• Published 22nd Nov 2017
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The Naturae Six - sarahann603

What if the Mane Six had different roles.but still had some personality traits from canon?

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Fluttershy's Predicament

Dr. Fluttershy looked at the plant in the pot curiously. It was light green,and it curved into the dirt of the pot,little curly light green vines attached to it. It looked like a light green lemon.

"Interesting," The good doctor said around the pen in the mouth,writing on her notes which were on the same table as the plant. She looked like the Fluttershy we all know and love,except she wore thin-rimmed glasses and a white lab coat. "Very interesting."

She stopped writing,her pen dropping to the table,and flew to the watering can on one of the many shelves in her white lab.

After going outside to fill it up with water,she re-entered the lab with watering can in tow,and began to water her plant.

"I have to say,I've never had a plant like you before," She said quietly. "I wonder what you will become. Maybe a lemon tree? You do look like a lemon."

While Dr. Fluttershy was talking,she failed to notice that it was growing. Growing larger than her head,even.
The plant growled.

"Hmm? What is it-" Dr. Fluttershy looked at her plant,and her watering can fell to the floor.
Moments later,she was darting around her lab,dodging a hungry,giant venus flytrap and screaming.

"Dr. Fluttershy? Dr. Fluttershy!" Purple Star's voice came from beyond the door,along with knocking.

"Purple,get help!" Dr. Fluttershy shouted,out of breath,then screamed and dodged out of the way as the head of the venus flytrap came to eat her.

"There's a hungry venus flytrap in my lab and it's trying to eat me!"

"Wait,what!?" Purple asked.

"Get the others!" Dr. Fluttershy shouted.

Dr. Fluttershy heard hoofsteps that slowly faded as Purple ran from her lab,and hoped that Purple could get their friends before the giant venus flytrap ate her.

Author's Note:

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it!