientist continued to change, his tail lengthening, until finally it stopped. As some of the scientists picked him up and started carrying him to wherever it was that they tested on the merfolk mutants, one of them started talking to the pale brown man.

"That was a really risky move, you know," the scientist said. "He's one of our best scientists. He could've died."

"Oh, I know he could've," the pale brown man said. "But the serum needs to be perfect."

"I understand that," the scientist said. "But did you really have do that?"

"Yes," the pale brown man said. "It was necessary."

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