• Published 15th Dec 2017
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The Switch - Moonatik

Twilight wakes up in Trixie's body and Trixie wakes up in Twilight's body, madness ensues.

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The Irritated and Confused Stage Magician

"A squared.... plus B squared... equals..."

Knock knock!

"C squared!... Where am I?"

Twilight took in her cramped environment, she lay on a small bed in a small wagon surrounded by boxes full of stage equipment, she even noticed that a cute little wizard's hat lay on her head. Not to mention, she noticed something very wrong with her voice and she couldn't feel her wings.

Knock knock!

"Just a second!" Twilight mumbled as she struggled to stay awake, "Gimme a minute, ugh... "

She crawled out of her bed and stumbled towards the door, opening up it to be greeted by a very enthusiastic Starlight Glimmer on the other side. "Hi Trixie!"

"Trixie? But I'm Twilight!"

The pair stood still, staring at each other in complete silence and utter confusion, until they both had a horrifying epiphany.

"I'm in Trixie's body!"

"Trixie's in your body!"


Screaming ensued, while it probably looked really cute to see Twilight doing her classic trot-on-the-spot-and-squeal with Trixie's voice and body, they were screams of untold horror. It took them a minute or two to calm down and fully take in the situation, when the time felt right, Twilight took a deep breathe and began to ask Starlight some questions.

"So Trixie is in my body, and you only just realised that? What was she doing?"

"The more I think about it," Starlight recollected, "the more obvious it should've been. She had her- sorry, your mane done up all fancy and was wearing a tiara, some gold shoes and one of those silly jewellery neck-things, kinda looked like a tiny, boastful, purple Celestia."

When Starlight uttered the name "Celestia" an even more horrifying epiphany hit Twilight like a ton of bricks, her eyeballs were as wide as a Hearth's Warming dinner plate and her pupils were as tiny as a piece of cheap Nightmare Night candy. "I'm supposed to be having lunch with Celestia today."

"Ohh right, yeah," Starlight remembered, "she mentioned that too, wanted to make you look more presentable."

Twilight's mind completely colappsed, , "This isn't just any lunch with Celestia! We're meant to be having a meeting with the leaders of Ruggia and Germaneigh so that they don't go to war!"

"Hold on, what?" Starlight replied, puzzled as ever.

"Basically," Twilight started, "these two far away countries really hate each other and have a gazillion conflicting claims and ambitions, and if they start fighting it'll trigger a big long chain of mutual defence treaties and eventually drag Equestria to war!"

"...Um, okay." Starlight was still trying to process the situation. "You sure Trixie won't be able to handle it?"

Twilight scoffed, "How well does Trixie understand the long-standing rivalry between two ideologically opposed countries on the other side of the world?"

"...Not very well at all," Starlight admitted.

"Right!" Twilight shouted, "We've got to stop her, now!"

On that note, Twilight thrust herself forward, leapt up into the air, spread out her body as she prepared to soar into the heavens... and fell flat on her face.

"...I forgot Trixie didn't have wings."

Starlight burst out in laughter, even harder than he had earlier, the sight of Trixie (or to be more accurate, someone in Trixie's body) trying to fly with absolute confidence they could only to find their nose deep in the dirt was both adorable and hilarious.

A grumbling Twilight got her muzzle out of the ground and stared at Starlight, who was now laughing herself to tears. "How about you stop laughing at me and get going?" Twilight suggested.

"Hah, sorry." Starlight wiped the tears from her eyes and started to trot back towards the castle. "Be honest though, if you were in my shoes you'd be doing the same thing." Twilight could only grumble in response as she followed Starlight.

After a short walk, they'd arrived at Twilight's castle, upon entering through the front gate it came to their surprise that the building was empty. "Hello? Twilight?" Starlight called.

"I'm right here, I've been right behind you the whole time." Twilight replied.

"No, I'm calling for Trixie, she doesn't know that I know yet!" Starlight explained.

"Right, like that matters." Twilight stepped forward into the castle halls and took a deep breath. "Trix-eee! I have your bod-eee! I also know that you have my body and quite frankly I'd like it baaa-aaack!"

Yet, nobody could hear them, with the exception of Owlowiscious, and whatever bugs and rodents were hiding under the floorboards, the castle was empty. Not even Spike and the few friendship students Twilight had taken aboard after recent developments could be found. After a long search of every room and every hall, Twilight turned to her companion and asked: "Um, Starlight, do you think they left?"

Starlight couldn't help but believe the same, "Perhaps she's already at the train station?"

In response, Twilight gasped, "Oh no! She could be departing as we speak! Quick, teleport!"

The horn on her head lit up with a light pink glow, the glow grew more and more intense, until suddenly the little blue unicorn was gone! Magic!... Except it wasn't really that spectacular as she walked out of a nearby room a few seconds later. "Turns out Trixie's not great and powerful enough for long range teleportation," Twilight huffed.

Upon hearing that, Starlight's horn began to emit a bright turquoise glow. The light grew to engulf the two unicorns and before they knew it a bright magical flash had sent them to the Ponyville train station. From what they could tell, a train just left and that this train was probably carrying Trixie.

"Darn," Twilight groaned.

"Trixie? Starlight?" Spike turned around in surprise to greet the two ponies now looking down on him. "What're you doing here?"

Twilight crouched down so she was level with her scaly assistant, "Spike!" she shouted, "Am I glad to see you! I don't know why or how it happened, but Trixie and I have swapped bodies and I don't know where she is and how we're going to switch back!"

Silence lingered for a few seconds until Spike raised his eyebrow and spoke up. "Right, like I'm gonna believe that!" Twilight threw herself back in shock as Spike didn't seem to believe him. "I've seen cartoons before, and one thing I know for certain is that if their bodies swap their voices swap. You still sound exactly like Trixie!"

Twilight's jaw dropped in both shock and disgust, the little dragon who had known her his whole life didn't believe her, "W-WHAT? Spike, this isn't a cartoon, this is real life!" Inexplicably, Pinkie Pie appeared and laughed at the three, before disappearing into the same nothing she inexplicably appeared from. Disregarding that, Twilight continued, "I'm Twilight, Spike! Ask me something that only I would know!"

Pondering Twilight's request for a minute, Spike soon came up with a suitable question, "Alright, 'Twilight', tell me, what were you doing when I unexpectedly entered your bedroom last Tuesday?"

She froze. Completely still. Not even a hint of movement anywhere on her body, it didn't even look live she was breathing for a few seconds. After ten or so seconds Starlight spoke up, "You know, Spike, I'm pretty sure this is Twilight... But I wanna see where this is going."

Eventually Twilight showed signs that she was alive, she took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide ready to speak. "I was kissing a book."

"That's it?" Starlight added, "That doesn't sound so bad... "

Spike chuckled as a mischievous childish grin grew on his lips. "What was the book's name?"

Twilight sighed, "History of Science, featuring fancy words and complicated mathematics. I saw it in the bookstore and we fell in love immediately."

"What did you say to the book, Twilight?" Spike pressed further.

Twilight's, though it was technically Trixie's, face turned a bright red. "I said that I loved the book and I wanted to savour the knowledge it was going to give me... And before you ask about what I was wearing... "

Again, Pinkie Pie made an unpredictable appearance and told me that I was definitely pushing the limits of what was acceptable in an E rated story, Pinkie then left the scene as she realised that interruptions like this ruined the flow of the story and confused the reader, I got back on track with writing the crew's reaction to Twilight's embarrassing confession.

"Okay, that's nuts." Starlight admitted.

"Oh come on!" Twilight shouted, "Don't we all have our own little strange thing we do when we're alone? You want me to tell you the things I saw in Trixie's wagon this morning?"

"Aw, heck yeah!" Spike replied.

"No!... I mean, that'd be quite inconsiderate, heheh." Starlight added.

Twilight, getting back on track after that ridiculous detour, turned towards the little dragon. "So, Spike, do you believe I'm Twilight now?"

In response, Spike snorted. "Yeah, of course! I always knew! I just wanted you to admit that little incident actually happened." Spike's face turned smug as Twilight's grew angry, but they didn't really have time for confrontation as a train pulled into the station, Twilight had hoped that this train might take them to Canterlot and that she'd be able to confront Trixie before she caused any real damage, but sadly, that was not the case.

"Ahh! The great and powerful one has come to greet us at the station!" screamed a young mare as she exited the train, to be followed my more screaming young mares wearing purple hats and capes, it didn't take a genius (even though Twilight was one) to figure out that these overenthusiastic ponies came to see Trixie.

As the small crowd began to overwhelm Twilight with autograph requests and the sort, she needed to think quick. Even though she was a princess she was very rarely overrun with fans, ponies saw a reason to treat their princesses with respect, things were a tad different when it came to their favourite stage magician.

"Thank you all for your, uh, admiration! But, the busy and hardworking Trixie needs a minute to speak with her assistants in private!" Twilight announced, before pushing Spike and Starlight into the waiting room. "What in the heck is going on, Starlight? You know Trixie better than anyone, so you should know what's going on, right?"

Starlight pondered for a minute, before remembering that "Trixie has a big show today, and a bunch of fans all the way from Vanhoover have come to see it."

Slamming her hooves into her face, Twilight sat down on the dirty waiting room floor, "Great, so the one day that we both have something incredibly important to do just so happens to be the day where we've switched bodies." She showed her face (wait no it's not her face it's Trixie's AAAAGGH) again by lowering her hooves. "Trixie's shows can't be that good, can they? To gather such an audience?"

"Well, she has been improving," Starlight began, "But I didn't expect her to be this successful... Anyway! Back to Trixie's wagon! We need to get you changed!"

"Um, excuse me?" Twilight and Spike questioned in unison.

"These ponies came all this way to see Trixie, you don't wanna let them down, right?" Starlight suggested.

Sighing again, Twilight said "I don't know how much attention you've been paying, but stopping a freakin' war is more important than a magic show, we gotta run." Twilight made for the exit. "I'll send the fanmares home."

"Wait!" Starlight shouted, grabbing Twilight's attention, "Celestia's gonna be with the crazy guys, right? Won't she be able to handle it?"

Thinking about it for a few seconds, Twilight conceded to Starlight's requests. "Fine, I'll do the weirdos magic show. I'll put on the dumb cape and stupid hat, and I'll do the show."

Starlight chuckled, "Alright, Twilight, you've got about thirty-five minutes until the show starts."


"That was original and unexpected, BOO!"

"BOO! Show us one we know!"

Twilight, now wearing a surprisingly comfortable hat and cape while performing for the demanding crowd upon the stage in Ponyville town centre, was utterly shocked at the audience's reaction to her opening-a-rift-between-the-real-world-and-the-dreamscape-and-making-anything-possible trick, which was not only a fascinating sight but also difficult to pull off with Trixie's body's limited magical strength compared to Twilight's body. "Oh, what, would you rather have me do the same, repetitive, and predictable card tricks over and over again, as opposed to real magic?"


Honestly, Twilight didn't know what she expected. With the exception of Spike, who was quite enjoying the show Twilight was putting on despite having seen her incredible tricks before, the audience was quite displeased despite having never seen her incredible tricks before.

"Right... Assistant magician Glim Glam! Deck of cards please!" A grumbling Starlight emerged from behind the curtains wearing your run-of-the-mill embarrassing assistant magician outfit, fitting her stage-name 'Glim Glam', and gave Twilight a deck of cards. "Does Trixie really call you that?" Twilight whispered.

"Heh, yeah... " giggled Glimmer, "Good luck with this crowd, Tw- Trixie!" It seemed that Starlight's presence mixed with her cute appearance pleased the crowd, Twilight began to wonder if they really cared about Trixie's magic show.

"Pick a card, any card." Twilight leaned down to a pony in the front row of seats in the audience and showed her the deck of cards. "Don't tell me once you've chosen." Twilight knew that 'pick a card and I'll pick the same one' tricks were exceedingly simple as long as you used real magic, hold the selected card in one aura and the rest of the deck in a separate aura, then blow the audience away, she figured all this out when she was seven.

She did this, and the audience went wild, the sound thunderous applause resonated across the town centre. "It's just a card trick, calm down." everyone sane thought to themselves. It may have been for the best that Trixie wasn't here today, as her head might have exploded due to the rapid expansion of her ego.

At this point Twilight was quite immersed in the role of a stage magician, maybe she could do this for the rest of the day and figure out how to get her body back later on, she was certain that Trixie would negotiate with the two leaders in a respectful manner!


Then she remembered that film of Hoofler speaking to his supporters in Numnahberg, and how daft his Germaneighan accent was. To make matters worse she remembered her trip to Ruggia around a year and a half ago, and how ridiculous Stallion's accent was.

Trixie would not be able to handle such silliness.

oh no

"Um," she began, "Trixie would like to show her adoring fans her new disappearing act!" Twilight ran up to Starlight and grabbed her. "Teleport us to Canterlot, now!"

"But the show-"


And so, Starlight followed Twilight's demands, and all of a sudden the two of them were in the courtrooms of Canterlot Castle. "Why didn't we just do this at the start?" Twilight questioned before she turned around to be greeted by the castle wall, a wall in which she recognised. "Hah! Great aim, Starlight! The meeting room is right behind that wall!"

"Oh, uh, thanks Twili-"



Before Starlight could even finish her sentence, Twilight had blown a hole in the side of the castle wall. She ran inside the castle and took note of her surroundings, one big white princess hiding behind a door, two moustached stallions with some kind of beverage dribbling from their mouths, and one purple alicorn that was in the wrong body.

Twilight took a deep breath, and screamed. "TRIXIIIIIIIIE!"


"...Is my voice really that annoying?"

Author's Note:

if you can't tell i made this up as i went along

i doubt it's as good in terms of quality as the first chapter, if you have any critique or suggestions, please speak up, i need all the help i can if i want to improve my writing