• Published 26th Nov 2017
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On the Peak of Aris - milesprower06

With her first E.U.P. squad formed and beyond expectations, Captain Berrytwist now turns her attention to the wrongs she committed beyond Equestria.

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"I don't get it." Captain Fizzlepop said as she gazed out the window at the passing scenery, as the Canterlot Express climbed the mountain on it's way to Equestria's capitol.

"What don't you get?" Twilight asked, who was sitting next to her.

"When I got back to the castle after arriving back in town, Pinkie came up to me and said, 'Since the author doesn't have a clue how to write all the reactions to you getting your horn back, better just skip ahead to the train a week later.' I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about."

Twilight let out a short giggle.

"Pinkie is bit of an acquired taste. You'll get used to it eventually." The Princess of Friendship told her captain.

As the train rounded the final bend, the magnificent city came into view, and Fizzlepop noticed the HMS Eclipse docked at the Canterlot Shipyards.

"You still haven't told me what this is about, Princess." Fizzlepop said as the train whistle blew, announcing their proximity to the platform.

"Yeah, and in my line of work, I rarely get to keep surprises from you, so just go with it." Twilight teased, smiling at her. Fizzlepop smiled back, then looked over to her brand new helmet, given to her by Rarity just in time for this train ride. It felt good to have a complete set again, even minus a few previously essential parts. The designer-by-day-blacksmith-by-night was all too happy to repair her staff, which she now kept as a memento.

After the train arrived at the platform, Princess Twilight and Captain Fizzlepop got off to immediately see a carriage waiting for them right off the platform. They both got on the carriage, which was taken up the curving streets right up to the front castle gates. Walking past the guards into Canterlot Castle proper, Twilight turned to her captain.

"Alright Captain, please report to the receiving room, and we'll be ready for you in a few moments." She told her, before going off on her own way. Fizzlepop ascended the main set of stairs, to the receiving room, or the gathering place right before the large double doors that lead to the throne room. There, she was surprised to see the sixteen others that had traveled with her on the Eclipse to Mount Aris.

"Well, long time no see." She greeted them, now getting somewhat of an idea what she was doing here. She noticed that Celaeno and all five members of her crew wore the white, gold, and navy blue Canterlot dress uniforms that were issued to Privateers, with Celaeno also wearing her tricorne, Lieutenant Rivet and Major Speartip were both in full armor, and Rivet's crew of eight construction workers all had formal wear. Regardless of whether Princess Twilight wanted to keep it a surprise, it was clear they were here for a ceremony of some kind. Accompanying them in the room were two Canterlot royal guards, who were probably waiting for the signal to let them inside.

"Been in town long?" Fizzlepop asked Celaeno.

"All week, headed up here after we dropped you all back in Ponyville. We've been getting the Eclipse repaired and refit. She's nearly ready to go."

Five minutes later, the right throne room door creaked open a couple inches, and the guard on the left listened in, and nodded affirmatively.

"Alright, everyone, let's get you situated. Rank and file, please." The guard said, getting their attention. It was time.

They lined up much like they had when they had marched up to the gates of Hippogriffia. The front line of four had Major Speartip, Lieutenant Rivet, Captain Fizzlepop, and Captain Celaeno. Behind them, were the crew of the Eclipse; Boyle, Lix Splittle, Mullet, Murdock, and Capper. Behind them, in two rows of four, the eight construction workers. With everyone lined up, the two receiving room guards opened the doors to the throne room, and escorted the seventeen members of the Mount Aris expedition into the throne room. They marched to the tempo of the trumpeting stallions who musically announced their procession down the center carpeted walk towards the throne, where several regally-dressed figures were standing and waiting.

Fizzlepop was about halfway down the throne room carpet when she recognized all of them. Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Twilight, all in ceremonial dresses and crowns, along with Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, and Captain Skyranger. Off to the side, were Glitter Drops and Spring Rain, her childhood friends. Separating the Equestrians from the Hippogriffs was a large display case, facing away from them.

They were marched up to within ten feet of the throne, where the trumpets stopped, and they were halted. Princess Celestia took a single step forward.

"Members of the Mount Aris Expedition. We have gathered you all here today to recognize your month-long journey, and the fruits your labors have produced. May I introduce someone you've all become familiar with, Her Majesty Queen Novo of the Hippogriffs."

The reigning hippogriff monarch stepped forward, while Celestia took one back.

"I still have trouble finding the words to express my gratitude for all the work all of you have done for my kingdom. The astounding progress you helped us make has made our city livable again, and while I did not have the opportunity to express my gratitude to each of you before you departed a week ago, I thought it imperative that we come and thank you for all your efforts. Your successful expedition is the sole reason that I am extending an offer of Friendship and Cooperation to the sovereign nation of Equestria. I am pleased to present each of you with the Hippogriffian Crest of Service, in recognition of all you have done for us."

"Likewise," Princess Celestia continued, "For aiding in the defense of Hippogriffia in its time of need, I am also pleased to present each of you with the Equestrian Pink Heart of Courage."

The horns of all four princesses lit up, and out of the display case came enough medals for each of them; the silver-plated Hippogriffian Crests of Service were hung around each of the expedition members' necks first, then the Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage were pinned on the left side of the neck ribbon.

"Congratulations to each and every one of you. Now, there is someone here whom we must recognize for her distinguished efforts on this journey. Captain Fizzlepop Berrytwist, please step forward." Celestia announced. Keeping herself composed, Fizzlepop took several steps forward, so she was one complete pace in front of the front row, and stood at attention.

"Captain Fizzlepop Berrytwist; although we initially met on the worst of terms, you have been a consistent surprise since you accepted your commission of Captain of the Ponyville E.U.P. Guard six months ago. On a personal note, I would like to congratulate you on finally achieving the healing and restoration you set out in search for so many years ago. The prestigious award you are about to receive from the Kingdom of the Hippogriffs is reserved for the most distinguished service in the Hippogriffia Royal Guard. You are the first Equestrian to receive such an honor. Who here will speak for her?" Celestia asked the rest of the gathered expedition.

The first to take a step forward was Major Speartip.

"I will speak for Captain Berrytwist's humbleness. While there is no doubt that she is proud of what she has accomplished, she did not let that pride affect the decisions she made. When the situation called for it, she stepped aside and let others act in her stead."

Fizzlepop's emotions began to rise up further as Celaeno took a step forward.

"I, and the crew of the HMS Eclipse, will speak for Captain Berrytwist's bravery. She put life and limb on the line for both soldiers and civilians, both domestic and foreign, above and beyond her station."

Princess Skystar took a single step forward.

"I will speak for Captain Berrytwist's kindness. She accepted gestures of friendship even though she considered herself unworthy of them. We have gotten to know each other over the course of the expedition, and I consider her a worthy friend of the hippogriffs."

Captain Fizzlepop's lips trembled slightly as tears threatened the corners of her eyelids, as she remained standing at attention.

Lieutenant Rivet took a step forward, nearly coming up to her side.

"I will speak for Captain Berrytwist's leadership. Since forming the Ponyville E.U.P., she has helped those under her realize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. She is always encouraging, and never demeaning. There is no one else I would sooner follow into the fray."

Fizzlepop was forced to bite her lip to keep herself silent, and as she risked blinking, tears finally spilled over down her cheeks, as Captain Skyranger took a step forward.

"And I will speak for her honor. She remained tenacious and courteous in the face of those who thought her irredeemable. She put her well-being on the line to ensure that her past transgressions were corrected."

Finally, Queen Novo stepped forward, stepping down directly in front of Captain Fizzlepop, and turned to Celestia, who lit up her horn, took the last medal from the case, and levitated it over to the hippogriff monarch, who unfurled the neck ribbon, and let the shimmering silver winged crest hang as she turned back to the E.U.P. Captain.

"Though you have already received my personal thanks for your actions, it is my privilege now to present you with the Wings of Valor, the highest decoration the Hippogriff Kingdom can bestow." Queen Novo stated, taking the two ends of the neck ribbon, reaching around her neck, and fastened it, allowing the medal to hang above the Crest of Service. Her deed done, Queen Novo saluted with her right wing, and received one in return, Fizzlepop using all her willpower to keep her saluting hoof from shaking.

As Queen Novo returned to her place beside Princess Skystar and Captain Skyranger, Celestia nodded to Princess Twilight, who stepped off the elevated throne platform, and walked down and stood in front of her Captain.

"Captain Berrytwist, no one is more proud of everything you've accomplished than I am. In your service to Ponyville, and your involvement in forging the bond of friendship with the Kingdom of the Hippogriffs, you have surpassed every single one of my expectations of you. Captain..."

Fizzlepop noticed the sides of her chest plate begin to glow with Twilight's magic. She heard soft metallic pops on both sides near her neck, and saw that Twilight had detached both sets of double silver bars; her armor's rank insignia. She pocketed them inside her ceremonial dress, and came out with two golden oak leaf insignia.

"By the authority vested in me by the Township of Ponyville, I hereby promote you to the rank of Major, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto."

Once they were attached, Twilight took a step back, and unable to hold back a smile, saluted the Major of her E.U.P. Guard.

Smiling back, Fizzlepop returned the salute.

"Congratulations, Major Fizzlepop Berrytwist."

Author's Note:

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for reading and commenting.

Especially all of you commenting and giving feedback on each chapter, distinctively, those who kept trying to convince me there was a story to tell here, back when A Place Among Her Kind was just a 2100-word oneshot. Now, thanks to you, it has come all this way to a two-part, 24,000-word pony tale.


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Awesome. The whole team definitely deserves all those honors, but especially Fizzle. What a huge turnaround to her personality and her situation. Everything for the better.
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Fizzlepop's got her horn back, her respect, is a freaking major...the only thing left...
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Amazing great work, love it.

Holy nuts.. This needs to be made into a set of episodes, or maybe a movie of its own!

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I like how the seaponies/hippogriffs reacted to Tempest's return and your reference to the comics. Princess Skystar was adorable especially interacting with Tempest. I also like how you mention how the remaining storm troopers are now rogue and at large. Just because the leader is destroyed doesn't mean the minions may take charge.

Glad I read this.

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

The writing is extremely formal like it's a short story for setting up a much much much bigger story

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If you ever write a third installment, I've got a suggestion for at least one element: Grubber. Where he's been over the course of your stories, and will he be showing up soon? It's been shown by the movie, A Stormy Road to Canterlot, and The Great Princess Caper storybook that he admired Fizzlepop greatly and was her sidekick for all her career under the Storm King. I wonder what story that could make in your interpretation of the movie's aftermath here?

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By the way,

as the Canterlot Express climbed the mountain on it's way to Equestria's capitol.

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And you had done so well to avoid that error last chapter!

"When I got back to the castle after arriving back in town, Pinkie came up to me and said, 'Since the author doesn't have a clue how to write all the reactions to you getting your horn back, better just skip ahead to the train a week later.' I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about."


Pinkie! Tell the author that among my top favorite scenes are reactions, and that I'll take the best they have to offer. Tell them that I also don't care that this story is marked "complete", it can be a bonus chapter for all I care.

"Likewise," Princess Celestia continued, "For aiding in the defense of Hippogriffia in its time of need, I am also pleased to present each of you with the Equestrian Pink Heart of Courage."

Heh, while I couldn't have known about the Hippogriff counterpart, I totally saw the Equestrian Pink Heart of Courage as soon as Fizzy was said to be headed towards the castle.


Some people have duties that have more pull than just rank.
Of course, you have to pick your battles too. Piss of a higher ranking officer, and it doesn't matter whos right. Your career is pretty much over.

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"When I got back to the castle after arriving back in town, Pinkie came up to me and said, 'Since the author doesn't have a clue how to write all the reactions to you getting your horn back, better just skip ahead to the train a week later.' I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about."

. . . Yeah. I wouldn’t have any idea how to write that either. And that is probably exactly how I would have solved that dilemma. Seems legit, have a wonderful day! :raritywink:

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