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This story is a sequel to Healers and Scholars

When one has spent so much of their lives trying to fight evil, believing that they alone were doing what was needed, it can be hard to accept that they might be wrong about something. And yet, since their return to Equestria, that is exactly the thought that Starswirl has dwelt on. He was wrong, and only when his fellow Pillar, Mistmane, comes to him, does he finally speak up about it.

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Well, not exactly a ship, but they do make a good pair. :twilightsmile:

I'm sure this is Starswirl's thought process. While I believe that there were foes that they faced that couldn't be redeemed, at the same time it was that thought process that made him turn against Stygian, made him fall into darkness, cause the pillars to sacrifice themselves unnecessarily, and for all we know ruin his fellow Pillar's lives and Stygian's life since I'm sure each of the pillars left something behind before going to Limbo and it's all his fault.

Mistmane may not actually be that old, she just looks it from the aftereffects of the spell she cast.

I'm worried that if Stygian lost himself to the darkness then it may happened to Spike as well.

This was nice. I liked the conversation between Starswirl and Mistmane - and the conclusion of the story was well done too; especially the last line! XD

Probably not. DWK put it best when he said Spike is perfectly ok where he is in life. You could offer him a Nobel prize, and he would say 'nah, give it to the other guy'.

Plus, unlike Stygian, Spike is recognized for all the help he gives (Crystal Empire and such). Unfortunately with Spike, when he is given honors or BIG responsibilites, he is usually the one who screws it up (Princess Spike)

Ironicly I actually think Starlight respects him more than even the Mane 6. She might even be second only to Twilight. She is more than willing to get his opinion on a matter and listens to him. It is always enjoyable to see Spike and Starlight interacting.

Series finally villain

Stygian's already got counterparts with Luna, Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer, however. Just saying.

I'd very much like to see you do a story where Starswirl, or the Pillars, confront the Sirens on what they did to them, and how their reactions would be in light of both of their reformations.

"But...how many? How many of them might have changed...if I had simply thought to offer them a hoof...instead of resorting to attack every time?"

Very good question there from Starswirl...I am curious as to what would've happened to the Sirens if they were given a chance at redemption like Discord, Sunset and Starlight:applejackunsure:.

"Starswirl the Bearded...Starswirl the Great ...Starswirl the Wise ...Starswirl...Starswirl the Fool! "

That last part got me:rainbowlaugh:!

"You cannot fault yourself, friend. One can never know what might have happened if we had done things differently. All we could do, all anypony can do, is act on what they know."

That is true...:ajsleepy:.

"Starswirl...I won't say that you made no mistakes in your time, or that we didn't make them right alongside you. But, just because you spent so long as a teacher does not mean that you ever stop learning."

Wise words from a wise mare...:ajsmug:.

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