• Published 29th Nov 2017
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A Twist in Evolution - Dark Nightshade

Sunset Shimmer and her friends meet a mermaid who opens their eyes to a new realm of possibilities.

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That isn't a statue.....

When Flash had told Sunset Shimmer that he would foot any bill for her birthday, he hadn't expected her to choose scuba diving. Not that it was expensive, because it wasn't, but he just hadn't expected it. Of course, he wasn't complaining, either. Sunset Shimmer looked alluring in her scuba suit. And of course the rest of the underground habitat looked good. He and Sunset Shimmer had been exploring a section of coral when Flash noticed that the fish seemed to be avoiding a specific area of coral. Flash swam towards it slowly, searching for any visual cues of why they avoiding it.

"Hey, where are you going?" Sunset Shimmer asked, the communicator crackling to life.

"All these fish seem to be avoiding around this area," Flash said, pointing to the area in question. "Don't you think that's a little odd?" Sunset Shimmer seemed to shrug.

"Eh, not really," she said. "Although, in Equestria, usually animals avoid certain areas because there's a large dangerous animal."

"Yeah, good point, maybe we shouldn't go towards it," Flash said.

"No, now that you've pointed it out, I want to check it out," Sunset Shimmer said. Flash sighed.

Women, he thought.

"I heard that, Sunset Shimmer said. She was probably grinning mischievously. "I can read your mind, remember?"

"Shut up," Flash said. "Let's just see what it is that the fish are avoiding." As they swam around the reef, Sunset Shimmer pointed out something that Flash hadn't noticed.

"How are those clams staying on those rocks like that?" Sunset Shimmer asked, pointing to an oddly, almost human looking bit of the reef.

"I don't know," Flash said. "But I'll go check it out." As he swam towards it, he couldn't help put think of how it looked freakishly like a human. A female human. And the clams would've covered up her boobs.

Must be one of those freaky underwater statues,Flash thought as he stopped next to it. Flash grabbed the right clam and started to tug. It didn't come off. He tried with greater force. It still wouldn't come off. Finally, he dug his fingernails under the clam, put his legs up against the rest of the reef and pulled. And it started moving. But it wasn't the only thing that moved. A hand slapped over his hand, and a voice rang out. Somehow, despite being underwater, Flash could hear it.

"Eww, what are you doing, you pervert?! Don't touch my girls!" it said. Flash looked at the reef wall he was on to discover that his previous assumption was only half true. It wasn't a statue of a girl. It was a girl. A mermaid. Her strangely colored deep purple and deep blue tail swung powerfully at Flash, successfully slapping his head into the reef. His vision almost went black, but he stayed conscious, although very out of it. He heard Sunset Shimmer yelling his name over and over again, but he groaned and tolled her to stay away. But he had been in several fight before. He raised his hands above his head, blocking another fish tail slap from the girl. It still hurt like hell, but at least now he hadn't been knocked out. As his arms went back to his sides, he pushed himself off of the reef, turned around and looked at the girl again. She was staring angrily at him, her turquoise colored skin reddening, her bronze looking hair swaying in the current, her boobs swaying and floating in the same current. Flash raised his hands in surrender.

"Look, I'm sorry!" he said. He hoped that she could hear what he was saying. "I thought you were a part of the reef!" The girls face started to soften, and she sighed, which was strangely audible.

"That makes sense," she said, her voice echoing with a strange, ethereal sounding voice. "Still, it's super weird being woken up by someone trying to take one of your clams off. I thought you were that man again, but you aren't. How long have I been here?" Flash glanced at Sunset Shimmer. He gestured at her to stay where she was.

"Um, I don't know," Flash said. "What man?" The girl shrugged.

"I don't know, he never stated his name," she said. "But that's not important at the moment. Where are we?"

"We're near the Canterlot City Harbor," Flash said. "At least, that's the nearest city zone, anyway." The girl shook her head, looking around her. She seemed scared.

"No, I don't care about this Canterlot City," she said. "This isn't anywhere near my home!" She turned around and swam upward, stopping just over the coral reef. She slowly turned around, searching for something. Flash swam upwards and rested besides her. Her eyes seemed to redden, and she sniffled.

I think she's lost, Flash thought. How far away is she from.....wherever it is that she lived?

"What's your name?" he asked. The girl didn't speak for so long that Flash thought she didn't hear him. He was about to repeat his question when she finally said "Submersive Exploration."

"Submersive Exploration," Flash said. "Where are you from? Are you a mermaid?" Submersive Exploration turned and looked at Flash.

"I guess I'm what you would call a mermaid," she said. "As for where I'm from, that's a little more complected." Sunset Shimmer cleared her throat. Submersive Exploration turned and stared at Sunset Shimmer.

"Is it a long story kind of complicated, or a short kind, because we don't have very much air left," Sunset Shimmer said. "And unlike you, we can't breath underwater." Submersive Exploration sighed.

"Ok, it is a long story, but I can follow you two home. Is that ok?" she asked. Flash smiled and nodded.

"Yes, but how are you going to follow us?" he asked. "You have a tail. That's going to attract attention." Submersive Exploration nodded and smiled ruefully.

"Don't worry, thankfully, my kind evolved with several techniques that helped them survive," she said. "But I will need help getting to either of your homes."

"What kind of survival techniques?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

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