• Published 15th Dec 2017
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The Switch - Moonatik

Twilight wakes up in Trixie's body and Trixie wakes up in Twilight's body, madness ensues.

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The (Underwhelming) Epilogue

Twilight spread out her wings, "Oh thank Celestia!..." she cried, "literally!"

Celestia chuckled in response, "It's nothing, Twilight, when you've watched over Equestria as long as I have this becomes a regularity."

However, Trixie was not so pleased, the closest she ever got to global fame and fortune was this accidental and mysterious bodyswapping fiasco, and it fell flat on its face. Actually, it was probably for the best based on Trixie's behaviour today.

"Trixie demands we put this to a vote! All in favour of The Great and Powerful Trixie indefinitely acquisitioning the body of Twilight Sparkle say aye," Trixie shouted, "aye!"

Nothing but silence from everyone else.

"Um, all in favour of ponies keeping their own bodies say aye?" suggested Starlight,

"Aye!" yelled Twilight.

"Aye," said Celestia.

"Aye," mumbled a pair of eavesdropping royal guards.

"What is this 'vote' you speak of?" asked Stallion, entering the room.

"Ja, I haven't heard like 'vote' in years," added Hoofler, following closely behind his adversary with the Lulamoon family moonshine dripping from his mouth.

"Oh!" Twilight jumped a little as that was said. "Allow me to explain, a 'vote', straight from the Canterlot dictionary, is a formal indication of a choice multiple courses of action, such as who to appoint to a public office. They're usually expressed through a show of hooves, a ballot or-"

But before Twilight could finish her explanation, Stallion threw up all over the floor. "Eugh, demokrazi!" he shouted.

"Vatch your mouth, your highness!" 'Ballot' is hiz trigger vord!" Hoofler added, "Uck! Meine too!" With that, Hoofler regurgitated his stomachs contents in a similar manner to Stallion.

Bewildered, but not surprised in the slightest, Twilight turned towards her blue counterpart. "Sorry, Trixie, but it seems like you're gonna have to settle with the fanmares you've already got... Hold on, Trixie you have to go, now!"

"And why is that, Sparkle?" a grumbling Trixie replied.

"Because you have fans in Ponyville who came all the way from Vanhoover to see you!" Twilight revealed, "And so another character can inexplicably enter at the exact moment you leave..."

"My goodness, real fans? I must leave at once!" With that, Trixie launched herself out of the room and sped towards the nearest train station. Just as Twilight predicted, Spike burst through another door to the one Trixie used at the very second Trixie left.

"Twilight! Oh my gosh, are you here? When you just teleported away like that I-" Spike began to take in his surroundings. "Oh crud! Twilight's gone, and Trixie's poisoned the foreign delegates!"

"You're only half right, Spike," Twilight began, "I'm back in my own body!"

"Really?" a skeptical Spike called back, "How can I be sure?"

"Because I just put her back in her body." Celestia added.

"And I saw it all happen." Starlight confirmed.

"So," a satisfied Spike said, "everything's back to normal?"

"Yeah!" Except for those two." Twilight gestured toward the two tyrants that lay on the floor in a drunken mess, they had fallen asleep and were... hugging? Wow, this story is getting weird, I need to finish up before it gets even weirder.

Twilight went home and read a book, while Spike and Starlight did something with carrots. Celestia sent the visitors home and Trixie's head almost exploded when she was greeted by her adoring fans.


That's the end of the story, I'm gonna go write something else.

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Hey, will Twilight feel Trixie's homemade booze in her stomach?

Trixie only had a little bit while in Twilight's body, she didn't feel any effects as the body's host was used to it at the time of consumption.

But what if Twilight never had alcohol? What if she has a weak stomach to it?

Alicorn stomachs can withstand three times the amount of alcohol the average pony can before becoming drunk.
As you can imagine, it makes New Years Eve either very confusing and very expensive.

hehehe I laughed so hard my chest hurts, :rainbowlaugh:

Btw if this story is now finished you better chance it from incomplete to complete. :raritywink:

Oh no, this story is still Incomplete?! What new madness will come the morrow?

No, no, it's complete. I just forgot to change it to complete.
Thanks for the reminder!

So... that's it.

What a dissapointing end. But to be honest, it fits somewhat better than the over-the-top ridiculous stuff some come up with.

I still want an over-the-top shark-jumping utterly absurd end. But I'm not going to get it here, so I simply go to other place, like a big, mature good boy.

This was... very character accurate.

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