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Apple Bloom wants to know how her parents died and seeing no way around it, Applejack tells her little sister absolutely everything about their parents' death.

Takes place after the events of Perfect Pear.

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Good story! Nice to see you try it with 1000 words in one chapter.

I've heard of the death-by-timberwolves headcannon from somewhere...
Ink Rose?

I do watch quite a lot of her stuff so she might have inspired me a little bit on this book.


Hearth's Warming...

and then it killed dad.

Roll Credits. Sorry, but was not much of a build up or pay off, granted there's more, but the story of Pear Butter and Bright Mac's last day should have taken up the majority of the story, nothing against the song used, but it takes up twice as much as the story that is key to the narrative.

Pretty good story! I expected to see a full scene about it though. Even so, it was alright.

The song is touching. Nicely done.

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