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Saiyan of the North Star


Rainbow Dash, Canterlot High's Colorful Speedy Wondercolt and the Element of Loyalty. Jet, the Speeder of Fairy Tail and Proud Member of Team Shadow Gear. Two super fast people are going fight for 60 seconds to see which of them is truly the fastest and who is the most Awesomeness!

Equestria Girls vs Fairy Tail

I do NOT own Screwattack and MLP.

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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Nov 22nd, 2017

Why not use pony Rainbow Dash?

KO well, I thought human Rainbow Dash would just as good as her counterparts since they are particularly the same in a way.

That and using pony rainbow's ability to manipulate weather would be overkill

KO yes, Jet has never fought against monster level foes like Natsu and others making him one of the weakest, plus I kinda figured his speed is no where near Rainbow Dash’s.

A nice battle I say.
I do wonder what other battles will there be for the mlp characters?

Looking forward to see what you got coming next.
Maybe something for the Royal Sisters

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