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Special Thanksgiving Story!

Flash Sentry and Applejack have been together for months and are ready to reveal their relationship to Applejack's family on during their Thanksgiving get-together. Flash feels nervous feel he's about to be hunted down if he screws up, but Applejack promise he'll be find and they'll also going to tell the tale of how they became a couple.

The time when an apple fell for a sentry.


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Anychance you could do a FlashxFluttershy story?

KO no sure, Fluttershy is not one of my favorite characters.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Also, better ship than FlashLight :heart: :ajsmug: :heart:

I'm still more of a Pony-Twilight/Pony-Flash and Sci-Twi/Human-Flash Supporter, but this story isn't bad, though there are still a few spelling errors, you really should remember to proof-read your own work before publishing it, and I think that it would have had a more meaningful moment if when AJ & Flash Kissed, when AJ Ponyed-up, then some of her Magic flowed from her lips into Flash and he Ponyed-up as well, gaining Pony Ears, Pegasus Wings, and a long Rattail Hairstyle to mimic the tail of his pony counterpart, it just feels like their love would literally be more magical That way, and make it so that Flash would no longer have to be kept out all of the Magical Stuff that the Mane 7 go though.

This was sweet. Could use a few fixes as far as grammar is concerned, but this was pretty short and sweet.

I wonder which characters are your favorite characters and which characters aren't your favorite characters?

KO in the Equestria Girls series, it’s Sunset, Flash, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

How about in FIM series too?

KO Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie (Pinkie Pie from Equestria Girls too.), and Spike.

I see
My favorite characters from the top of my head there would be Spike, Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Daybreaker/Celestia.

Wonder who would be in a harem for Spike if he were to have one? :0

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