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Princess Celestia, the first monarch of Equestria and Goddess of the sun has faced many challenges during her exceptionally long life. But she never thought one pf her fathers own laws could force her from the throne. Now she and her sister must produce heirs, before it is too late.

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This is good. I would recommend explaining what this world is like.

I swear I've seen this concept before...

This concept seems familiar.

this story is kind of similar to the fanfic:
equestria's future by paintbrush235. ?.

Like others, I swear I've seen this concept somewhere, but I'm not quite sure where. Though, for a first attempt the writing is actually pretty good. I'll definitely being following this story in the future, especially with that implied promise for Tuna. (TwiLuna) So... Here's an upvote and a tracking for now.

Thanks for the heads-up! I promise this is an original story, I am not plagiarizing.


It's one of the most worn out fanfiction tropes. Arranged marriage, usually to a villain eager to abuse their new spouse. Older than most of the people on this site. The Harry Potter fandom is filthy with it.

Twenty years ago it was "What if the Sailor Senshi had arranged marriages to the Four Kings?"

Okay, one we know Twilight can raise the sun and moon and likely Cadance as well. Also if nobles are attempting to overthrow the Princess that is treason thus can be arrested. the concept is very hard to swallow. Hell just reveal to the general populace this plan and watch the backlash. Especially if Cadance got wind.

This concept needs to have ALOT of thought to get over issues like this. As Tia said they are practically gods so dumb move by the nobles to try this.


Honestly, there are some pretty good stories around that premise here.

Codex Ex Equus' To Dethrone A Princess is one of my favorite takes, but I also lean towards the Sol Invictus characterization of Celestia.

Ooooh ok thanks mate

you have to do it jsut right to make it work. THis doesn't quite meet it.

I'd like to see more before I can really decide if it works or not. I was mostly drawn by the Applejack tag and am looking forward to how the Sisters resolve this.

Just keep them straight, please.

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