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Now, being in a situation where three pretty mares are very clearly attracted to you might indeed seem like a prospect to be glad about. But Feather Bangs, for all his usual confidence, honestly has no idea how to deal with it. So, what else can the poor guy do, except to ask advice from some of the town’s other ponies?

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this story is overwhelming 0_0

Nice and funny, but I have the unfortunate feeling that this is going to blow up in all of their faces. Feather Bangs made it clear that he can't handle one mare at once when said mare also has an interest in him, so three might overwhelm the poor guy.

I look forward to the breakdown.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm waiting for the news of Feather Bangs' panic attack and meltdown later.

This is more overwhelming than Spike asking out Gabby on a date in front of the entirety of Ponyville.

This was a nice story. Poor Feather Bangs.

I didn't know I wanted that ship before... but now I kinda do. :applejackconfused:

Please sir may I have another?

That welcome joke at the end was well worth the read!

I pity the Feather...

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