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Ever since he was a wee colt, Big Macintosh was told not to go into the Everfree Forest. "It's all to dangerous for a young colt" Granny used to say "there are a lot of dangerous creatures". But Macintosh never listens, he's as stubborn as that plow of his. So on a quiet summer night, he does what he was always told not to - he wanders off into the Forest. What, of better say, who he finds there will change his life forever.

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The cover image makes me think of Alucard played by Flutterbat from that one SFM video, yet it perplexes me that Fluttershy isn't listed as a featured character; she even looks like she's shouting at prospective readers "HEY KIDS, WANNA SEE A DEAD BODY?!"

Well I did have her in mind when I started writing, but switched her with an OC of mine instead. They look so much alike 'cause I scetched it out before changing my mind. The OC, Muddy Mane, has a similar desing to Flutterbat, but different colours (you can't see it because of the effects).
Hope this clears it up (:

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