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I am a a passionate, creative member of the brony and pegasister fandom, who wishes to add to the world we have all come to love by writting quality stories for people to enjoy inbetween new episodes.


It has been two weeks since Rainbow saved Scootaloo from putting herself at great risk by racing down the mountain, accepting that she was susceptible to over protective thoughts and growing as a sister and a pony in the process. She has spent those two weeks attempting to learn more about Scootaloo's life at home, knowing that it must be less than what she deserves and wanting to help in some way, though her investigation is going nowhere and Scootaloo is refusing to tell Rainbow the truth. Will she make any process if she gets her own parents involved?

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RD's parents are not awesome they're punks.

But are they not the most amazing, accepting and loving ponies in all of Equestria?

No they're hooligans. RD didn't tell them about her life because she was smart enough to know they'd ruin it like they did. Her parents are dangers to themselves and those around them. RD should've spanked Scootaloo for unleashing those beasts on everyone, and the Wonderbutts should've pressed charges against those two for trespassing and public endangerment.

They shot fireworks in a crowded building, interrupted every Wonderbutt appearance, and even shoved them out of the sky. Who do these writers think they are saying RD is the wrongdoer.

I suppose you have a point. Rainbow's parents were needlessly reckless in that scene and I believe that it is a detriment to the episode that Rainbow's parents were not punished for their actions in this specific scene. However, I think that they, whilst undeniably eccentric, are otherwise just presenting the qualities of adorable, supporting, over the top parents, showing Rainbow unconditional love all the time and asking for nothing in return, something that some ponies such as Scootaloo can only dream of.
Though I do get Rainbow's annoyance, she never was one for the "mushy stuff", in fact I think if the fireworks scene were removed, we would have seen a more natural's progression of Rainbow's anger, until it eventually exploded in the locker room scene. But I ultimately do believe that Rainbow was in the wrong in that episode, given that she had always received unconditional love, whereas other ponies suffer from parental neglect. In addition, whilst it isn't shown in the episode, it is suggested that she never did openly speak out about her issues to her parents, thus there would've been no reason, for them to tone down their support. As they say in the episode "we were just being supported", there was no reason for them to believe that they were being over the top.
So whilst I respect your opinion, as it is well founded, I respectfully disagree. Also, whilst this is unrelated, I've been reading your work, and I must say that it is of quality.

Do keep in mind that it wasn't just the fireworks scene. They broke into the Wonderbutts place, interrupted every Wonderbutt appearance etc. RD was not in the wrong anymore than Pinkie was in the wrong in Griffon The Brush Off, Twilight in Twilight time, or Fluttershy in Fluttershy Leans In.

How was RD in the wrong for being victimized by her own parents? What they did was not love, it was harassment. And even if their 'love' was as influential on her life as the episodes says, that explains why she destroyed the weather factory, RD's a product of bad parenting.

Of course I'd bring up something only so-so related to this fic. 😒

Again, I respectfully disagree, I think Bow and Windy's actions were the writers exaggeration of showing why Rainbow was angry, and I agree that they probably weren't as strict on Rainbow as they could've been in her foalhood. But I ultimately think that they did what they did out of love, wanting her to feel supported and welcomed.

Again great story
Please continue

Thank you so much, its nice to here from someone else that my work is of quality. And don't worry, chapter three is very close to being completed.

To everypony who read my story, thank you for one hundred views!

If Scootaloo's parents were voiced, what would they sound like?

I think I know what is happening, You trust spellcheck. Wrong it does not care if it is the correct word only if it is spelled right. Good story keep up the good work.
A pleasure to finally meat you. ?????? really think you meant [ meet]
Never mind, not impotent [important]
Dragon lands every weak! [ week ]
I don’t care how tiered you are, [ tired ]
we still had to do a tone of paper work. [ ton ]
We have a tone ‘a room [ ton ]

Thank you for the nice comment. But moreover, thank you for the constructive criticism, it's very appreciated and I will be taking your advice into account.

This may sound a tad bizarre, but I envisioned them sounding like Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty from the film: Bonnie and Clyde.

RD's parents are awesome to me.

Getting kind of mushy here.

Parents embarrassing kids I know the feeling.

My Ugly Senses are tingling.

How awkward would it be if Rainbow and her friends walked in the castle finding her parents making out on top of the Friendship Map?

Very, VERY awkward. It's actually a funny idea, but I like to keep my work PG and that's pushing it just a LITTLE too far.

Operation Scootaloo might put on hold.

Rainbow Dash is better at something that Spitfire lacking?

Indeed, Spitfire has been shown to be an excellent drill sergeant, but it is implied in the show that, because of this, she lacks the social skills when talking to other ponies. Thus, this would be an area where Rainbow is superior.

At last Scootaloo reveals her problems and Rainbow Dash looks to settle this once and for all.

Those kinds of acts might face serious jail time for child abandonment.

My intent wasn't to frame them as the stereotypical, neglectful parents, though they are certainly neglectful. Just to show them as loving Scootaloo, but having such chaotic lives that they can't give her the foalhood she deserves. Thus, Rainbow Dash steps in.

Perhaps it's time.

“Uuummm… Ah. I got a couple cans ‘a tomato soup in the cupboard over the oven...”

Aren't tomato's poisonous to equines?

Are they? Wow, I did not know that.

So tomatoes are poisonous to equines...
And scootaloo dies that night of tomato poisoning
The End
The potentially alternative ending if this were more realistic

Good story though I like how you do the characters, you make a really compulsive and telling tale

Ahhhh, thank you, so much :). It's nice to know that people enjoy my work.

But, you're not the first person to comment on the tomato soup thing, though your alternate ending was hillerious. Thus, I plan on changing the word "tomato" to "vegetable".

Thank you, everypony who read my story, for three hundred views :).

Sigh 😔 so many memories ugh

A glitch, that always seems to happen when I upload chapters. I must have missed it. I'll fix it now.

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