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The Naturae Six - sarahann603

What if the Mane Six had different roles.but still had some personality traits from canon?

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The Naturae Six's Situation

Rainbow attacked the plant first,dashing over the plant and kicking it in the part where its chin would be if it had one. The plant roared and its head started chasing Rainbow around,its leaves dropping Dr. Fluttershy in the process.

"Dr. Fluttershy!" Apple Joy,Purple Star,Pink Lady and Ivory Fire said in concern. Rainbow would've said it too,if she wasn't busy dodging the plant's head.

It was then Dr. Fluttershy remembered she could fly. Flapping her wings up and down before she hit the ground,she took advantage of the fact the plant was distracted and swiftly flew to her friends.

The Naturae Four,consisting of Purple,Pink,Ivory and Joy,all heaved a sigh of relief.

"Never again," Dr. Fluttershy said,huffing and puffing.

"What are you talking about?" Purple wondered.

"Hey,guys?" Rainbow called out to her friends. "Think you're forgetting someone here?"

"Right!"Pink said,grabbing a bunch of apples from under her hat.

"How did you do that!?" Ivory asked,her jaw dropped.

Pink shrugged,then bucked the apples at the venus fly trap,diverting the plant's attention away from Rainbow and towards Pink Lady.

While this was happening,Ivory ran up and kicked the plant at ground level,and Rainbow flew towards the group.

"Here's your rope!" Pink said through her teeth,handing Joy her rope after fishing around in her hat for it.

"Thank you!" Apple Joy said,grabbing her rope from Pink.

"I just hope 'm not too rusty," She thought out loud through her teeth,swinging her rope around and around before making it land on the plant's torso.

Then,she tried to pull the plant down to the ground,hoping that would get its roots out of the ground.

The plant roared once again,twisting and moving around in order to get free.

Beads of sweat rolled down Joy's brow as she struggled to pull down the plant.

"Hey,guys? I need a little help here!" She said through her teeth.

The rest of the Naturae Six trotted or flew behind Joy,grabbed her back,and began to pull with her.

The plant screeched,and started to pull in the opposite direction.

Beads of sweat trickled down the Naturae Six,and they pulled harder.

The plant pulled upwards.

"Woah!" Joy,Purple,Ivory,Rainbow,Dr. Fluttershy,and Pink said,now finding themselves in the sky.

Joy,Purple,Ivory,and Pink screamed as they started to fall,but had a collective sigh of relief as they were caught by Rainbow and Dr.Fluttershy and brought to the ground.

The plant had the rope now,shrieking in triumph,but Rainbow,flying and pulling,got the rope back.

Once they got the rope back,Joy,Purple,Ivory,Rainbow,Pink,and Dr. Fluttershy pulled harder than ever before.

Eventually,the plant was pulled down and uprooted.

The Naturae Six cheered.

The plant shrieked one more time,and then turned into the plant it was before it was watered.

Dr. Fluttershy left the party and picked up the plant,showing it to the group.

"This is what I was talking about,Purple," She said. "After we saved the world from Nightmare Moon,I was more curious about the Everfree Forest than ever before.

"So,I decided to take one of the plants from it and see what it would do when I domesticated it. The results...well,you know the results."

Dr. Fluttershy bowed her head in shame.

"I'm truly sorry I endangered you girls," Dr, Fluttershy said. "i thought the plant was harmless. I should've known it wasn't."
"it's okay,Dr.," Purple said gently. "You didn't know the plant was dangerous."
"Yeah!" Rainbow said. "Don't beat yourself over it!"
"So,you forgive me?" Dr. Fluttershy asked.
"Of course!" Ivory said. "You're our friend! Why wouldn't we forgive you?"
"I forgive you!" Pink said.
"Me too!" Joy said.
Pink Lady and Apple Joy pulled everyone into a group hug.
"Thank you," Dr. Fluttershy said softly,smiling.
"You're welcome!" The rest of the Naturae Six said.
Then they all hugged each other tighter.

Author's Note:

Apple Joy belongs to janethepegasus.
The name,Pink Lady,belongs to pekou.
Ivory's design used to belong to flufflelord,but I changed it.
The name,Ivory Fire,belongs to Fantasy Name Generators.

If you guys think this is the end,think again! I have more stories about this universe coming up!
See you for now!

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Sorry,guys. I changed my mind about the fourth chapter. It's not going to happen.

A little short but also rather sweet, I hope to see more like this in the future.

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