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Meanwhile, Cloudy's in the next room counting the days until she gets grandchildren.

Well that really pushes the line between teen and mature.

Mediocre to awful. I'll leave my red thumb and go.

Looking at it again, I suppose you're right. Better change it, just in case.
Wow, you're the first one to leave a genuinely negative comment on any of my stories in those almost five years I've been on this here site. Congratulations! :D

I liked though. It wasn't "Mediocre to Awful" as one might put it.

I enjoyed this quite a bit, to be honest.

Why is there a sex tag when there is no sex and just light nudity?

Eh, you can't please everyone. It's by far not my best work, but if I wouldn't deem it acceptable, I wouldn't have posted it. Good to hear you liked it, though.
Glad to hear!
Well, the sex tag implies sexual content, which -in my book- some of the scenes in the story do fall under, even without actual intercourse in them. The Mature-tag was added afterwards as a sort of precaution, seeing how it barely qualifies as Teen-rated, and I'd rather be safe than sorry.
That's all, really.

Barely qualifies? I've read T rated stories more explicit then this.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritystarry:

Honestly, I gotta say the same thing as everyone else. Hardly anything happened in there. Starting off saying the character was shocked to their core led to a decent amount of disappointment. It was a nice story, if not really short, but not nearly enough happened for it to be noteworthy.

well shit. this was like giving a person a sip of water after they have been wandering around the desert for a few days . . .

Meh, it's okay. I wouldn't call it ground-breaking. This strikes me as more an entry to a journal than a true fic, but whatever.

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