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This story is a sequel to Not So Sweet Sickness

Sour Sweet wants to find Smallfoot the perfect Christmas gift, but she doesn't know what to get her! Her girlfriend gives her the best gifts possible, and Sour wants to get her a gift that's just as great. The only question is... what?

Rated T only for some... suggestive moments. :twilightblush:

Inspired by the works of Nico-Stone Rupan ,Nordryd, and people like you who have kept me going from day one.

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Aww, this was cute!

"Slap my butt again, and I will snap your neck." Sour growled.

That was funny. Lemon was really funny in this.
As for your question in the authors note, I think it's safe to keep the OC tag.

I'm a simple egomaniac. I see name, I like and fav...

"Exactly! Why? Because Sour Sweet never gives up, and she never goes down. She never gives up, she's always there!" Indigo cheered.

Sour gave a bit of a weak smile. "Fighting for freedom over land and... air?"



I couldn't resist :rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

Thanks for the fav, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :twilightsmile: Who knows, I might make more Sour Sweet stories :raritywink:


This was cute man, this was very cute. And a bit vulgar. And immature or not, Lemon Zest was hilarious, especially with that ass slap.

this s definitely up there for cutest relationships!

This was a sweet little story. Well done.

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