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If I had a £ for every unfinished story idea I'd never need to work again.


Trixie wakes up to discover she has unwillingly possessed the body of one of Equestria's most popular princesses, and Twilight wakes up to discover she has unwillingly possessed the body of one of Equestria's least popular stage magicians. It goes as well as you'd expect but somehow works out in the end.

Cowritten by my friend DHM, thanks man! (I'd link him here but he doesn't have a Fimfiction account as of now.)

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Oh, so I have to wait until may to continue reading?
I can live with that, I'm actually a very patient person...


Who the hay is narrating this...?

After slogging through Pony Hitler's accent I have to wonder... Do I sound like that to other people? Great job Darling I like forward to the rest of this.



I don't know if this is a compliment or an insult lol

It's meant to be me, the author, narrating the story.

Hey, will Twilight feel Trixie's homemade booze in her stomach?

Trixie only had a little bit while in Twilight's body, she didn't feel any effects as the body's host was used to it at the time of consumption.

But what if Twilight never had alcohol? What if she has a weak stomach to it?

Alicorn stomachs can withstand three times the amount of alcohol the average pony can before becoming drunk.
As you can imagine, it makes New Years Eve either very confusing and very expensive.

hehehe I laughed so hard my chest hurts, :rainbowlaugh:

Btw if this story is now finished you better chance it from incomplete to complete. :raritywink:

Oh no, this story is still Incomplete?! What new madness will come the morrow?

No, no, it's complete. I just forgot to change it to complete.
Thanks for the reminder!

So... that's it.

What a dissapointing end. But to be honest, it fits somewhat better than the over-the-top ridiculous stuff some come up with.

I still want an over-the-top shark-jumping utterly absurd end. But I'm not going to get it here, so I simply go to other place, like a big, mature good boy.

This was... very character accurate.

Nonetheless, upon finding one another they set off to the room where they'd be meeting with the foreign leaders. Throughout the whole walk to the castle's conference room, Celestia had a straight, serious, almost worried expression on her face. Trixie, on the other hoof, had an all too familiar smugness on the end of her muzzle. One thing they shared in common was that they didn't know who would be present at the meeting, Trixie had no idea which country the delegates were from and even though Celestia knew who the guests were she didn't know it was Trixie was by her side.

or "....Trixie who was by her side."

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