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The Abyss

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Have my attention, I need to read this later.

I love human and pony romance.

Who the fuck is Josh?

Okay you've interested me FINE i'll read this

Also how come there's never any lady anons/female humans in equestria :c

Because there's to many mares @-@

you say that like it's a bad thing.

imo, the usual mares could be rule 63d. then again the same could be said of the reverse :P

Hm... human female snuggles mares? It could work...

Oh no what is going to happen,


Oh, I see how this is:

Visit the YouTube channel, the result may freak you out!

You probably could make it work. There isn't a lot of content in that category :P


I see you've finally decided to release this. You wouldn't stop gushing over the art for the longest time. :rainbowlaugh:

You had me at 'Adorable Ear Scritches'.

Exactly. The mare to stallion ratio is like 50 to 1 lol. It's hard for a mare to find a cute stallion to snuggle with and start a family because all the stallions out there are either gross or they're already taken.

Heh, knew that'd get somebody interested! :P

Haha yeah. This story took a while for me to finish because I was always working on other projects. I was also working a ton, which effectively drained my motivation to write stuff, but after quitting my job, I'm back now! =D

Yeah, we'll have to see if I can find some good cover art though.

I've looked, there isn't much. I'd prolly go get one commissioned.

“You don’t need meat to live, ya know.”


Just in time, right? :rainbowderp:

...Is it me or did they missspelled the word scratches for everyword. Is this on purpose plz let me know

It was on purpose. Scritch is a real word.

ooooooook Tempest fan aka The Abyss

kinda felt like the dialogue was rushed or was written too quickly to really be entertaining or 'good', same with the clop. 'josh' and daring just fall into the known pit of 'forced personality/forced sexual scenes' in this and it makes reading it a little boring. still an okay story for what it is, but reading some of your previous stories, i know you can do better. way better.

Stay tuned for the sequel; Daring Do and the Messy Alimony Debacle!

Oh god... What would human and pony offspring look like? :pinkiesick: I don't wanna know lol.

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Nov 19th, 2017

I deleted your last post because it contained disgusting pictures. Please refrain from posting stupid shit like that on anything of mine in the future.

Since you called 'Nevercake' disgusting, I happily and gladly promise to honor and abide by your wishes, The Abyss. :)

So far I love this story!

If I could upvote this story more than once I would, great second chapter!

Please make a sequal! This is a fantastic story, just wish it were longer.

That was fun!
And finally, two characters that, even if a little bit bashful, are almost honest about their attraction to the other. Sure, it was in a slightly roundabout way, but they didn't really stammer, became all blushy and quiet, or unnecessarily prolonged the whole thing.
I know, that was probably just so the story doesn't take long to get to what it's meant to be, but it was still a nice show :rainbowlaugh:

So, lots of enjoyable times ahead for those two. :yay:

Though I have to say, the way the last chapter ended looked quite abrupt. While I know why you did that, it still was pretty jarring.
Was that intentional?

I got a serious case of deja vu when reading the beginning of the third chapter.

a vary sexy story i love it

Quick and to the point. And freaky sweet! I mean seriously, that was sweet and cute. Definitely in my read it again list, and not for the sex, which was well written as always, but for the cute story in there.

Interesting, this Daring is quite a bit more awkward and inattentive than expected...

Yeah, it really feels like Daring is in name only. Oh well...

"Josh, help!"
"I can't, I need my sticky bombs."

Yay. Daring got a creampie. Does anyone have some vodka?

“It’s not nice to keep a mare waiting?” Josh asked with a smirk.

I like this story but i feel there could have been more at the end. Is there any chance of you making a sequel of this? I would love to know, cause this story is very entertaining.:raritystarry:

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