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When Equestria and the entire Universe is at risk of being erased from existence, Twilight Sparkle will have to go out and recruit ten members for a team to compete in the Tournament of Power for a chance to survive!

Chapters (4)
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Is...is this what I think is happening right now? like that show with the screaming guys? if so take my fav and like:pinkiehappy:

I know this is supposed to dragon ball z super, but I have one question. How and why is Spike imprisoned in tartarus?

Quite the roster we got here

"Spike is op" fic arrives.

*Hits the tracking button*

Damn I wonder what happened to get spike thrown into Tartarus, but no offense to these guys but they won't stand much of a chance against some of the stronger universes like 6, 7 and 11

A brawl is surely brewing in the upcoming chapters.

I've been meaning to buy it, but you cant deny the opening catchphrases aren't memorable

This is really interesting. Great line up for the tournament. I wonder what happened to Spike though, usually in parodies I’ve seen of the tournament Tirek fills the “Frieza” role. If Twilight is only a Unicorn then I’m guessing her alicorn for, will be like her SSB or Ultra Instinct form. Can’t wait to see more!

Perhaps a better choice would be chrysalis, a better freaze like charecter, to put spike to tartarus is really pushing it.

The question that everyone will ask is what happened to Spike?

I am curious to see how the tournament will be written. Will the Equestrians also be pitted against each other?

If it follows the same rules as The Tournament of Power from Dragon Ball Super, then no. It will most likely be a battle royal with every fighter from every participating universe fighting at once, making teamwork just as important as strength, and the universe with the most fighters left after a time limit or whoever is the last on the ring is the winner.

If I were to choose characters for the tournament of Power it would probably be these guys. Be aware they also include comic characters

1. Starlight Glimmer (The must have character on the team. If Verse equalization is in effect than Starlight should be the only character on the team that’s capable of defeating characters far more powerful than the team in raw power due to her haxxed equal spell which makes characters average.)
2. Radiant Hope (The most powerful healer ever as shown when she completely restored King Sombra back to full power from just a horn when Sombra himself stated it would take him decades to recover.)
3. King Sombra (He’s not only shown the ability to use small scale reality warping by making the Crystal Empire disappear for 1000 years but he has also shown the ability to nullify powers and also has mind attacking spells.)
4. Starswirl the Bearded (He’s shown that he knows many spells many of which are really powerful. So he could just somehow pull out a sealing spell and seal some of the stronger fighters in the tournament.)
5. Twilight Sparkle (Because she’s the team leader and she’s also a pretty good strategist.)
6. The Smooze (Believe it or not this things actually pretty powerful. It’s shown that it’s immune to some Lvl of magic and physical attacks don’t seem to work against his body.)
7. Shadowlock (Using his book magic he can summon an army of mythical creatures to fight for him. And before you say items are banned do I need to remind you what happened in some of the recent episodes of Super. So yeah he can also tell Starlight or Starswirl to store these books in another dimension for him to use later in the tournament.)
8. King Thorax (Because shapeshifting can trick a lot of characters.)
9. Bookworm (Just give him a book so he can drag characters inside of it. Inside the storyworld nobody can beat him he’s literally a god inside of it.)
10. Lord Tirek (Pulling a return of a villain here. His magic absorption should work pretty well if he can absorb Ki. But before they go they should at least let Tirek absorb some magic so he won’t be one shotted.)


Ha... wait until you see what I've got stored.:rainbowlaugh:

Well this is getting intense really quickly. I can't wait to see who the fighters from the other universes are, and who their gods and angels are. I am still wondering what Spike did exactly to get locked up in Tartarus.

Great chapter, you are doing an amazing job. I can't wait to see the next chapter and who are they going to fight in the tournament of power?

So judging from the author note of the new chapter I’m guessing they are probably going to fight against some MLP IDW comic characters which I think is probably going to be this fanfics equivalent of universe 11 considering how much more powerful the comic characters are compared to the show. Or you’re also going to use some other characters from different series.

Another excellent chapter. I'm still really looking to seeing what shows the other universes will be.

I have a few questions,
What universe are they located in

does the DBS version of universe seven exist or is the pony team replacing them

Is Lauren Faust their angel?

What happened to spike

I know not all of these can be answered but I will really appreciate it if you could answer some


What universe are they located in

They are Universe 7.

Does the DBS version of universe seven exist or is the pony team replacing them

They are replacing them, and the other universes are being replaced as well.

Is Lauren Faust their angel?

That will be explained soon.

What happened to Spike

Same as your third question.

They just needed a FREIZA, so they decided, "hey lets make a hidden story of spike being evil, so we have the best character in all of dbz?"


So spike is frieza, and rainbow is vegeta, what is the rest? cadence and shining are androids, ember and thorax are gohan and piccolo? thats all i got.

I'm really curious about what happened with Spike. :rainbowhuh:

Interesting choices for the universes. Let’s see how this goes and which universe will be erased first.

OMG, I'm familiar with every single cartoon in this story! I don't know why, but I kinda thought Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends would be here since I used to watch Sonic x back when I was a kid.

Yeah looking at this I don’t see anyway Team Universe 7 is going to lose. Everybody else in the tournament is pretty much fodder except for a few. Also why is Pokemon even here in the first place Arceus quite literally solos even non canon Dragon Ball series like Dragon Ball Xenoverse all by itself.

Just because we know universe 7 will win doesn't mean this won't be fun to see. The other universes do have advantages, universe 2 has its own magic, universe 3 has karate and physics breaking, universe 4 is really violent and universe 9 has science and possibly inventions. I'm interested if universe 11 will have their own "Jiren," my guess would probably be Mewtwo or Greninja.

KO awesome chapter, the Tournament has just started and everyone is going all out on each other for the survival of their universe and the battles of all the warriors is gonna be epic. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Can’t believe it took me a month to realize a new chapter was up, for some reason the tracking wasn’t working for this story. Interesting idea to include power levels for the fighters, as long that won’t decide the winners alone.

Will the ben 10 verse be part of the tounment because that would be awesome

When will the next chapter be coming out?

Zeno is 10 million? And what transformation does Twilight have? And are you gonna continue this anytime soon?

I've never seen dragon ball super.

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