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I'd take that pic out if I were you, yo.

Someone forgot to crop.

Well at least they were saved, but I do hope that Chrysalis got what she deserved in the end.


I liked the old picture myself, seen that one you switched it with used already.

8606142 Chrysalis' horn was mounted above Celestia's desk, I'll leave it to your imagination how it got there. :pinkiecrazy:

No words can describe how i feel about this story.

Note: I don't like it. I just cant find the words to express how much i don't like it. I mean, i LOVE Queen Chrysalis, but rape?? Not so much.

You figure if you put them around things that made them happy they'd eventually come out of their shells. Have changelings read to twilight from magic books in a library with tons of books have rarity placed in her shop with the sewing machine running and changelings talking about current trends and gossip and spa visits. Place fluttershy with her animals to take care of her for a change. Send Applejack back to sweet apple acres and around apples and family. Rainbow can get the princess vip seats for every wonderbolt show and have changeling say how awesome her sonic rainboom is. I'm actually surprised this affected pinkie you figure pinkamina took the hit for her and would have the mental fortitude to take it or use her earthpony flanks to snap chrysalis ovipositor with a flick of her hips. Then release her pinkie side when freed. But whatever stick her around enough parties she'll bounce back.

Don't get me wrong recovery could take years and theyll be times they'll still have panic attacks due to outside situations. But leaving them completely surrounded by changelings in a cave is not in anyway a therapeutic environment for any kind of recovery. Even the ones that try to help will have to be disguised as ponies so as not to cause panic attacks if they start to show any form of progress.

I would have figured body horror as a good unrecoverable state. You're already in for rape, might as well go for disturbing fleshwarping as well.

That said, I'd kind of like to see more worldbuilding on the endstate there. Six broods of changelings taking up the mantles of their 'mothers', Equestria and the princesses getting used to having them about, etc.
I'm picturing mindlinked bureauhives here.

it is well written. seems like most of the dislikes are from people that don't like the content.

Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

There is, didn't consider using it before updated now.

Never thought of it like that, that'd be a good way to go about things 'well written' 'poorly written' and have a 'hide story button-

If you truly feel badly, write an epilogue in which they recover. It's clear that recovery is happening, albeit slowly.

Except, that’s not entirely what they want out of the system. The Likes and Dislikes also help determine the popularity of a story, as well as whether the story becomes fearured or not. Plus, whenever you are reading a story, it does (usually) check which chapters you have or haven’t read on that story.

I don’t disagree with you on that. What you’re talking about is quality control, and not based off popularity. Which I’m not entirely sure how it would actually work on this. Because a “well written” Vs. “poorly written” button system would still function as the like Vs. dislike. It’d still be a matter of opinion. “Well I think this story was good, even if you don’t” type thing. So it would basically still be this situation.

My feels, great story but..... my feels :raritycry:

My feels, great story but..... my feels :raritycry:

During attempts at the recovery various changelings start putting some royal jelly into their (mane 6) food due to its high nutritional value to supplement what they can't provide.
Recovery starts, they start coming out of their shells.
After 6 months or so they are almost to where they were (almost because they have changed due to the events that have occurred they however have started to trust and dare say love the numerous changing that call them "mother", minor disaster occurs.
They mane 6 in almost perfect sync drop to the ground.
They start turning into changeling queens.
*dives into bunker and braces for shitstorm*

... That is good enough for its own story

Me when i saw the cover art:

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