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"It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance." - Sir Jackie Stewart


Yeah, I'm still not quite sure as to how all of this even happened. One moment I'm doing the typical Sunday afternoon drive with my mates and the next, we're... well, not.

Why us?

Three friends, Jack, Thomas and Nathan are group of three best friends who all have relatively good paying jobs, all go round to the pubs at a weekend, and all own sporty saloon cars. They can't decide on which is the best, so they decide to settle it once and for all.

Namely by racing to a restaurant.

During this race, however, the trio get sucked into Equestria, along with their cars. Not really knowing what to do next, they decide to do the only thing that would make sense to them at that point...


They didn't expect to find what they found next.

Specifically talking, colourful ponies with varying traits and abilities that could only be described as supernatural, and a city that looked like something out of a Disney movie.

And now, they have to stay in a world so familiar to them, yet so different at the same time, until somepony can find them a way back to their old lives.

The questions remain... Will they fit into life in this new world? Will they be able to return? And most importantly...

Will they stay friends for long enough, as cracks begin to show in their relationship?

This is my first story, told from the first person perspective of Jack.

Chapters (22)
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"Sorry there Nathan, but at least WE," Thomas exclaimed, pointing to himself and me, "have four wheel drive! YOU, on the other hand, are stuck with rear wheel drive!" 


Four Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive are different things you goof.

For all the name drops of cars that there is in this story, there is not actually a lot of car stuff to sink my teeth into. Maybe I am judging to quickly, but it still makes me a little salty


Just a little.

EDIT: It makes me even more salty now because I wish I could write a story of pony versions of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Honda Civic Type R and Ford Mustang GT350R in a way that kind of emulates this story

Noice. Interesting story. Good choice in cars. I'm more of an off road enthusiast, but I can appreciate the finer things in some of the more road going whips.

I'm going to do more stuff about the cars later on, drag and circuit racing and everything else like at some point, but it won't be for another few chapters. Sorry :(

Eh, not a big fan of saloons or European cars. More into mad Japanese cars and classic muscle. Still a decent story though

Cars need petrol or diesel (electric doesn’t count as those cars suck) and Equestria doesn’t seem oil wealthy... I wonder how this will turn out.

P.S Haven’t actually read it yet but this was just an initial thought

Ethanol for gasoline and vegetable oil for diesel, easy enough to come by I'd imagine in Equestria.

My personal 300SLD runs on 100% waste oil more often than diesel fuel.

Comment posted by Dreamfinder deleted Dec 10th, 2017


Car has to be set up to take ethanol fuel first:unsuresweetie:
Even then, it cannot take pure ethanol as only racing cars can have that engine, it will still need to be mixed in with petrol.

Also, pure veg oil can be used in the diesel engine (you are corrext on that one) but it can still damage it as it hasn’t been modified to be used as car fuel.

EDIT: Waste oil will work, but I don’t know what the difference is or how it is made/refined/taken-from-the-pan.

Interested to see how you plan on solving the whole gasoline problem.

I'd say to avoid magic — it's a cheap way out. Cars just... wouldn't be cars if they ran on magic. Arcane-powered cars can't match that signature, raw, mechanical feeling of power and heat you get from an internal combustion engine.

Magic would just make them conform to everything else in Equestria. The beauty of having human cars in Equestria is the fact they can surpass just about any method of transportation used by ponies and outpower almost every machine in Equestria — with nothing but the powers of physics and chemistry, not magic.

But, then again, I doubt Equestrian civilization refines crude oil on a large scale for production of petrol...

That's one of the problems that they'll have to face. They already seem to be unsure of being able to charge their phones, so their fuel is an even more difficult challenge.
Probably not on pure ethanol, no.

Most newer cars are flex fuel, meaning E85 is usable, that's only 15% gasoline. Running a street car on pure ethanol isn't directly harmful if either the carburetor or PCM mapping is correct, lean mixture is the result of straight ethanol not increased power.


Ahhhh, well I didn’t know that about newer cars. Anything after 2008 which isn’t a supercar I have no idea about.

EDIT: They should just shove a piece of Uranium in the engine and call it a nuclear reactor. Boom done, power for life! Or even better, use Everfree Forest tree sap as some weird bio-fuel that doesn’t fuck up the engine.

I'm trying to avoid the 'magic' solution as much as I can. The whole 'enhanced/powered by magic' that you can find in other fics just seem like a cheap cop-out to me, it just feels too... convenient. That's also why I'm having one of the three boys bicker with Twilight about magic later on, but I'm not telling you which one just yet. I will say however that technology plays a big role in this story.

You are correct that most cars wouldn't tolerate it, only those that are flex fuel capable would run well enough to drive on straight ethanol, and they would be running at the limits of their fuel trimming. Running pure alcohol does lead to other issues, oil life and cylinder wear most of all.

Sorry for the long winded post, I've been in the business of high performance cars and trucks for 25 years, mainly restoration of English sports cars.

Which types, if you don't mind me asking?

E-Types, XK-120/140/150s, MG TC TD and TF, MGA, MGB, Triumphs TR2-8s, Morgan plus 4 and plus 8, Porsche 356/911/912, Mini's (original) and the occasional odd-ball like the 1933 Singer we repowered with a 1275 from a MG Midget. And then we deal with the run of the mill common cars like later Jaguars and such.

I don't think they would have too much of an issue finding sources for fuel or electricity. For the fuel, there is some sort of source of crude oil that is used to lubricate the machinery in the world. For example, the train that frequently travels between the cities that the characters have ridden on, that train engine would require oil for the moving parts for it to run efficiently. Perhaps if they found a way to refine that oil to convert it into fuel, perhaps they could keep their cars running then. And for electricity, there was an episode that showed a hydroelectric dam. And IIRC there was an episode where a light was switched on in a room in twilight's tree house. I don't recall the episode for the light switch, but the dam was the episode where twilight was trying to prevent a disaster that her future self was trying to warn her about. Twilight suspected the dam was a potential disaster as she found it to be leaking. Also on another note if they brought their charging cords with them in their cars, they could charge their phones in their cars.




Anytime I go to a car show and I see one of these three there, I fan girl like crazy on the inside.

Interesting selection of cars. I like the old Jaguar sports cars myself, like the E-Type, XJS and the XKR, not to mention the XJ220. Sure, it wasn't released with the AWD and the V12 as promised, but it was the fastest production car at the time, that's an achievement. And doing it with a V6 is even more impressive, at least to me.

I like most of Porsche's cars (there are a few exceptions) as well, I just didn't think it was a good idea to let one of them have a Porsche because of the type of jobs they have.


I favour BMWs, especially the old M3s. They were just so fun to drift around in and were quite powerful at the time.

The old E36 and E46 seem to be really fun and have some personality the newer M3s lack.

If they can't find fuel
I am going to imagine the rest of the story's with them like this

Haha, can't imagine they'd be too happy with that.

Already on tracking list. I will put it on favourite if you manage to finish it.

Aww man I can't help but really feel for Tom. Poor guy's trying to start a family.

do they speak with a Scottish accent? would love the ponies to get confused with the accent

Cannot confirm nor deny that.

Seriously though, I don't know the answer myself.

I wis originally going to have them speak in Scottish slang, particularly the way people from Glesga speak, but then I realised that people probably wouldn't give two shits if they were Scottish, and they wouldn't understand what the trio were saying.

well that sucks, I would love a bit of a gag were they would sometimes speak with Glaswegian and can switch accents. maybe you can try that.

I'm going to, but it won't be for another few chapters yet. You'll just have to bear with me for now. Sorry :(

I mean, it's only a tad more than a Seat Mii...

But seriously, I couldn't think of another metaphor at the time, so I just used that. I'll get round to editing it at some point.

Twilight is gonna freak when she sees the trio of friends and their cars.

This is going to be interesting.

They talk about Jim Clark but they don't even mention Dan Gurney.


"Yeah, all motorsport is really competitive.


F1 is probably the greatest example, although the World Touring Car Championship, NASCAR and Le Mans are all good examples as well."


Oh... I was hoping they would Talk about FD or Group B. I do love reading stories about Ford versus Ferrari at Le mans though. Thinking of it now, it would have been funny if they talked about how Gerd Ruch drove a Ford Mustang Foxbody in DTM (GTC) considering they all drive German cars.

Wonder how well Twilight will react when she finds out magic doesn't exist on Earth.
I forgot about Group B. I miss the good old days of rallying when it was Lancia Deltas and Audi quattros, back when all wheel drive was innovative at the time.

She will probably find that most perplexing. She would probably claim magic is what makes life in Equestria possible. She’ll then probably ask them endless questions about how things worked on earth. It would be quite a culture shock finding out that everything she thought she knew through her studies is all different. She would most likely question everything they knew and compare it to what she knew. And that would be her breaking point haha.:rainbowlaugh:

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