• Published 26th Nov 2017
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On the Peak of Aris - milesprower06

With her first E.U.P. squad formed and beyond expectations, Captain Berrytwist now turns her attention to the wrongs she committed beyond Equestria.

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Rolling Thunder

The Typhoon was one of the mightiest ships left in the Storm King's once vast fleet of conquest. Once serving as the personal flagship of his King's enforcer, Commander Tempest Shadow, it was now under the command of Thunderhead, one of the commander's bodyguards.

Once the final Equestrian princess had been secured in the throne room, Thunderhead had been instructed to return to the Typhoon and await further orders. But when the tornado came down from the sky right in front of the castle, and he witnessed the storm begin to pick apart the Storm Guard on the ground, Thunderhead made the call to move the ship away from Canterlot, and it was one of the only ships to survive.

Whether their King was captured or defeated mattered not; his reckless endangerment of his own troops proved once again that he was long past due to be replaced by someone better. The strong were not only meant to rule the weak, but lead them, make them stronger. A conqueror without a capable army was no conqueror at all. Every warrior on the ship had pledged loyalty to him, and now all that mattered was keeping them strong... Strong enough to eventually take back what their Storm King had so immaturely thrown away. The lands of Equestria could wait. When they grew powerful enough, they would bring the rest of the ships under their banner, retake the Storm King's castle, and become the conquerors they were meant to be.

"Lord Thunderhead," The first mate came up to his side as the towering Storm Guard manipulated the wheel, taking care to keep the Typhoon in their chosen cloud cover in the Sea of Clouds. "The others do not understand why we wait. It has been days since they passed through."

"Patience," Thunderhead told him calmly. "For prey is easiest to catch when it feels safe. Soon, we will accomplish that which our King nor our Commander could not, and we will transform ourselves into something far greater than we are now."

Author's Note:

A disgustingly short chapter, I know. It just didn't seem right putting this at the beginning or end of another chapter, and I also didn't want to go into the final parts of this story blind, so here's a few paragraphs of background on where our one-off villain comes from.