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I have many fandoms, but MLP is a favourite of mine. I especially love writing fanfictions.

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Huh... I find myself intrigued. Gonna keep an eye on this one.

I too am interested in this fic. Do carry on, so far the characterisation and plot are pretty good. I also like Uncle Well-To-Do, although the one thing I would say is Diamond's butler is called 'Randolph'. That's about it... have a great day. :raritywink:

My only problem right now is that there isn't more story to read! Interesting premise with only minor little flaws so far, but hey it's chapter 1. Keep at it!

But... isn't Well-To-Do a Minotaur, not an earth pony?

As the editor... welp crud... time to find and replace :facehoof:

Now this seems familiar...

Welcome back. Hopefully we can keep the motivation train going this time.

good start,
I had an idea like this but have twilight being the young child with sunset simmer as the demon butler/maid,

Its funny how often ideas are similar. I've had a couple times where an idea i've had has actually already been in writing for over a year

i more of idea person my writeing skill sucks, moslty cuase of bad spelling, bad grammer and i tend to write myself into a hole very quickly

I'm horrible at writing out a story. I'm good for figuring out plot points and avoiding too common tropes. I am surprisingly good at making an author's work better. While my official title on this story would technically be Editor, I typically rewrite a lot of it to expand Ideas and remove awkward dialogue. Compare the first few paragraphs in chapter 3 to the original.

Polished Coin’s eyes widened, pupil’s shrinking to pinpricks. More and more of Diamond’s blood moved towards the open book, the crimson pentagram that had formed beginning to glow. Suddenly, all the blood began disappearing into the pages, as if being absorbed.

Polished turned and ran for the doorway. But no sooner had he looked away, when a hollow, chilling laugh rang in his ears. He began to tremble where he stood, too horrified to move.

“I will deal with you later,” sneered a voice, cold, cruel and articulate. “But first, I must save my Master from death.”

Despite his terror, Polished managed to utter a single word. “Wh-What?”

The voice replied in a scolding tone. “It seems the reason I could receive the blood of my new Master is because you have killed her. I will not accept a deceased Master.” The shadows around the room seemed to move, enveloping the deceased fill in the inky darkness.

I'm slow though, so we've decided to post the chapters as Babbette writes them, and I'll go over it when I have time and motivation. I've only written this chapter up to the shadow enveloping diamond.

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