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Throughout the multiverse, sphinxes are enigmatic beings. Some are merely monsters with inscrutable motives, while others guide entire civilizations towards goals only they understand. No matter the world, a sphinx is a mystery given form, and Equestria is no different.

Of course, some mysteries have more satisfying solutions than others.

Now available in video form thanks to Spore Harvest.

Thanks to SirNotAppearingInThisFic and Bugsydor for editing and general helpful bickering.

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Not bad. =)

Ri2 #2 · Dec 3rd, 2017 · · ·

But what happened to Catshepsut after that? Does she still reign to this day? I always wanted to see more of that sphinx.

This was funny, entertaining, and an easily believable origin. Now I want to see a sequel where modern-day Somnambula explores Anugypt and finds the sphinx again, and we can see how she's changed over the last several thousand years.

Awesome story fam!

Real quick, love your new profile picture

I might have missed wherever else this is explained, but what is the Smooze's origin story in your 'verse?

Good thing he likes things to not make sense. He'll get a lot of that from the ponies.

Upvote for short description. Sphinking should so totally be a word.

I loved how you tied in your story with things form the comics. It's hard to fine fan works that include the lore form the IDW series (the only fan related thing form the comics I see besides this is fan art of Nightmare Rarity but thats it). This was a fun short read, you did a great job.

This fic has added to my headcannon that Discord is the father of countless bastard monster-children.

Don't you go thinking that everyone missed that castlevania reference :moustache:

“. In any case, we don’t need to go full dragon turtle, but I can at least pull some strings with an old college buddy. I tried to set him up with some demon lord once. Jubilee, something like that? Sad to say, it didn’t work out, but at least Smoozerino got custody of their spawn. It’s a win-win situation; the kid could use some work, and you could use a minion-slash-menacing substance.” He grinned and patted Catshepsut on the nose. “I’ll even throw in a slow, easily escapable death trap for my budding young mastermind.”

bayonetta reference?

8588114 8588205
I am working on a story about the Pillars in the modern world. It may end up becoming a sequel to this one.

I've never said. Nor, if I'm being honest, thought about it much. Barring any incredible flashes of insight, I'm going to go with "escaped experiment of a precursor race." Said precursor race may or may not have had a gloomy volcano lair.

Indeed. If Discord was befuddled by law emerging from chaos, just wait until he sees what delusions the ponies have come up with.

If I'm going to write in anapests, I might as well include a Seussian neologism or two.

The problem is that not a lot of people both read the comics and write fan fiction. It's a shame; there really is a lot of interesting material to work with there.

I can think of no better explanation for some of Equestria's ecology. Though I see him less Typhon or Echidna and more the Discworld's God of Evolution. ("Add this, twist this, tinker with these...")

I should hope not. The question is, how many of the other references did you notice? I tend to go whole hog when writing Discord.
(And no, there aren't any references to Overwatch... I think.)

No, Dungeons & Dragons. And James Bond.

On the subject of the Smooze's origins, we've got Bablovia now...

And if we're looking for an Overwatch reference, I refer you to the aquarium Discord threw. "JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE!"

OMG. I really need to catch up on my MLP. Cool story though!

And I wanna know what the Castlevania ref is, but can't find the time for a reread?? Or at least the motivation to...

Nice how it just elides over the transformation, here, 'cause I can't find any mention of it other than this:

Discord scowled down at his now housecat-sized creation.

She is sooo orderly! Pyramids, Oaths, etc! Awww! So cute!

Cool things:

narrative imperative

Where have I heard that before?? Or have I? It just rhymes so well!

What thou wilt be the whole of the law

Aleister Crowley~!

Obvious reference to Queen Hatshepsut. I'd have made her name Catsupshut. Otherwise, purrfect. You get my like.

The like button appears to be disabled on this one story.

Also, it’s Tanks all the way down.


"...And what is a railroad?”

“A miserable pile of ironmongery. But enough of that, have a preference?”

There's a reference for you. It's FOR YOU.

Her name is pronounced as Ketchup ain't it?


No, Dungeons & Dragons. And James Bond.

Daring Do: "*sigh* Dracoliches. Why did it have to be dracoliches?:facehoof:"
Bond: "Wai..whu..!?:twilightoops:"

A lovely little ditty. She has the beginnings of the making of a great OC. So when do you throw her into an Austraeoh-esque adventure?


"escaped experiment of a precursor race." Said precursor race may or may not have had a gloomy volcano lair.


Until that day, Discord had always assumed philosophers talking about order emerging from chaos were just speaking nonsense. Then he made them speak actual nonsense, because Discord.

8590875 basically presented Discord's reaction if anyone ever said that where he could hear it.

I already have her flight east heralded by literal imploding colons. What more do you want?

I lost it at Jubilee.

Maran #28 · Dec 7th, 2017 · · 1 ·

I had to google Marmite. Ew.

Anyway, this is an absurd fanfic that's just probable enough to make sense (Discord might not like making sense, but what are you gonna do?). If I understand your timeline correctly, it would be at least a decade before Discord got around to playing with the pony race.

I am so glad that this escaped the gravity well of Drinksgiving's sabotages and got fleshed out into a genuine story. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Well, that was fun. :)

Very happy to see a Sphinx story. :)

.... I'm not sure if I love your Sphinx, or your Discord more, both are just amazing, and the way they play off each other is simply incredible!

It was a pleasure to read Sphinx story because Catshepsut was unique Villain of Somnambula's Story I have liked her even if she appeared once only.

Late I know, but I can never get over how well you write Discord. Better than the official writers, that's for sure. I love the idea of him being a proud but disinterested and detached parent.

And now I'm wondering what would happen if Cherry Jubilee was secretly an avatar/priestess/incarnation/what-have-you of Jubilex.

Well, for one, she probably wouldn't complain about the cherry sorting room getting covered in splattered fruit. Praise Juiblex, Master of Miscellaneous Goop! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not sure what I expected, but this was wonderful. And I LOVE the idea of Catshepsut going to Anugypt after her defeat; that was a fun comic to read. As always, Foamy, you have surpassed my expectations. Bravo.

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