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This story is a sidestory to The Misadventures of Sketchy Clouds

Cutie marks. The very thing that makes ponies different from one another. The very thing that you have to earn. The very thing that some don't even have. Some feel it makes you unpopular. Two little pegasi fillies feel the exact same way.

Rainbow Light and Sketchy Clouds have been the only blank flanks in their grade for a while, and they are in fifth grade! Fifth Grade! They decide that they are done with the bulling and set out to discover their destinies.

Along they way they may have a little help from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Hello! This story has been worked on by me and my friend, Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever. She is the coauthor, so this story is posted on hers as well.

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this i need more of this this was good

This was really adorable.:heart:

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