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So, I'm autistic and I love to game. Bring it on. Currently working on several stories


Twilight Sparkle is sure Princess Cadance is an impostor. And yet, no one believes her. Cast out from the wedding due to her accusations, she attempts to teleport to Ponyville for a breather, only for a magical misfire to cause a torrential Slipspace Rupture that sends her to the Forerunner world of Requiem...

Just as the Master Chief and the Forward Unto Dawn crash onto the world's surface. And thus begins a cataclysmic adventure for the young unicorn...from battling the Covenant and the newly-revived Prometheans to her own demons, will Twilight Sparkle stand strong and make it home in time to save everything she cares about?

And in Equestria, the real Cadance manages to expose the Changeling Queen, but will the ponies prevail without Twilight? And will Equestria survive?

Only time will tell. And the Requiem is already being composed...
Halo 4 crossover, set in Season 2. Will have swearing, gore, and Halo-esque imagery.

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What have you done, Cadence?!

Great start. Track and like for now.

wait...what IF cadence really is in control of them.. what if she is a reclamer too!?.. ok.. i'll stop now.. I am going way overboard now hu?

Cadence is the Didact. Oooooooh spooky.

Comment posted by draph91 deleted Nov 15th, 2017

Dude... most fics that you have are still in production....
You sure you can work on them all?

it'd be shame to see them all be sink into the swamp of incomplete.... or to dive into the fiery hell of cancelled..:pinkiesad2:

Master Chief with the aid of twilight Sparkle the storm covenant won’t stand a chance

8553196 I'll be alright. Thanks for the concern, though.

Changeling are about to be pummeled by Prometheans, Cadence hope you know what you've just done.

I doubt it as it's too soon to be making that assumption besides, the Didact himself hasn't appeared yet.

Comment posted by chazkopa deleted Nov 16th, 2017

8553230 The Didact? Oh, he'll be a fun battle...(Grins evily)

Yes! Finally a good new halo crosover! I hope, though, it doesn't get abandoned like the rest!

"No…" she whimpered again, brushing her tears away. "That's it. If they don't want me here...so bet it."

Did you mean 'be'?

The last part with Cadence and Pious seemed rather abrupt. However, as Halo 4 is the last game I've played, I may not be as familiar with the appropriate lore, making it feel rushed when it may be perfectly fine. Still, Cadance trusted it rather quickly, and I don't see why Pious would interfere in what amounts to standard, if significantly more advanced, ecosystem functions. The only explanations I can immediately think of is that the Forerunners designed Equestria special, and it's functionality requires an alicorn be in power. As part of this, alicorns are designed to intinctively trust core system components such as Pious. Changelings taking over would be like having roaches loose in your computer. They may be useful for the environment, but they would destroy anything sensitive for proper function. I'm tired, so this could be a load of crap coming to mind in a near drowsy state of mind, but still seems plausable to me.

A new Halo crossover? Okay I'm in. Let's see where you're taking us with this one.

This story is sound promising and it looking good.

This looks good. Though, some scenes might work better with more details about how the characters feel, and a little slower pacing. The characters also might need to grant their trust a bit less quickly, and not without some questions to know more about each other.
But you are on the right path, just take your time and no need to rush.

Indeed, there has been several good "Twilight in Halo universe" fanfics who sadly were abandoned... Hopefully this one won't.

I can see Cadance barging in the throne room, leading a horde of Promethean warriors...

Chrysalis : "I have an army!"
Cadance : "Me too."
*Prometheans march in*
Chrysalis : "... Shoot."

Oh heck yes. I can imagine chrysalis getting interrupted mid ceremony by a promethian knight followed by everything else being let loose to destroy the changelings

8554871 I might just use that exact text in the next chapter, lol.

Welp Chrysalis are so BONED.......

"Hah!" Chrysalis laughed. "I have an army!"

"We have one, too!" Deacon laughed joyfully as countless Prometheans, glowing blue, appeared and raised their weapons. Chrysalis stopped laughing and looked at the small orb and the Pony Princess.

"Now, would you like to do the honors?" Deacon asked Cadance, who nodded.

"Get her." Cadance growled as the Prometheans opened fire.

wowwww that's escaladed quickly:rainbowwild:

I imagine that Cadence will be so pissed when she found out how Shining Armor decide to disowned twilight. No check that she'l be F***ING FURIOUS, Same goes to Celestia and The rest of mane 5 and spike.

luna doesn't count since i imagine probably knock out cold by one of the changeling

I'm confuse who is this deacon guy is he actual character or a oc?

Also something who might spell "trouble" :
Possible spoilers : After fighting prometheans among other things, what if Twilight comes back to Equestria to find a (real princess) Cadance who :
1 - she still believes to be an impostor
2 - is leading promethean troops

Well... it seems that Cadance ALSO has some kind of geas in her genes. You know what that means? Protocol dictates action.

You are the child of my makers. Inheritor of all that they left behind. You ARE Forerunner. But this ring... is MINE

Comment posted by chazkopa deleted Dec 7th, 2017

8588042 Working on it. Trying to get Halo 4's opening scenes after the Dawn crash with Twilight and Cadance/Deacon at the Wedding to work together. Sorry it's taking so long.

Comment posted by chazkopa deleted Dec 7th, 2017

i like this premise i want to see more

I predict a very pissed off candance

It looks good, but I would have preferred the scenes, especially the characters’ emotions, were a bit more detailed, that Cadance, the AI and the soldiers’ arrival scene was not skipped and that we would see the equestrians’ reaction to their sudden appearance.

I'll get the pop corn and beer.

The scenes with Master Chief, Cortana and Twilight are okay, but the scene at Canterlot, as Black Hoof mentioned, feels rush.

which broke hm out of his trance.


I have high hopes that Twilight and Chief's section of the story won't simply follow along with the plot of the game, and I'm very happy that the rest of the group is experiencing mostly original action. I do think that it feels a bit rushed; Twilight can cry for a bit, an appropriate reaction to the incident, but then when she speaks, when the characters in general speak, their words don't seem altogether influenced by emotions, which I think can be improved on. For Twilight to be crying while Cortana explains the body count makes sense as that kind of weight isn't normal for equestrians, so it came across well, but directly afterwards, the impact seems to have faltered a bit much.

This story has a lot of potential, and I think it'll be great to watch.

"Where's Twilight?" she asked. At that, Luna walked forward.

"She is no longer here." Luna said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Cadance asked. "No longer here? What happened?"

"She attempted to teleport home to Ponyville." Luna sighed. "Due to her emotional distress, the spell backfired. I am led to believe by the scene…"

"...That Twilight Sparkle is no longer on Equis."

"It's was at those moment that Celestia, Shining, Spike and Mane Six are knew they, They Fucked Up"

Ok So Master Chief isn`t gonna question how a Pony has a horn and is talking?

Along with where does she come from, how did she end up there, etc...

I don't think twilight would want to fight or kill or at least when chief said "can you fight?" She thought he meant stun spells.

"Hello. I am 153 Pious Deacon, Forerunner monitor of this Installation! And you, Changeling are in violation of the Guidelines! I would advise immediate surrender!"

"Hah!" Chrysalis laughed. "I have an army!"

"We have one, too!" Deacon laughed joyfully as countless Prometheans, glowing blue, appeared and raised their weapons. Chrysalis stopped laughing and looked at the small orb and the Pony Princess.

"Now, would you like to do the honors?" Deacon asked Cadance, who nodded.

"Get her." Cadance growled as the Prometheans opened fire.


I think the Monitor should say 'Greetings' rather than 'Hello', like 343 Guilty Spark used to do.

8610280 He's the Master Chief. He's seen a lot of questionable things.

Where'd she come from, where did she go?
Where'd she come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?

Please tell me more updates are inbound.

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