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It's been 2 weeks since the invasion of the Storm King, and Tempest Shadow (formerly known as Fizzlepop Berrytwist) is trying to adjust back to life in Canterlot. It's not easy, but it seems that two old friends of hers might just be able to help. The question is...can Tempest forgive them? And do they forgive her?

Takes place after the movie. Spoilers inside.

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Wow...this was a great read! :pinkiehappy:

You picked up some really nice names for Tempest's friends, and the resolution was really heartwarming, especially the revelation :twilightsmile:

Kudos on having Grubber becoming a chef! :pinkiesmile:

Thank you very much!

Do you want to enter the contest in my group My Little Pony: The Movie~Fan Club? If you do just ask me. :twilightsmile:

Red for incorrect green for correction

Soon after she said this, two unicorns, a mare and a stallion, entered the room. The mare had a teal coat with long, white hair with golden yellow streaks, and her cutie mark consisted of a sparlking waterfall...and her belly had a bit of a noticeable bulge to it. As for the stallion, his mane and tail were short-cut and dark blue, and he had a cyan coat while his cutie mark consisted of a blue, sparkling star. Tempest gaped at the two before she approached them, and even rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things.


"What Crysal is trying to say," Cobalt began, "is that we forgive you for everything that happened...but do you forgive us, Fizzlepop?"


Thank you for pointing those out.

All full or warm feelings and stuff :yay:
Very nice work, though I find it a little weird at the beginning where Twilight just pointed out the obvious on Tempest. Felt like that should've been something Tempest said

I guess I'm still rusty.

So many possible macguffins for the sequel! The story could focus on Fizzlepop's arc going forward as she atones for and overcomes her past while helping counter a new threat; the Staff of Sacanas was apparently not destroyed and, like the One Ring from LotR, still holds story possibilities concerning its origins and what a better use for it could be; and now even what became of Fizzle's foalhood friends. Nice to see someone explore a story concept with them, regardless if we can expect anything from the show's canon.

Thank you very much!

"You're not solely to blame!" Cobalt argued. "...It's our fault, too."

oh god thank you, one of the only stories that officially isn't only blaming Tempest for everything.

"First off," Cobalt began, "Crystal and I are married...and..."

I don't like it, no matter how often that maybe actually happens, I hate the "you were my first friend so let's marry couples".
It is like you could say she is going to marry the guy she plays first with when she is a child.

Interesting, short story. Funny thing is, I have read a Tempest story with similar ending, including the pregnancy bit, not so long ago. Still, it doesn’t really hurt to read something heartwarming again, now does it? Also, plus points for Crystal’s cravings! Noticed some grammar errors and typos, but hopefully nothing to discourage the reader.

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