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Simple author looking to improve my writing. Probably too ambitious but hey go big or go home. Sunset is best pony followed closely by Applejack.

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Ahhh this looks pretty good! May i have more?

Liking the chemistry between The Courier and Daring Do.

He’s neither friendly or hostile. He did a few jobs for them and gained their trust but the ending I chose was independent. I have some head cannon stuff I’ll elaborate on in the story but those are the basics.

What his armor please be ncr elite Ranger armor

It’s the Desert Ranger armor from the Honest Hearts dlc.

the chase is always the best part

Will Daring Do be beating anybody up in this story? Will she be reaching Unstoppable Rage levels of anger? Will she be giving out any No-Holds-Barred Beatdowns?

Keep it up. Apart from a few typos, this is a great read. Quick question though. Will we see the Lone Wanderer from FO3, or the Sole Survivor from FO4 at some point?

No, this is Six’s story. I have most of it all planned out and while some elements may change as I continue I don’t think I’ll be adding anyone we know from the fallout universe.

Ah. That's your call. And I'm cool with it.

Ah, wonderful to see this updated again. One of the last best Fallout crossovers on this site that aren't Fallout: Equestria.

Don't stop, I'm invested!

What a sweet chapter minus the jerk of a doctor.

Good god that doc is worse than Doc Church in Megaton!

WOOOOOO update!

I really hope Amos/Six has a lot of extra rad-away and rad-x for the caves, if the amount of radiation sickness poor Silver suffered is anything to go by. Sounds like a very bad radioactive mess. And a human statue!

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Why couldn't it be the elite riot gear?

Not sure if you're aware, but your fic was added to The Mojave Express, It has been reviewed and approved for moving to the Fallout: New Vegas folder.

Any news on the nwxt chapter there?

Look what's back, just as good as ever.

Honestly using if everyone jumped from the bridge so would you argument is just not the same. It's just a stupid cave and until someone explained why nopony should go there many children would treat adults as unreasonable.

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