• Published 22nd Nov 2017
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The Naturae Six - sarahann603

What if the Mane Six had different roles.but still had some personality traits from canon?

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Purple's Conumdrum

Purple Star ran as fast as she could to Ponyville,determined to find her and Dr. Fluttershy's friends.

"Giant venus flytraps don't exist!" Was one of the thoughts running around in her mind. "Then again,Dr. Fluttershy doesn't lie. And she doesn't pull pranks either. I don't know what to think."

When Purple got to Ponyville,she went straight to Sugarcube Corner. When she got to Sugarcube Corner,she was out of breath,and leaned on the counter,trying to breathe.

An orange mare with a long mane let loose on one end and tied up with a small red band on the other end joyfully went through the door that led her to the other side of the counter of Sugarcube Corner. She had a long tail,green eyes,and her cutie mark was a balloon shaped like an apple tied to a string. This was Apple Joy.

"Hello,Purple!" She said joyfully,but her joyful expression was soon replaced with a look of concern once she saw Purple wheezing on the other side of the counter.

"Are you okay?" She asked her.

Purple shook her head,still trying to breathe. "Dr. Fluttershy-*pant*-giant venus flytrap-*pant*-trying to eat her-*pant*-needs help!" She said.

"A giant venus flytrap is trying to eat Dr. Fluttershy and she needs help!?" Apple Joy asked.

Purple nodded,gaining her breath.

"Dr. Fluttershy said I need to get the others," Purple said.

"Well,what are we waiting for?" Apple Joy asked,already rushing through the door to get to the other side of the counter. "Let's go find the others!"

Apple Joy and Purple Star rushed out of Sugarcube Corner and towards Sweet Apple Acres,Apple Joy the faster of the two.

Before they got there,however,a light blue blur and a purple and white blur raced past them.

"i wonder who those two were," Apple Joy said.

"Hmm...two ponies racing each other,one of them light blue and the other white and purple?" Twilight said.

"White Ivory and Rainbow Canvas!" Purple Star and Apple Joy shouted in unison.

They then ran towards Ivory's and Rainbow's direction. However,it was going to be really difficult to catch them,as Rainbow was the second fastest pony in Ponyville and Ivory was the first. The only time when Joy and Purple were able to catch up to them is when Ivory and Rainbow were finished with their race.

"Oh yeah!" Ivory yelled as she reached first place,smiling cockily. "Fastest thing alive!"

"Oh come on!" Rainbow yelled as she reached second place,scowling. "Best two out of three?"

Rainbow Canvas looked almost the same as Rainbow Dash,except her cutie mark was a paintbrush painting something on a canvas. Ivory,on the other hand,had an athletically fit build and mane in a ponytail with swept bangs,with her tail being well kept and also being in a ponytail. She also had a pony running with fire trailing behind her as a cutie mark. She had a cocky expression on her face as she faced Rainbow Canvas.

"Okay," Ivory said. "But don't think that you'll beat me any time soon. I am the fastest runner ever,after all."

"We'll see about that," Rainbow said,smiling.

"Ivory! Rainbow!" Ivory and Rainbow turned around to see Purple and Joy panting behind them.

"Ivory! Rainbow!" Joy said. "Dr Fluttershy-*pant*-is in trouble!

"Dr. Fluttershy's in trouble!?" Rainbow and Ivory say in unison.

"Have to-*pant*-get-*pant*-Pink Lady!" Purple exclaimed.

"Well,what are we waiting for!?" Rainbow asked. "Let's go get Pink Lady!"

After Purple and Joy caught their breath,they,along with Rainbow and ivory,ran to Sweet Apple Acres,with Ivory in the lead and Rainbow close behind.

There,they saw Pink Lady and Applebloom,Pink Lady's honorary sister,hanging out.

Pink Lady looked like Pinkamena except she had short hair,the colors of Pinkie Pie,and has apples as a cutie mark. She also had a pink cowboy hat on her head with a big,light blue ribbon around the middle.
Pink Lady hit the tree with her powerful legs,letting the apples fall into the basket below the tree. As the apples did so,however,Pink took a few before they hit the basket and started to dribble them with her tail,with the apples,despite hitting the ground multiple times,never smashing,getting bruised,or getting dirty.
Applebloom giggled at her silly sister.

"Hey,Pink!" Rainbow called to Pink Lady.

Pink Lady,hearing Rainbow calling to her,scooped the apples up with her tail and put them into the basket,then turned her whole body to Rainbow.

"Hi,guys!" She said,waving to Joy,Purple,Ivory,and Rainbow.

"Hi,Pink!" Rainbow said.

"Hi,Pink!" Ivory said.

Joy and Purple,out of breath,just waved to Pink.

Rainbow's friendly expression changed to a serious one. "Listen,Pink," She said to Pink. "Dr. Fluttershy's in trouble,and we need your help to help her!"

Pink gasped. "Dr. Fluttershy's in trouble?"

Ivory nodded.

Pink's expression changed to a serious one. "Say no more!" She said. "Lead me to her!"

Pink's head then turned to Applebloom. "Sorry,Applebloom,but we're going to have to play later."

"Aw!" Applebloom said,disappointed.

Pink then ran to her friends,and the group began to run to Dr. Fluttershy's lab.

After the group ran to Dr. Fluttershy's lab,Rainbow flew into the air.

"Well,are we waiting for?" Rainbow asked. "Let's save Dr. Fluttershy already!"

"Rainbow,wait!" Purple said. "We need a-"

It was too late. Rainbow plowed through the door,revealing a messy lab and Dr. Fluttershy screaming as she was being lowered into the jaws of the hungry venus fly trap.

"-plan," Purple finished.

The Naturae Five got into their fighting positions.

Author's Note:

Man,is that last sentence cool!