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Lunar Raven

Greetings, my name is Lunar Raven, a lover of the written and typed word, who hopes to make content enjoyable for all to read. I used to work with LoE as well. Have a blessed one!


Proof-reading/editing, encouragement, and simply some back-and-forth chatting that aided with this, was provided by B4ssxCello.

One year has come and gone since tens of thousands of ponies were trapped within the highly-anticipated Equestrian Saga Online. To some, it has passed by quickly, but to others, it as been a slow and painful progression of time. While many hold out hope on the eventual return of the players, with the slow news from the official reports stating that the players have been stuck on Floor 50 for a month or longer, many are losing that very hope.

Because of this turn for the worst, a group managed to acquire a copy of the game to use with the VPON-3, the hardware to run ESO. This is to be brought up at the one year anniversary meeting, where one volunteer shall enter into this game, to try to rekindle the dying flame of progress, to save the one he loves, and all others trapped inside the death game.

Will he succeed, or shall his efforts simply be in vain? What problems lay ahead for him and the other players? Only time shall tell, however long or short of such is left.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

I love Sword Art Online, so I'm hoping this crossover fic is enjoyable. Great idea.

The talking seems a little too eloquent, and could use some more realistic speech. Unless you want to have the main pony speak that way and have a backstory that explains it.

Not bad writing, the plot seems solid.


The biggest obstacle for me with creative writing is that i am formal in speech and typing normally, which ends up causing my stories to fall into the same form.

I will keep this in mind though for later on though, and if I go back to modify this chapter some. Thank you for your comment, and God bless!



*shakes head*
I’ve been trying to work with him on that, unfortunately when it comes to training and having certain things drilled into your head, habits are incredibly hard to break and/or adapt with new techniques.
I’ll continue doing what I can to help this story, I’m having fun with it.

...I swear I've seen this premise before. Is this a remake or something?


Which premise in particular do you mean? The drunkard and the mare, or otherwise?

Regardless, this is a complete rewrite of what I had attempted previously, under the same title. I figured I would reuse good characters.

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